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Garnier Nutritioniste SkinActive The Gentle Sulfate-Free Cleanser
This should be a second step for cleaning because this doesn't good like a makeup remove. I prefer use it in the morning. I feel that is too soft for clean good. I recommend it if you have normal skin because if it is very oily you have to do more than one wash as this cleanser is very mild.
CeraVe Moisturising Cream
4.5 stars. This saved my skin barrier and makes my skin look super glowy the following morning! I love it so much. But be aware it's heavy, so it might clog your pores if you have oily skin. It also stings a little sometimes, which I hear is normal with highly occlusive creams, but it's transient and doesn't cause rashes or dryness.
Ren Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30
I'm always looking for an enjoyable mineral sunscreen since I can't use chemical ones and this sunscreen quickly became one of my favorites. This sunscreen does have a citrus smell, but its not strong and doesn't linger throughout the day, at first I was hesitant about the smell but it quickly became refreshing especially in the mornings.When applying it does look like it will leave a white cast since it is a mineral sunscreen but once you finish applying it blends in to your skin. As for the finish this sunscreen is great at mattifying; it leaves a nice soft matte finish but it does feel slightly tacky at first (not uncomfortable) similar to a makeup primer but nowhere nearly as strong and my favorite part is it can easily be paired with translucent powder which i like to do for extra protection against oiliness/shininess.
SomeByMi AHA. BHA. PHA. 30 Days Miracle Toner
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Jelita.KL Premium Saffron Toner PST 2.0
this toner is so good! I have a really oily skin but recently my face got really dry, maybe because i used too much harsh ingredient on my skin like AHA and BHA. but with this toner, my face feel so smooth and hydrating without processing too much oil on my face! i really love it after washing my face. it doesn't feel too stripping after clean up my face with cleanser. totally gonna purchase this! (lmao i got it free from my sister cause she didn;t like it really much)
Iunik Tea Tree Relief Serum
I bought this product for my summer routine, since it contains both Niacinamide and Tea Tree (even it its diluted Leaf Water) which help control sebum production. I've been using this product for three months, and I did notice that my T-zone has become less oily; but more than that, after a day under the hot summer sun, I was amazed how it helped soothe my skin and get rid of the redness! It has no scent and, even if there are a few extracts (always bless the Centella), it didn't break me out. The texture is light weight, but it takes a bit to absorb, that's why I can't use more than a couple of drops in the morning. You will especially love it if you seek a dewy glow. Overall, I can see my skin looking healthier and I can't wait to try the Vitamin C serum from the same brand for my winter routine.
Paula's Choice C15 Super Booster
Funny story, my skin *hated* this the first time I tried it about two years ago. I had never used an l-ascorbic acid serum before and figured it was time. I applied a tiny bit each day and every time my skin would get bright red with erythema, itching, burning, breakouts, etc. I tried to suck it up and used calming products to combat the reaction but to no avail. I figured it wasn't for me and moved on. Now, suddenly 30 years old, I try this and immediately my skin takes to it like it's water. It drinks it up, a whole dropper full, twice a day with no problems. It feels firmer, brighter, the PIH on my cheeks appears to be subsiding. What gives? I can only say that at different times in our lives products will react differently for no apparent reason. So if you're trying l-ascorbic acid for the first time and have the same reaction, don't throw in the towel, just try again later. P.S. Oh, and **keep it in the fridge!**
TIA'M Vita B3 Source
I really like this. I was using a Niacinamide serum from another cult skincare brand, but recently found it left an odd feeling on my skin and had a mild drying effect. This serum has no such issues, in fact I have found that it locks in hydration from my previous skincare steps (vitamin c serum, then unscented toner). If you have found other niacinamide produts drying or dehydrating, try this one. Absorbs beautifully, leaving my skin primed for moisturiser, retinol or sunscreen.

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