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Iunik Centella Calming Gel Cream
This is just very light weight and very well suited for my Oily and damanged skin.., Very lightweight that you can layer makeup easily any one with oily skin can go with it without even thinkig. I tried many products but this alone stand outstanding in texture
Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster
My skin does look brighter but I am not a big fan of this product. The serum slightly irritates the acne I have on my forehead and chin. Also even when I take the time to rub the serum in, it leaves my face feeling slightly sticky. I have not seen a big change in the texture, or clarity of my skin and there's a fine line between "brighter" skin and "shiny" skin.
Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Transformation Gel
Using this burns my skin especially in the areas where my acne is flaring. Not sure it's helped at all. I wake up in the morning and my skin still feels sensitive and looks oily. I've been using the product for almost two weeks and no real change to my skin.
Pixi Glow Tonic
i have been using this for a while and havnt noticed any change. i do love the smell the smell though, like tea....... i have sensitive skin and i think it made my redness worse. i think it would be better for people with acne prone/ oily skin......
By PNA Birdnest Essence
Before this i ada masalah muka kusam tau. Yg sangat sbb i tanned skin. Alhamdulillah after dah pakai 6 bottles, my skin tak kusam!! and lagi satu i ada masalah oily skin. malam before tidur i akan apply bne then esok pagi tu bangun my skin tak oily dah. I boleh bagi rate untuk bne ni 9/10!! Memang best. Memula takut jugak nak try sbb yeah Rm20 kot? sangat murah!! but after try eeeeee in love gila sangat worth it!!! tak try tak tahu hehe so selamat mencuba semua!!
ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung pH6.5 Whip Cleanser
I actually didn’t have high expectations for this one but I loved it so much! It didn’t felt stripping in any way, I had a really bad case of breakouts and irritation a few weeks ago and this felt so good on my skin, I felt that it helped my skin to heal, it was really gentle and did the job of cleansing really well, it’s a mild cleanser so if you use makeup daily I would suggest a double cleansing step with other products, but it works great with water based sunscreens etc. Overall great great experience, I just bought my second bottle and I don’t know if I will ever switch this for any other cleanser haha
Nameera Pure Radiant Glow Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30 PA+++
I bought this cz I have a dry sensitif acne prone skin, it's help me to moisture my skin and the finish look fresh and working good for uneven skin tone. It's not really bad for acne prone sensitif but still not good enough for, of course cz this product basically just for moisturizer the skin.i
Aubree Centella Greentea Power Cream
I've been struggling with PIH since I have acne prone skin and it's difficult finding local moisturizers that have Niacinamide, which is an ingredient that I swear by. I already finished a jar of it and it worked wonders! My acne scars and PIH decreased tremendously and it helped soothe the redness and irritation from PIH and breakout! (TMI: I had an unpleasant experience testing out a product and it caused me breakouts; this product helped!) For my oily combo skin, it does feel a bit heavy on my skin so I'd recommend using it during night time! Though if I don't use make up for the day, I use it after my toner and before my sunscreen and it just works well! (Or I just skip toner and use the moisturizer before sunscreen) It took a little bit time for me to see the marks fading (if I'm not mistaken, it's around 2 weeks.. ish?) but it's worth it! The Centella Asiatica also helped in this part. Sadly, the product is out of stock right now so I'm going to grab a few jars for me to store!

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