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Great chemical suncreen with blurring and mattifying effect under makeup
Skin Type: combination Skin
Skin Concerns: Acne, Rosacea, Sensitive Skin

I am addicted to this product, I have not tried a sunscreen (and I have tried many) that is better under makeup. Not only is it not noticeable, but it also makes a great job as a primer to blur out pores and texture.
The texture of the product is like a blurring primer, silicone-like. In my opinion the name "velvet" describes perfectly the feeling it leaves on the skin. It has no smell, it is not thick and it spreads easily. Despite having silicones in its composition I do not notice it heavy on the skin, it is non grasy and I think it lets it breathe. It has mattifying effect too. Because it does not contain physical filters, it does not leave white cast, it is totally transparent.
The packaging is adequate to keep the product in good condition, opaque and without contact with the air, but it is what I like the least. It seems too bulky and it can be uncomfortable to travel. The lid has a thread system to block the output of the product, but I find it to be quite loose and it has to be handled carefully so that it does not break. Another drawback of the packaging is that, since the bottle is air tight you can't tell when it will run out. The only way to know is by the weight of the package changing. I hope that in the future they improve the packaging, since that is the only thing that would change.
I use the color version when I do not want to wear a foundation, but I want to correct tone and blemishes, and I love it too.
I recommend this product to those who are looking for a sunscreen with chemical filters to use under foundation.