Skincarisma for Sensitive Skin

How to Use Skincarisma to Select the Right Products for Sensitive Skin

Dealing with Sensitive Skin is never fun - finding the right skincare products are difficult and it’s not as simple as picking any products off the shelf or online. All it takes is one wrong ingredient in the skincare formulation, and redness, irritation sensitivity occurs.

Lucky for you, Skincarisma breaks down every cosmetic and skincare product by its ingredient formulation to help you make better decisions for your sensitive skin.

Here's exactly how Skincarisma can help with Sensitive skin:

On each product page and cosmetic analysis result page there are two sections you should pay attention to if you have sensitive skin:

Let’s go through each one to see what to look out for when assessing whether a product is suitable for sensitive skin or not. Don’t skip a section because it could make all the difference in finding the right products!

Product Overview

The Product Overview section is most of the hard work done for you - so you don’t need to deep dive into every single ingredient to understand it (although we still encourage it!).


There are two parts to pay attention to in the product overview:

  1. Quick Product Notes
  2. Ingredients Related to Skin Type

Let’s go through it together.

Quick Product Notes

As a general rule of thumb, for those with sensitive skin, there are two icons you should pay attention to:


For many people with sensitive skin, products containing Sulfate ingredients and Simple Alcohol ingredients can easily irritate sensitive skin.

Here’s why:

Sulfates are a class of cosmetic ingredients which help cleanse the skin. Unfortunately, they are unable to recognize the difference between your skin’s own sebum (oil) and the dirt and grime its supposed to cleanse. And since they are so good at cleansing, they often strip your skin of its natural oils which are there to protect your skin and help it retain its moisture in the first place - causing further irritation to already sensitive skin.

Similarly, simple alcohols evaporate the skin’s natural oils, which can result in the same consequences.

If you’re one of the people who can’t use them then look for the Sulfate-Free & Alcohol-Free icons in the Other Quick Product Notes section.


However, if you find that your sensitive skin can tolerate sulfates and simple alcohols, then you’re in the clear!

Ingredients Related to Skin Type

Our next section shows the number of ingredients which are either good or bad for skin types.  The good ingredients are shown in green and bad ingredients are shown in red.

Under the ingredients related to Skin Type section, there is a row for sensitive skin.


Apart from sulfates and alcohols appearing here, there are also other cosmetic ingredients listed that have been shown in scientific journals and studies to be irritating to those with sensitive skin.

One thing to note is that, although some ingredients may be flagged here - it does not automatically mean they are bad for sensitive skin. You can read the alert inside the box when you click on the colored bar.

For example, some ingredients - at the right concentration are fine - but too high of a concentration or dosage and it can be irritating and bad for sensitive skin. 


Quickly understanding whether a product is suitable for sensitive skin has never been easier. Here's a quick recap of what to look out for:

If there are too many ingredients in a cosmetic formulation that fit the above criteria, then we suggest looking for another alternative product!