Skinactive micellar cleansing water all in 1

Nutritioniste SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, Regular

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Face Skincare Cleansers Cleansing Water
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Mononoke white
Would not repurchase.
Reviewed 9 days ago
Skin Type dry Skin
Skin Concerns Blackheads, Large Pores, Uneven Skin Tone, Whiteheads/Closed Comedones

I bought this as a dupe to the popular Bioderma Sensibio H2O. When comparing the two, it is obvious that the Garnier micellar water is much more affordable. I initially used this as both a morning & evening cleanser but seeing that it wasn't the greatest at removing waterpoof makeup I stopped using it during the evenings. It is quite similar to the Bioderma micellar water, as in, it doesn't leave any residue, has no distinguishable scent and has almost the same makeup removing power. I have to say that my skin felt a bit dry after use. Also, I read that it contains a chemical called polyaminopropyl biguanide (PHMB) which has been found to be linked to cancer, is environmentally hazardous and apparently allergenic
I do not know how far this claims are from the truth but it makes me a bit sceptical about using this product.

20170523 171955
I like this product
Reviewed 12 days ago
Skin Type combination Skin
Skin Concerns Acne, Blackheads, Large Pores, Whiteheads/Closed Comedones

Ingredients. Garnier micellar water has very good ingredients for the skin, it did not cause irritation or acne. I like it does not contain perfume, parabens or alcohol.
Usage. As the Garnier tutorial says, the product is applied to floppy disks and wipes makeup with light movements that do not agglutinate the skin. To better scratch the eyelashes or eyebrows, I recommend using sticks (those known as ear sticks), so do not aggressively touch the sensitive skin around the eyes. You can use the product for both cleansing and cleansing of the skin in the morning or in the evening. Does not require rinsing.
Efficiency. I use Garnier micellar water for cleansing and rarely to cleanse the complexion in the morning. Cleanses the skin well, but with water-resistant products it does a little harder. Does not leave the skin sticky, so it should not be rinsed after use. But I prefer that after cleansing I wash the skin with a cleansing gel, especially because I have a problem skin. When removing the mascara, the diskette should be left on the eye for a few seconds to dissolve it, then wipe the eye area. Otherwise, you risk attacking the sensitive skin around them. It can be used with confidence in the eye area, for the skin or the lips. It does not irritate the skin and does not dry it. Leave the skin clean, but I did not feel it would moisturize the skin.
Smell. The product has no perfume composition, so the smell is very delicate and natural, almost insensible.
Packaging. Dosage is effective, it allows you to put exactly what you need. Packaging is the classic micelle water from Garnier, but quite practical.
Amount. Mycelial water comes in a 400 ml package, which is very ok, because it is consumed quite hard and you enjoy it for a long time. I saw Emag and that they also have 125 ml, I found only 400 ml.
Validity. You can enjoy the product for 6 months from opening.

I like this product, it does its job very well, it has good ingredients in the composition and the quality-price ratio is very good. Since many people say it is much better than Nivea's micellar water, I was very curious to see why. The only advantage that microwave Garnier has is that it comes in a 400 ml package and costs almost as much as Nivea, but Nivea is 200 ml. As efficiently, both seemed to me as good. Thus, Garnier wins the small competition with 5/5 points.

Dsc 1560
its o.k.a.y
Reviewed 25 days ago
Skin Type not_sure Skin
Skin Concerns Acne, Rosacea, Dehydrated Skin, Whiteheads/Closed Comedones

does what its supposed to do, short ingredient list, ive used this instead of splashing water on my face and it was fine, little drying, just fine for mascara removal