About Us

SkinCarisma is a website for saavy skincare and cosmetic enthusiasts to easily and confidently discover the right products for their skincare goals and preferences.

Why SkinCarisma was made?

When it comes to skincare, those with problematic skin know that finding suitable products is an expensive, frustrating and difficult process of trial and error. 

All it takes is one bad ingredient or poor formulation and you find your skin freaking out - breaking out in acne, redness and irritation. It's not fun, trust us, we’ve been through it all.

And to make matters worse, the cosmetic industry is flooded with products dressed in marketing jargon and hype. Often filled with overpromises to help you with X, Y or Z but often falling short when it comes to delivering the results.

A skincare product can be marketed to promise you all the things in the world, but if it’s not made of the right stuff that has been proven to help – all the marketing hype isn’t going to make the product work.

Which is why we created SkinCarisma – We’ve collected ingredient information based on scientific research and journals and have put them into tools for your disposal to become a more informed consumer.

We believe that understanding the ingredients and formulations of your cosmetic products is the first step in making better choices for your skin.

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I love SkinCarisma! How can I show my love and support?

We get amazing comments all the time and as a very small team developing, maintaining the website and doing our best to run a sustainable startup (it's extremely hard, we can't even pay our bills yet!) we appreciate every one of them.

We'd love your continual support by purchasing your skincare products through the retailers on our website - for every purchase we receive a tiny kickback which goes directly back into growing our website to make it better for everyone.

You can read our full disclosure policy here - we are completely transparent!

And even better, if you could share and spread the word about SkinCarisma all over places on the internet where people will find it helpful - it would be awesome! Help others make better choices as well.

Who is team behind SkinCarisma?

We are just like any other skincare enthusiast out there who has had their skincare problems and woes throughout the years (and unfortunately sometimes still are!). We encountered so many people on the internet bumping into the same issues we had finding and choosing skincare products and we decided to create SkinCarisma to help others make it easier!

It's never been our style to be in the spotlight and make SkinCarisma about us - we're focused on staying behind the scenes to continue building and growing the website and hope that the SkinCarisma community can become a voice of it's own.

How Can I Contact you?

We're very friendly and easy to get in touch, just email us at snails@skincarisma.com - We get back to everyone within 2 days! If you have any suggestions, feedback or comments about anything at all, we're always happy to discuss and easy to reach. Please don't be shy 😊

I want to learn more about Skincare and cosmetics, can you help?

We get asked all the time to write Skincare resources and as much as we'd love to, we want to continue focus on developing the main parts of our website first – we’ll get around to writing more content soon!

We know how much misleading and bad information there is out there online regarding cosmetics and skincare in general. Which is why we've curated a list of our favourite and most reliable Skincare resources for those that want to learn more.

Click here to check out our curated list of bloggers and online communities to visit.