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Ecooking Moisturizing Serum
I got a sample of this product in a beauty box. Did some research on the brand and the product itself and have I have been using it since. On the brand: it's a luxury brand with a middle class price tag. It's not cheap, but it's high quality, ecological and cruelty free with special attention to it's ingredients. On the serum itself: I was sceptical at first, as I had never felt the need to use a serum before and I was afraid it would make my skin oily. But it's not oily at all and it does give you a huge hydration boost without irritating or clogging the skin. I was prompted to use it after an accident which left my face bruised up. After the swelling went down, my skin was overstretched and very dry from the bruising creams I used. I had difficulty getting my skin to settle again and I started using the serum in the hope that it would revitalize my skin and get it back to normalcy. The serum certainly helped in restoring my skin and I just kept using it afterwards because it felt nice. The serum seeps into the skin very quickly and leaves you with a fresh feeling, soft skin. No residue or sticky feeling. The serum has a nice gel like texture that turns more watery as you rub it in. Almost all the ingredients are organic and/or natural. It contains tripeptides and 4 different deeply moisturizing ingredients. All in all a nice product despite the price tag (between 47€ and 52€ for 20ml).
Chriszen Aloe & Rice Milk Cleansing Foam
First of all, love the weird smell. I think it's a good decent and basic cleanser, good ingredient. I don't expect much with this cleanser but thankfully it doesn't irritate my skin even when it's being sensitive and recovering from acne/pimple. It doesn't trigger new acne/pimple or irritate the current ones. Although will feel a bit drying if I don't apply any moisturizer after a few minutes. Give it a try, it's cheap too.
Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing Face Wash
I was looking for a sulfate free cleanser and stumbled up to this product. It does leave my face moisturized and supple after use but it triggered my fungal acne severely and made me discover my skin was unsuitable with Lauric Acid. I had a few tiny acne and whiteheads after a week of use and apparently it didn't clean as much as I had hoped. This product however suits one of my family member with normal skin, so I believe every skin is different in terms of how the product reacts.
ESFOLIO Moisture Soothing Gel-Pure Snail
i've been using it for months now and i've noticed that my face seems not too oily anymore. i mean, it gradually lessen my sebum prdouction, i guess. it quickly absorbs my skin and dries fast. it has not given me any breakout yet, though there are times that i have tiny pimple because of this
KLAIRS Soft Airy UV Essence
usually I don't like chemical sunscreens 'cause I feel insecure when using them and they make my eyes sting, plus, they are not strong enough. But when I came across this baby, I found the love of my life. This baby is very moisturized and doesn't sting my eyes. But the most important thing is that the SPF is really strong (I searched the internet and found out that the actives are stable and strong) After 1 month and a half of practice under the sun, my skin didn't get tanned and it look healthier and smooth maybe because of the anti aging and moisturizing ingredients in it. I'm glad that I purchased 2 tubes in a big online sale. WILL REPURCHASE
The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%
I didn't bother buying the 5% one because my skin is pretty tolerant and 5% is not enough for me. After the very first time using it, I was amazed by how glowy and smooth my skin was. It was very moisturized as well. It is too good for the affordable price. Love the brand and the product and will definitely buy this one again.
The Body Shop Mediterranean Almond Milk with Oats Instant Soothing Mask
in one usage, my flaky skin is completely gone + brightening my skin <3 rarely for me to using it in my whole face cause how thick it is, so i only used it on some part of my skin that feel dry and dehydrated. The only thing that i hate from this product, is how hard it is to be cleanse so i recommend to cleanse it with wet facial sponge
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
this was the best acne treatment for me. i usually use it before bed. the next morning my acne is a better and it reduce the redness too. i really love this product. Even it doesn't work just in one night. it's still worth it, i think that recovery needs process so this my acne usually gets better for 2/3 days using this tea tree oil. it saved me a couple times <3

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