Products That Help Cure Malassezia Folliculitis(Fungal Acne)

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Here are some products/ ingredients i found that help with malassezia folliculitis while i was doing my research:)

1. Niacinamide

-helps reduce oily skin so it starves the yeast that is causing this

2.Salicylic cleansers/ BHA cleansers

(I like the by Wishtrend one since the cerave is not fungal acne safe)

3.Anti-dandruff shampoo

(Nizoral/head and shoulders)

4.Aztec healing clay mask(not included)

or any other clay mask with clay(bentonite/ kaolin)

5.Products with AHA

(this is not necessary, but I find it helps a bit too)

6.Sulfur(not included)

Some people say this helps, but it didn't for me

7. Green tea

-helps reduce oil production n great for maskne too

And also, make sure you're using fungal acne safe products for your sunscreen and etc.

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