Recommended Skincare Resources

We get asked all the time to write more Skincare resources for everyone but we want to keep focusing on developing the main components of SkinCarisma first – we’ll get around to it, we promise!

Since we know how much misleading and flat-out bad information there is online regarding skincare and cosmetics in general, we decided to curate a list of our trusted and recommended Skincare resources that we use ourselves.

The list is split into online communities and bloggers and is in no particular order – we hope that you find them as useful and as valuable as we have.

Online Communities

1) /r/SkincareAddiction (Skincare Addiction Subreddit)

The SkincareAddiction subreddit is one our favourite and most trusted skincare online communities. You can find a lot of great skincare discussion here along with daily help threads where you can ask your questions. A special shout-out to them as we’ve been members there for many years and the recent moderators have done a great job at maintaining the community.

2) /r/AsianBeauty (Asian Beauty Subreddit)

Another great subreddit that mainly revolves around Asian Beauty products and the philosophy behind them. If you’re new to Asian beauty, want to learn more this is a great place to start. The sidebar has many informative beginner posts as well which similar to SkincareAddiction, the moderators have kept it very informative place.

3) Other Subreddits

Here’s a short list of other skincare/beauty related subreddits that may interest you:

4) Makeup Alley Skincare Board

Although we don’t personally use the Makeup Alley Skincare Boards, they’ve been suggested by a lot of our community members as a great community resource. Feel free to check them out.


1) Skinacea 

A website that’s been around since before 2010! Although a little old fashioned it still remains a great resource for beginners trying to learn about the basics of skincare and more specifically dealing with Acne. The author of the website, Julie, shares a lot of her personal experience and knowledge that she has learned dealing with her acne.

Recommended Articles:

2) Justaboutskin

Run by Rita Lee, a biochemist by training and a licensed esthetician, her blog is an amazing science-based skincare resource that covers most topics. She has informative guides for learning about the basic science behind Acne, Sensitive Skin, Pigmentation, Anti-Aging (her favourite topic!) and Sun-protection. We recommend everyone reading them as they provide a strong foundational understanding of each topic.

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3) Simple Skincare Science

One of our personal favourite bloggers to date, f.c. runs simple skincare science – a blog that literally lives up to its name. Drawing from his personal experiences dealing with acne, fungal acne, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, he combines it with indepth scientific research and an entertaining writing style to educate his readers. 

Sharing his own personal experiences and knowledge gained from dealing with Acne, he also deep dives into complicated scientific topics and breaks them down into easily understood bits of information whilst being very entertaining. His probably also written the best article on the internet regarding fungal acne (pityrosporum folliculitis)

Recommended Articles:

4) Lab Muffin

Don’t be fooled by the name, Lab Muffin is a science-based beauty blog run by Michelle who has a PhD in Chemistry. Her educational background combined with her healthy scepticism results in great articles exploring a wide range of beauty, cosmetic and skincare questions and topics.

She has also recently started a youtube channel so check that out as well and subscribe. We won’t include every youtube video below, but we recommend watching every single one of them!

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5) The Beauty Brains 

The brains that run Beauty Brains is two Cosmetic Chemists, Randy and Perry. With insider knowledge, they help shed light through the misleading information out there (just like what we hope to do!) in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

They also host a podcast which covers questions from the readers and any other beauty related topics. Although they recently decide to stop doing their podcast, they still have 165 episodes which you can go back and listen to in your spare time.

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6) Kind of Stephen (Advanced)

For those who are interested in more advanced sciencitific discussions of skincare, beauty and cosmetics, Kind of Stephen is blog for exactly that. Run by Stephen Ko, a cosmetic chemist, formulator and skincare expert. He also curates a weekly email newsletter called #BeautyRecap that covers the latest in beauty and personal care news and research – we use it to keep up to date with what’s going on!

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Instagram Accounts

Chemist Confessions

One of our favourite instagram accounts that is run by two Cosmetic Chemists who take a no-nonsense approach to the beauty industry and cosmetic products. Be sure to follow them for bite-sized knowledge bombs on the regular along with cute illustrations in their posts.