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Skinfood yuja water c cream
Skinfood Yuja Water C Cream
Like many Skinfood product that comes in a jar, this gel cream is no exception. I like the citrusy smell and not really overwhelming. However alcohol denat can be somewhat drying to my face, so I use this on other areas instead. Although it has denatured alcohol, it doesn't dry out fast, which is a good thing. With thin layer it would 1-2 minutes for me, but if I feel like slathering extra, it gives my skin the moist feelings for around 10 mins or so before it dries.
See Full Review notahaul
Nivea Creme
I have only tried this recently. Years seeing it on my mum's makeup table, and my aunties, I thought to myself, why not? They still keep the tin like it used to. There is a safety seal before you can see the goodies. This is pretty basic hydration to me, especially when I don't feel like layering much on my skincare routine. The fragrance from the cream is tolerable in some way, but will fade after I put them on. Texture is pretty thick. I learned that I need to let my skin dry a little bit from the previous phase or else it's really hard to spread on my skin. Kind of sits there and being stubborn. Haha! My face would look oily the next day, but feel supple and not oily at all after I wash them off. No breakouts so far after a month of using it. tips: Don't take off the safety seal all the way because the cream might stick on the cap.
See Full Review notahaul
10012 l
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion
Great moisturizing product for morning routine, I use it instead of day cream. Its very light, absorbs quickly and gives lot of moisture. It has strong but very nice green tea scent. Its main purpose is balancing sebum production, but it work wonders on my dry mature skin. Highly recommend.
See Full Review GreenTeaSkincare
10012 l
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion
For a long while I used heavier creams and unknowlingly was clogging up my skin with them (I have oily-combo skin). With the Green Tea Balancing Lotion, it felt so liquidy in comparison, and refreshing on my skin. It calmed down the redness on my cheeks and overall just felt a lot better on my skin than anything else. The formula is quite drippy, so it is quite likely that it will go everywhere if you tap the bottom of it facing upside down (the opening is a bit odd), but otherwise I'm quite happy with it. With an oily-combo face, I find that I can use it as a standalone moisturiser, though I will put an occlusive layer over the top if I feel like the day is going to be a dry one. And it comes in a fairly large bottle, which is a massive plus since it means I don't have to spend more often.
See Full Review vxginxdentxtx
Stratia rewind anti aging dmae essence
Stratia Rewind Anti-Aging DMAE Essence
Used this for a while and I've noticed my pigmented spots have noticeably brightened up. My skin looks more radiant and clear after use as well.
See Full Review Cardinal
Margarita refreshing cream gel with cucumbers
i got this for 2 euro on sale, the packaging feels bulky even though its 50ml, its an outright cylinder, the edges are THERE when you hold it, it has a watery consistency, its white and and has a synthetic smell, highly doubt its cucumber ;-; it sinks in, but as my skin perspires it forms a sort of film.. makes my face look sweaty and i dont like that, i'll finish this but wont repurchase, it doesnt give a lot of moisture, but if you layer it, it should do a better job, so not really for winter, this gel is from a lithuanian brand and is fairly cheap here because of probably the fact that theres very little import fees
See Full Review sorryjustizzy
Etude+house+bubble+tea+sleeping+pack+ +green+tea
ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack - Green Tea
Most people (including me) probably bought this because of the cute packaging/their love for bubble tea. I haven't tried alot of sleeping packs so I'm not an expert in describing how the perfect product should work, but this definitely wasn't worth the money. *The packaging* **Con**: So I thought yas, finally I've used this up - but what am I supposed to reuse it for? In real, it isn't even cute as decor. I've had far less disappointing just-for-cute-packing purchases like the tony moly mushroom chocolate wash off mask or the famous ladykin snail cream. **Pro**: I'd say the only pro, if at all, is the spatula, but I didn't really think it ended up being very sanitary either. *The "Extra-ness" aka fake tapioca pearls* The selling gag is obviously the "extra fun moisturizing step" (more like extra messy) where you are supposed to squash the pearls in your hands and rub them to your face with the sleeping pack, which was not as fun as intended. It was almost impossible to actually be able to crush the pearls because they would keep gliding on your palm and whenever I actually managed to apply them to my face I didn't notice anything. *Overall performance* I'd say the texture and performance was pretty similar to Lioele's Waterdrop Sleeping pack, which isn't really positive or negative. In the end you could use a good moisturizer and skip this step entirely if you don't have dry skin and you wouldn't feel any different.
See Full Review ChuKonekoChu
Sk ii+facial+treatment+essence
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
Subjectively this would be a 5-star product for me right now, but objectively, it's a 4 and here's why: * It's stupid expensive. There are other first essences that can deliver similar (though not as noticeable) results in the long run * I used this 4 years ago and it didn't do much for my skin then * It has an unpleasant sour scent to it So why is this a 5 for me now? Because I noticed almost immediate improvement in my skin tone and texture after using this. My skin looks more refined, feels smoother, and my pores are less visible, which is incredible because no other "pore reducing" products I've used have ever given me such great results so quickly. This is now a must-have in my routine, and for me it's worth every pretty penny.
See Full Review geekyposh

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