Niacinamide 10% & Zinc 1%

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Niacinamide 10% & Zinc 1%

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combination RosaceaAnti-AgingSensitive+ 1

maripaaguirre16 has left a 5 star rating.
combination AcneAnti-AgingBlackheads+ 3

missii has left a 5 star rating.
combination AcneRosaceaPores+ 1
Good product

Helps against inflammation, acne spots, every other skin problem I had. It helped my skin heal without causing further issues. I could make it at home because I see it only contains vitamins but it's convenient to have it made by the Ordinary brand. Like all their products I've tried, it seems good, gives instant results, keeping inflammation away. Lovely product.

oily AcneBlackheadsPores+ 2

i was looking for a product to help with uneven skin tone caused by years of cystic acne and my sister recommended this. it hasnt broke me out and i feel like its improved my acne scaring. i would recommend for anyone looking to help improve their skin tone

normal PIHBlackheadsSensitive+ 2

patrick0202 has left a 5 star rating.
combination EczemaFungalSensitive+ 2

papaguro has left a 1 star rating.
combination RosaceaPoresDehydrated+ 1
works when its about to finish

honestly does not clear any of my acne scars i used it continuously for almost three months and still no prominent change was noticed. but just when the bottle was about to finish my sister complemented my skin by saying your scars are going away. i dont see the point if buying a product if its going work when youre at the bottom of the bottle

combination AcnePoresDehydrated+ 1

teikirisi has left a 1 star rating.
oily Anti-AgingBlackheadsFungal+ 2
Mengurangi bruntusan

Aku pake ini di umur 15 tahun. Karena udah hopeless dengan bruntusan yang udah tahunan di wajah aku ga pernah ilang, aku coba pake TO Niacin ini yang banyak orang bilang bagus. Muka aku sebelumnya kusam, pori-pori gede, bruntusan di jidat dan pipi. 1-2 Minggu udah kelihatan perubahannya. Muka jadi lebih cerah, pori pori lebih samar, dan bruntusan berkurang. Aku cuma pake face wash + serum ini (TO Niacin) + sunscreen L'Oreal matte & fresh.

combination PIHAcneSensitive

moccachino has left a 4 star rating.
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