Transparency is something we take seriously here at Skincarisma. If you’ve read our About Us page, you know we’re completely dedicated in empowering people to take a smarter and educated approach to their Skincare and cosmetic products.

Like many others, SkinCarisma receives compensation through affiliate relationships with the retailers listed on our site. This in NO WAY affects the outcome of the cosmetic analysis (and its algorithm) on products and will continue to remain this way as long as SkinCarisma runs. This is at the heart of SkinCarisma and we stand strongly behind keeping our information unbiased. 

We hope SkinCarisma members also stand by this as well and follow our guidelines on keeping the content created on the website completed unbiased as well.

Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer

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All affiliate income received on this website goes directly back into maintaining, growing and bettering the SkinCarisma community

This Disclosure Statement was last updated on 8th March 2018.