Water Boost Facial Cleanser Gel Wash


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Water Boost Facial Cleanser Gel Wash

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dry Acne
Nice and simple

Found full bottle of this in the bottom of my drawer and didn't expect much. I had just broken out and felt like my current cleanser was way too harsh. Although it didn't transform my skin and make all my acne disappear, my skin felt significantly less irritated after just one wash.

normal SensitiveUnevenWhiteheads
MY FAVOURITE CLEANSER - sensitive skin (+ inexpensive).

I have the most annoying sensitive skin and this is one of the only products I 100% trust - it feels amazing and super effective when you cleanse with it and leaves your skin clear after!! This product makes my skin super smooth and destroys closed comedones as it is mildly chemically exfoliating - it leaves a lovely clean canvas to layer on other products and I therefore haven't felt the need to purchase an additional toner. I also recently started lactic acid 10% once every few days and it doesn't get too irritated from overexfoliation which is amazing.

I've tried lots of cleansers - all sorts of foaming cleansers, oils, Korean, Japanese, drugstore - but this is my holy grail product and I am so grateful that its inexpensive (literally only a few pounds at a normal drugstore, though I bought about 10 in bulk for even cheaper as it's the only one I need). No need to bother with any more searching or double cleansing: this will have you sorted.

oily AcneBlackheadsSensitive+ 2

If you have Sensitive, Itchy, Dehydrated, and Oily Skin just like me, This cleanser is Perfect for your daily Use! I've been repurchasing this product since the beginning of quarantine. I will never look back and cheat on this cleanser with other cleansers until I find my next HolyGrail (If that is possible). Quick tip, if you want to make your skin more smooth, pair this with the Simple Hydrating Oil Cleanser for Double cleansing! That's my favorite combo. Both are sold cheaper than other Drugstore brands! The only thing I have something bad to say is that I rely on other products to take care of my annoying pimples that comes when my hormones says its almost time.

oily AcneAnti-AgingPores+ 1
My holy grail!

I have acne prone oily sensitive skin. Since Hyram introduced this affordable yet gentle and effective cleanser, my skin has never been this good. I love this cleanser so much! I use it in the morning and at night, I pair it up with either Banila Co cleansing balm or Hada Labo cleansing oil.

combination EczemaFungalDehydrated

I have combination skin + fungal acne.
I use this cleanser everyday and I have no complain about it. İt is very gentle, caused no allergies, cleans my skin without drying it too much.
The texture is very nice and a small amount is enough to cleanse the whole face.
Does not have any smell not does it burn your skin.
I love it!!!!

oily AcneBlackheadsSensitive+ 1

bmge7 has left a 5 star rating.
combination BlackheadsFungalPores+ 2

normuf has left a 5 star rating.
combination PIHMelasmaAnti-Aging+ 3
Help my angry, irritated skin

I have combination skin. Over cleansing using facial soap made my cheeks area dry, skin peeling, itchy and hot

Immediately bought this with face wash + Simple water boost gel to help me with my problem.

Its very hydrating and gentle on my angry skin. I skip the morning cleansing, using only water with Simple hydrating booster gel.

Using Simple Micellar facial gel wash + Simple hydrating booster at night. These is the only product I can use and my skin tolerate it.

After 3 days, my skin is now calm down. My cheek skin still feels dry, but now I can concentrate on repairing and moisturize my skin.

I love Simple Micellar facial gel wash and hope to continue using this as my daily cleanser.

normal AcneFungalUneven+ 1
The best water based facial wash ever thats remove dirts. Skin become more dehydrated.

It feels gentle and remove all the dirts on my face. Before this i have dry skin but after use simple micellar face wash , my skin feels more dehydrated and moist. There is no more bumpy acne on my forehead. My skin more smoother. No irritation at all.

combination Anti-AgingPoresSensitive+ 2

bungawisa has left a 5 star rating.
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