Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam


Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

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Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

from 159 Ratings

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dry AcneBlackheadsFungal+ 4

vinoja has left a 1 star rating.
combination MelasmaAnti-AgingUneven

For combo to oily skin it is a delight to use and feel clean. It can be very drying for people who has sensitivity, so I only use it once a day in mornings as nowadays I tend to fix my sun damage so hardly wear makeup, in order to focus on bloody hyperpigmentation.

I like to alternate this with a mild  Missha Snail Mucin Wash especially at evenings and inshowers.

During humid seasons I also use it to have a body wash and shower, I like the refreshed squeeky clean skin feeling so that gives me a chance to moisturise and tackle hyperpigmentation with other lotions and potions.
I usually get compliments on how good is my skin looks despite my 40 ish age.

combination AcneBlackheadsWhiteheads
SO stripping. bad.

Used it for about 2 months and it made my skin super bad. I have combination skin, and it made the surface of my nose dry/peel really bad, and still very oily. After cleansing made my skin feel tight and super dehydrated.

It strips the oils of your skin so much. WOULD NOT recommend.

combination RosaceaAnti-AgingPores+ 1
Works for me

I have oil combination skin and I've tried this product for almost 2 weeks, my first impression was a tightening skin, it feels dry but very very clean, removes all make up residues.
it is completely necessary to moisturize and hydrate the skin after the use!

combination PIHAcneAnti-Aging+ 5
Don’t use if you have sensitive skin

Ok so I'm not gonna lie, I bought this just because it was the cheapest option available and it was my first time using a cleansing foam ever so I wanted to give it a try. I had been using only micellar water before this. And I thought it was pretty sweet how it smelled like roses, but every time I used it I felt my skin SUPER tight and dry for using it only for like 10 seconds so I had to rush over toner and apply it ASAP because my skin felt really uncomfortable. And I noticed some small breakouts after using it.
Apart from that, it does its job, it cleanses pretty nicely, I even noticed some traces of leftover makeup after using this.
So yeah, it is very effective for cleansing your face, but NOT when you have a dry-combination skin or sensitive skin like me.
After this, I tried a bunch of foaming cleansers and my favorite so far has been the Missha Near Skin pH Foaming Cleanser, so if you have the same skin concerns as me, I definitely recommend that one.

combination AcneBlackheadsPores+ 1

luka3691 has left a 5 star rating.
combination PIHAnti-AgingPores+ 3

teptns has left a 3 star rating.
combination Anti-AgingBlackheadsPores+ 3

Huge amount and cheap. My friends love it, but my skin doesn't.
However i had few acne breakout after using this product. I used a lot of face wash before, and none ever causing me to have a breakout. This is the first product ever causing my skin to have acne....
I give up and gave it to my siblings.

not_sure RosaceaAnti-AgingPores+ 1

nctdreamboy has left a 4 star rating.
oily AcnePores

hiraimomo has left a 1 star rating.
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