Cosmetic Product & Ingredient Analyzer

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Check your skincare and cosmetic ingredients with Skincarisma!

Analysis will provide:

  • Ingredient safety through EWG and CIR ratings
  • Understanding of the cosmetic ingredients and their notable effects
  • Suitability for skin types such as dry, sensitive & oily (acne-prone)
  • If the product contains parabens, alcohol and sulfates.

Here's how to check your Cosmetic and Skincare Ingredients:

  1. Find the product's ingredients on the brand's website or from a repuatable 3rd party (e-commerce retailers)
  2. Copy and paste the ingredient list into the form below and click Analyze. (Make sure to seperate the ingredients with a comma!)
  3. Check your cosmetic ingredients and make sure they will benefit your skin!
Coming from CosDNA? Copy a CosDNA ingredient list right onto Skincarisma

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We'we made it easy to still use CosDNA ingredient list on our website

Simply copy and paste ingredient list URL from CosDNA and we'll do the analysis for you!

*Note: Enter only one Cosdna URL and ensure it starts with '' in order for it to work!

Example URL: