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Evian Spray Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water
It only contains water water so yeah... basically it makes your skin feels fresh and a bit moisturized. It doesn't contain any ingredient other than water and nitrogen so it didn't give you any benefit or disadvantage for your skincare routine. BUT i use this as a setting spray for my light make up, and it made my chalky make up looks good and moisturized and natural.
NATURE REPUBLIC Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
I kinda like it at first, it feels super refreshing especially after a stressful day. But when i used it as a night moisturizer, it leaves a greasy feeling on your face and i hate it, probably because my skin is an oily type of skin. Also it could trigger fungal acne, cause after i stop using this moisturizer, small bumps on my forehead vanished.
CosRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
I used to woke up in the morning with soooo much oil. But when i change my moisturizer with this product at night, i wake up not feeling greasy. Also it feels light on the skin and absorb quite fast. Just a pump could cover all of your face, which means you could use one bottle for like 6 months or more.
Wardah Acnederm Acne Spot Treatment Gel
Produk ini penolong buat jerawat sii di kulit aku tapi butuh waktuuu agak lama dari kebanyakan obat totottototttotottotottttotottototttotottototttt jjerawatjjerawaterawaterawatjjerawatjjerawaterawaterawatProduk ini penolong buat jerawat sih di kulit aku tapi butuh waktu agak lama dari kebanyakan obat totol jerawat , ,tapi langsung ada perubahan setelah penggunaan kering dan mateng , , ,tapi langsung ada perubahan setelah penggunaan kering dan mateng ,iniiniiniini
Garnier Light Complete White Speed Super Essence
I had used this product multiple times but, then I changed my routine for no particular reason. Just for experimenting sake. I think the formula of this product changed or something but, then it just started drying my skin a lot. Also, it started leaving a white substitute when applied. Not sure if I would recommend this to someone.
Purito Deep Sea Pure Water Cream
I was really excited to try this and I do think it is very hydrating for dry skin, but unfortunately it made my skin uncomfortable with a slight burning sensation. Maybe it's because of the bergamot oil (didn't really like the smell either), but otherwise I think this would've been great for me. So it did not work for me, but might for others.
CosRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner
I was having a breakout and this toner did well on my skin. It didn't give many claims, just that it is an alcohol-free product so It didn't irritate my skin. It also fit for my combination to oily skin at that moment because it gave enough hydration but that's all. My redness didn't reduce and my acnes didn't get calm.
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream
So far, ive never been break out. But, suddenly, after my last trip to Singapore, it happened. Theres a lot of acne all over my face, blackheads, whiteheads, and redness. Then i try skincare diet for almost 2 months and only use facial wash and an ice cube. After that, i try basic skincare routine to minim skincare product. I know that this moisturizer should be use for people who have dry skin. But i try it anyway and know, 4 months and two jar. My skin is getting better. Theres no acne and white heads, only blackheds on nose area. But i like the most is this moisturizer made my face plump healthy looking skin...

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