Moisturizing Lotion (Body & Face)


Moisturizing Lotion (Body & Face)

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Moisturizing Lotion (Body & Face)

from 8 Ratings
Product Overview

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EU Allergen-Free
Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe

Notable Effects & Ingredients

Promotes Wound Healing from 1 Ingredient(s):

Anti-Aging from 2 Ingredient(s):
Citric Acid Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

Ingredients Related to Skin Types
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Dry Skin
Oily/Acne-Prone Skin
Sensitive Skin

Ingredient Safety Breakdown (EWG Health Ratings)

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  • High Risk
  • Unknown

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Product Ingredient List

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EWG CIR Ingredient Name & Cosmetic Functions Notes
(Skin Conditioning,Antistatic Agent,Hair Conditioning)
Promotes Wound Healing
Promotes Wound Healing
Good for Dry Skin
Good for Dry Skin
Cetearyl Alcohol
(Emollient,Viscosity Controlling,Viscosity Increasing Agent,Emulsion Stabilising,Emulsifying,Opacifying,Foam Boosting,Viscosity Increasingagent - Aqueous)
Comedogenic Rating (2)
Sodium Levulinate
(Skin Conditioning)
Sodium Anisate
(Antimicrobial,Flavoring Agent)
(Skin Conditioning,Emollient)

Latest User Reviews

combination AcnePoresSensitive+ 1
one of the only one that my skin never reacts badly to!

I've just started getting into skincare recently. Before all that, I usually just wash my face in the shower and before going to bed and directly apply this lotion onto my entire face and body. No reaction whatsoever.

However, maybe because of lack of sleep and poor diet, I've been breaking out more often. One or two OBVIOUS and sore spots! So I decided to get into skincare. Sometimes I get confused and overwhelmed by all the products that being thrown around on YouTube skincare community. When I get a slight stinging after using a product, I'm in practical denial and simply leave my face be. Even those recommended by the most esteemed from the community, seemed not to work on my face.

Now, if you could only see my face. Well, I won't be showing my face. But I started getting small spots and my face is practically frying under most of the moisturizers I've used. My cheeks are red, inflamed and spotty. One night, I could no longer take the feeling of the stinging sensation I usually force myself to tolerate and washed off all the expensive and recommended products off my face then went back to basic. I went back to this lotion because of my super dry and tightening skin, and what do you know? I don't feel any stinging nor burning sensation. I simply don't get it. Now I'm back to using this, at least for the meantime. I highly recommend this product for sensitive skin such as mine, or ask your dermatologist.

combination AcneAnti-AgingPores
For eczema and dry skin for summer snd rainy season

My go to product, for my eczema. It has a mild ingredients and fragrance free. I rarely apply on my face, because of its sticky feeling, I think It doesn't suits Its purpose.Try to apply st night on your arms and legs.Kinda expensive but its worth it.

dry PIHAcneFungal+ 2
One of the few moisturizers my skin can handle

Alcohol free, fungal acne safe, hydrating and enriched with vitamins. While some of the ingredients are listed as slightly comedogenic, they're low enough down the list that it's never affected my skin. Derm recommended and fragrance free. Just moisturizes my face without causing problems. I can't see myself ever switching from this as a primary moisturizer, although I supplement with other products as part of a multistep routine. The image for the product shown is the travel size, but the current standard packaging is a 16 oz bottle with a light green pump on top. Listed on the bottle as "Moisturizing Lotion" and underneath "Body & Face -- All skin types" which is different from their Hydrating Moisturizer (I had a hard time finding the right one to review lol).

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