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Skin Type: combination Skin
Skin Concerns: Acne, Blackheads, Sensitive Skin

Skin Type: oily Skin
Skin Concerns: Rosacea, Large Pores, Sensitive Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Whiteheads/Closed Comedones

Not That Impressive
Skin Type: combination Skin
Skin Concerns: Blackheads, Large Pores, Dehydrated Skin, Whiteheads/Closed Comedones

I'm starting this review by making a comparison with the Heimish All Clean Balm, because that's the product I was using before switching to this one. Straight to the point, the only difference I could notice was in the smell. Both have impressive ingredients to clean your skin while not stripping your natural oils, they are really suitable to take off your make-up and etc. But for me, it's just not really useful. I bought this to fully clean my face from pollution, dirt and all that stuff, following by a foam cleanser, but there wasn't actually any need. It doesn't make my face feel any cleaner or better and I don't really like the way I have to apply this, which is moistening the face, applying it, moistening again (for the product to dissolve) and then start massaging. It's just too long of a process that isn't really necessary.
I would say that cleaning with an oil-cleanser that comes in a pump is much better, but it's also hard to find one that has such good ingredients as this one. My face didn't breakout or anything, so it's a very good product, I just don't like the way I have to apply it and the lack of usefulness for my skin. The other downside is that my face feels slightly drier, which I don't mind because I apply a moisturizing foam-cleanser after that, but as an only-cleanser I wouldn't recommend at all.
Just make it clear, I'm a guy who doesn't wear make-up, but even if I would, the foam-cleanser would be more than enough. Some friends (girls) tested it and only one had to really use this product because of all the make-up she was wearing, but all the others had very light make-up and the foam-cleanser was more than enough. So, I guess it depends on how much layers of make-up you do have.

Skin Type: Skin
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