Soo Boo Ji Sun Cotton SPF50+ PA++++


Soo Boo Ji Sun Cotton SPF50+ PA++++

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Soo Boo Ji Sun Cotton SPF50+ PA++++

from 8 Ratings

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oily AcneSensitiveWhiteheads

selinef has left a 5 star rating.
combination PIHAcneAnti-Aging+ 3

juststartingthisnow has left a 5 star rating.
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belladonnabodhisattva has left a 2 star rating.
combination PIHAcneAnti-Aging+ 4
Truly incredible feat in terms of skincare elegance

I've been on the sunscreen search for years: been through the big Asian brands, a fair amount of EU brands (where I live), none have been able to achieve the finish and feel of this sunscreen: this truly does, one hundred percent, disappear into the skin. I mean seriously, once it's sunk in, I wouldn't be able to tell whether I've applied it or not. The texture is nice, it is scented which annoys me a smidgen, but the scent does not linger. No white cast, safe array of ingredients, good filters, non-expensive.

The only gripe is the same one as with every Asian sunscreen, the UVA rating: this advertises PA++++ (the maximum), which means it is advertising a PPD > 16, but that's all we know. As a result, I myself will probably sacrifice sunscreen elegance over protection confidence under very harsh sun (e.g. hiking, or the beach), where many EU sunscreens openly disclose the PPD rating. For every day life, which is most of the time, this is really unbeatable in my opinion.

combination PIHAcneFungal+ 3

sabel has left a 5 star rating.
combination AcneFungalWhiteheads
Doesn’t break me out!!!

I'm always looking for a sunscreen that doesn't have harsh ingredients that will make my closed comedones worse. This could be it! I love the texture, its velvety even without silicone.
Would be good for any skin type as its not drying like an alcohol-based sunscreen. One downside is the fragrance. It's strong when you first apply.

combination AcneEczemaAnti-Aging+ 7
EXCELLENT sunscreen for oily skin, with a clean ingredients list to boot!!!!!

I live in Singapore (humid climate) and have super oily skin + i sweat really easily. This sunscreen was the sunscreen that made me convert to wearing sunscreen everyday. I previously tried the Biore UV Aqua Rich watery essence + watery gel + Klairs Soft Airy UV essence but they ALL always gave me closed comedomes + felt SUPER sticky. This sunscreens does not though!! Which is amazing.
I wrote a full, detailled review for this product on reddit, do check it out if you're interested! Link to my detailled review on Reddit

combination AcneAnti-AgingBlackheads+ 6
lo amé 😍

ya escribí una opinión de este bloqueador pero se repite el producto en skincarisma, así que aqui va de nuevo: Tiene una textura agradable, lo puedes aplicar sin problema en el rostro, no me dejó la cara brillante y tampoco deja la cara blanca (soy morena alrededor del tono mac nc35-nc37), huele a dulce pero no me molesta el olor. Este será mi bloqueador predilecto <3!!