About Us

About Us

When it comes to cosmetics, finding the right products can be difficult. And figuring out often turns out to be a long process of trial and error, accompanied with a lot of headaches.

Especially if you have problematic skin - Trust us, we’ve been through it.

To complicate matters further, cosmetic products are often filled with marketing jargon and big claims that unfortunately don't always live to up to the hype.

Which is why we’re here. 

We're completely dedicated in providing in-depth analysis of cosmetics and skincare products to understand both the effectiveness and healthy safety of the products. Combined with a great community of unbiased user reviews – we’re looking to become the #1 trusted cosmetic/skincare product platform on the internet.  And most importantly, we're going to do it without the fluff.

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The Team behind Skincarisma

It's never been our style to be in the spotlight and make Skincarisma about us - we're focused on staying behind the scenes and help Skincarisma become a voice of its own powered by the community we have here.

But for those who are curious - we're currently a small small team, but we've all had our skincare problems through the years (and still are). We left our full-time jobs in late 2016/early 2017 to dedicate ourselves full-time to build Skincarisma. So if you like what you see here, please support us by purchasing products through our trusted partners on the platform - we get a tiny kickback to helps us stay alive. You can read our full disclosure policy with our partners here.

Also a special shout to the subreddit community at /r/SkincareAddiction - they've been extremely influential with the making of Skincarisma and we hold very similar philosophies here. We've been able to learn so much from the community over the years and the moderators there have done an amazing job at creating a invaluable resource for those looking for help with their skin.