Skincarisma Guidelines

General Guidelines

Skincarisma at its core is a community sharing their experiences. While we have open arms to everyone looking to share their experiences and helping others, we have a few rules we hope that all users can follow to help keep Skincarisma trustworthy, safe and useful as possible for the next person!

If we feel that your content does not uphold the guidelines standards, we reserve the right to take action as necessary, which may or may not include: deleting your reviews, comments or account all together. 

Please read the following general guidelines for all content on our website. You can also read the content specific guidelines below.

  • Conflict of Interest – Unbiased and Objective: Content is always the most useful and helpful when they are free from conflict of interest and are unbiased and objective. This means we don’t allow users to publish content in which they are financially affiliated with, for example they receive compensation for providing a positive review directly from a brand. We, however allow reviews from bloggers who receive products from retailers directly and not the brands. In this scenario, in no way should the retailer providing the products affect the opinion of the reviewer.
  • Real and Useful: As some would say, keep it 100. Write your questions, answers or reviews based on your own personal experience and do not exaggerate or falsify it. Also, keep in the mind the community at large, is your content going to be useful for the next person to read? The answer should always be yes!
  • Relevance: Whichever the type of content you are writing, please keep it relevant to the topic at hand. For example, if you are writing a review for a product, keep it about the product and don’t talk about other aspects of the brand, such as business practices, political ideologies & etc.
  • Easy to Read: Keeping your content easy to read, will help the community get the most out of it. Avoid using excessive capitalization and slang. We encourage the use of spacing and line breaks to make your content more digestible.
  • Inappropriate Content: Regardless of your content, we allow the use of occasional profanity for users to express their opinions. However, hate speech, threats, harassment, lewdness, bigotry and use of foul/abusive language is not allowed at all.
  • Privacy: We respect your privacy and the privacy of other users. Keep both your own personal information and other people’s personal information private to yourself.
  • Original and Respect Intellectual Property: Along with privacy and transparency, intellectual property is another thing we take seriously here at Skincarisma. We expect users to create their own UNIQUE content through the form of questions, answers, product reviews, photos and forum posts.

Review Guidelines

Product reviews are always tremendously helpful for users in understanding what products might be most helpful for them. For that reason, we encourage all Skincarisma community members to read and follow some of the advices and tips below to help write the most useful reviews for our peers:

  • Tell your Story: Adding detailed context to a product review is extremely use for community members. Talk about your experience with the product for example:

    • What did this product do that your previous products didn’t?
    • How are you including it in your routine?
    • What did this product most help with?
    • Was it effective for your skin type and/or skin concerns?
    • How long did it take for you to see effects?
    • How did your skin react to it?

    These are just some starting points, but we love to see in-depth detailed reviews that other people can relate themselves to.

  • Be Informative: Personal experiences and opinions are great, but if you can back it up with factual information, even better! For example, if you have in-depth ingredient knowledge, then we encourage you to discuss about the formulation and what makes it great. The community rewards those who share their expertise!
  • Focus on the Product: When reviewing a product, stay focused on the product and not the other products from the brand. And it’s better not to talk about your experience with retailer and/or courier, save that for discussion on our forums.
  • Give Comparisons: Product comparisons are extremely valuable as it helps people decide between similar products. If you’ve used other or similar products in the past, talk about their similarities and differences.
  • Patience: Products take a bit of time to work, so give it some patience. If you’ve only used a product one time and didn’t see results, it’s not useful to let other people know. We recommend using the product at least 2 weeks before leaving a review.
  • Don't Misrepresent: Remember, we want to hear about your firsthand experience and not from what you’ve heard or read. Also, don’t misrepresent your experience through falsifying or exaggeration, misleading other community members is something we stand strongly against.

Photo Guidelines

Photos are a great way to display information that’s otherwise too hard to describe. We encourage everyone to take photos that is under good lightning, clear and in focus. For product photos, you may upload those that help convey the size, texture, packaging and colour of the product.

Note: Skincarisma has an automatic algorithm that helps us filter out suspicious content, if by any chance, you feel your content was unfairly removed by mistake, please contact us at