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Latest Reviews

KLAIRS Supple Preparation Unscented Facial Toner
I really love this product, i have a sensitive skin, so i should choose carefully the product that i used. But this toner is really good for my skin, it calm and make my skin stay hydrated. Since it is unscented, its greattttt for sensitive skin. This toner has a consistency that is thicker than water(just a little bit). It is my second bottle using this product and i never regret it. Plus it also fungal acne safe. LOVE IT.
Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On
I had really high hopes for this but it turned out pretty disappointing. I used them for 2 weeks but it only works on my eye bags but the dark circles are still there. It does hydrate my eye area but not for too long. I stay up late on a daily basis so I use this to improve the situation but my eyes weren't revitalized as advertised :(
Paula's Choice CLINICAL 1% Retinol Treatment
This product solves almost every problem for my skin: affecting gene expression and enhancing collagen production, skin smoothing, and an evening of pigmentation, speeds the turnover of superficial skin cells. I used it frequently 3-4 times a week whenever I feel to and let it do an amazing job for my skin! I mix it with moisturizing cream or use it alone with small amount. Whenever I have spot acne, I just used retinol for these spots overnight and find it calm down in the next morning then completely gone for about 2-3 days. As retinol is kinda strong so it may dry my skin but thats just a minor side effect. Do not overuse it for whole face every single day or it will irritate your skin. By the way, lets experience it yourself and find the best way to use it So far, this is my re-purchase item~~~~~
La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Dry Touch Gel - Cream Anti-Shine
I was amazed since the first moment I used it. It sank in so quick, without a whitecast and astoundingly lightweight. And best of all: it did not cling to any dry patches --not a one. It pills up a tiny bit when rubbed in (tho that might have been because I apply it twice at the same go --it's so lightweight I can actually do that with this now! yay for dependable sun protection!!!) but it sinks in so quickly and without slip that patting it on feels like a much better application method. all in all, it leaves me with pleasantly semi-mat super soft skin, not sacrificing that healthy skin glow, does not clog my over-sensitive clog-prone pores, and offering a slight brightening effect all over. this is my hg sunscreen from now on. I love it so much.
Cezanne UV Clear Face Powder 02
I have tried others powder but always come back to this one. I used number 02 for my warm skin tone This affordable powder does a great job on evening my skin stone and giving the lighttt finish after applying sunscreen, which is not too cakey !! However at the end of the day, I still experience the oiliness on my face due to my skin type and depend on how I keep my skin moisturized So far, this is my re-purchase item ~
Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter
shimmery and long lasting bronze and nude highlighter gives depth and dimension to the eyelid when blended together on the eyelid and brow bone to accentuate a sultry eye . natural tinted colours to keep a subtle makeup look thats not too over the top so you can wear a thick liquid eyeliner with it or a bright lipstick. fantastic for everyday wear. can be glammed up for a special event and can be used on the cheek for extra lift
HOLIKA HOLIKA 3 Seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid
The Holika Holika HA is a great basic hyaluronic acid. It's lightweight and absorbs to the skin quickly leaving it feeling moisturized. Just remember to layer water-based products with it as with all HA's. It has a good price point and the packaging holds a lot of product. Comparing to the The Ordinary's HA+B5 -serum I like the Holika Holika's essence-texture better as it's lighter and does not roll on top of the skin like the The Ordinary. Also, you get more for your money with this one as the bottle lasts for ages!
Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment
I really liked the Good Genes and I feel like it made my skin look and feel more smooth and even. It evened out my PIH and didn't irritate my skin too much. It also didn't dry out my skin, but always remember to moisturize and use SPF when using this product. Only minus is the crazy high price tag, but if you have the money to spend I would recommend trying it out.