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Light mattifying hydrating cream with lavender and thermal spring salt
Manufaktura Light Mattifying Hydrating Cream With Lavender And Thermal Spring Salt
I started using this product a few months ago and I have to say it's quite surprise for me. This is good product for summer. It's light and hydrating. It didn't cause me any breakouts (I have acne prone skin) and my face doesn't look so red after using this product. But for winter I need something a little bit more hydrating.
Daily essentials double effect eye make up remover
Nivea Daily Essentials Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover
As a eye make up remover, it does the job well. I found it easy to remove my waterproof eyeliner, but it needs some push to remove the mascara. This products keeps my eyes hydrated, too. I love the double formula as it is satisfying to watch and effectively does its own job.
Hl p
Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Hydrating Lotion
Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion has 5 different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, this is really amazing since the different HA molecules penetrates different layers of your skin. So, if you think off your skin as layers, the smaller the molecule is the further into the skin it succeeds to penetrate. Which means that there are more layers to carry the moisture. I will not go in deeper in this on this post, if you want more details let me know and I will make a post on it. I have read that some people get a reaction to this product, this could be because it contains so many different molecules of HA. If you have sensitive skin I really recommend to do a patch test or buy a sample first. The packaging is the same as the regular lotion but it is a little bit more fancy touch to it. The golden color that is. It is a sturdy bottle with a flip cap and it is easy to get the product out and not getting too much at the same time. You really need a small amount, around two drops are enough for the entire face. The lotion is clear and on the thicker side almost like a serum instead. This also means that it takes a little longer time to absorb to my skin. It doesn’t have any direct scent to it. it does smell a little but it is more chemical than added perfume. Same as the regular lotion. The pH is around 5 which is really amazing and something you should be looking for in your skincare, especially if you have sensitive skin (I haven’t tested myself but there are a lot of other people that has, so I really trust their testing). I really do love this product. It makes my skin really nice and I can’t see myself not using this type of product in my routine. The bottle will last you a really long time and you only need about 2 drops for your entire face and that bottle is 170 ml. I really can’t say that I like this one better then the other lotion, my skin really didn’t act any differently when using this one compared to the normal lotion. But if you have sensitive skin I would start with the regular lotion first.
Acne pimple master patchs
CosRX Acne Pimple Master Patch
My thoughts on COSRX acne pimple master patch I have super dry skin and I usually don’t have any problems with pimples at all. But once and a while I do get the little suckers and then this product is simply amazing. I will not put out pictures of my pimples here, so don’t be scared, you can continue reading without being disgusted. This really works. I was amazed that it worked as well as it did actually, because I really didn’t think it would work as well as it did. The patches have no scent to them which is really great if you are like me (that is someone who really don’t like too much scent in my skincare). If I put it on a pimple in the evening then it reduced a lot in the morning. Sometimes I need to use them for two nights. But if you use then during the daytime as well you probably won’t have to. Usually it is fine after one night, and I can hide with makeup in the morning. The product comes in a simple but nice packaging. The patches come in a sheet with 24 patches in a zip lock back. And I really don’t see how you could package these types of products any differently. They are easy to remove and they last a long time since you get an airtight bag to keep them in. Be sure to use this one when the pimple is already showing (that is the yellow little sucker is showing). If you want a treatment before that happens you need to use a different type of acne treatment. These patches are for fully visible pimples.
Glowrecipe huxley cleansinggel 1024x1024
Huxley Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Gel
My thoughts on Huxley secret of Sahara cleansing gel be clean be moist I received this in one of my Bomibags and I was really looking forward in trying it. This is a really nice cleanser. It is mild to the skin and it made me really interested in the product. I like it. it has the same scent as the toner though. Since I only received a sample sized product (30 ml) I will only do a first impression on it. This is a low pH cleanser, around 5-6 (I haven’t confirmed the pH myself yet, but according to other reviews this claim seem to be solid). I was surprised when I did an ingredient analysis and realized that it contained alcohol. I really don’t like alcohol in my skincare products since alcohol usually makes my skin drier than it already is. The packaging of the sample really sucks. It is a hard bottle, and it is really hard to get the product out of the bottle (a good tip is to remove the inner lid but be careful not to get too much product out. The clear gel is so thick that you would need something softer to be able squeeze the product out easily. The full-size product has a different type of packaging. It comes in a bottle with a pump instead so the problem with the packaging doesn’t apply on the full-sized product. When using this I don’t experience a squeaky-clean feeling as I do with a lot of other cleansers. But I do feel that my skin gets clean. It lathers up really nice and feels really nice on my skin. The smell is not as strong as other product in the series which I am happy about. I do feel that the scent is rather strong and I would have wished it wasn’t there at all. It claims to be moisturizing, but I really don’t think it is. It isn’t really drying either. I would put it somewhere in between. But bare in mind I have only tried a sample (30 ml) of this so far. I would love to try the full-sized product but the alcohol in it put this further down my list of products to buy.
Kwailnara banana hand milk
Welcos Kwailnara Banana Hand Milk
My thoughts on Welcos Kwailnara banana hand milk My experience with Korean hand cream has not been, hmm how to say it, satisfying. I have really dry skin, and my hands are no exception. I really need a hand cream that is moisturizing without leaving my hands a sticky mess. This hand cream is just that. It makes my hands feel really nice but without leaving them feeling sticky. I really hate hand creams that does just that. it completely destroys the usage of a hand cream. Is there anyone who love walking around leaving sticky prints wherever they go. Well not me. So, I was really happy when I tried this one and realized it actually worked as I wanted it to. The packaging is nice, it is yellow… Wow did not expect that. It has a screw cap and is simply just as expected. The hand cream penetrates really fast and the only thing I can complain about is the smell. To me the scent is really overwhelming and this really lowers the grade for the product. The smell lingers for some time, but it gets weaker and weaker at least. But it is a really nice hand cream so if you want to smell like a banana (but in a chemical way) this is the one for you.
Body shower mandarin
C/O Gerd Body Shower Mandarin
My thoughts on c/oGerd Body Shower Mandarin I received a sample of c/oGerd Body Shower Mandarin when I was ordering a shampoo from Maria Åkerberg from Fina mig.se and I was really surprised. I had never heard of the brand before (even though I am Swedish) but I have been so snowed in on Korean beauty products for a long time. The smell of this one is amazing. It smells like citrus, mandarin. I usually prefer most of my products to be unscented but for a shower gel it doesn’t bother me. When I used this for the first time I was really amazed that it didn’t make my skin dry. My skin really felt moisturized after using it and I really didn’t need to apply a body lotion. Bare in mind that I have super dry skin and usually need a lot of moisturizer on my skin. This doesn’t lather as a common body wash will do and it is easy to use too much of it just because you are expecting it to lather as a regular body wash would do. It is also quite fluid compared to others so be careful when turning the tube upside down. The packaging is really nice, it is simple and clean and I really do like it. This is definitely a product I would buy in full size.
NATURE REPUBLIC Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel
The consistency is very viscous and gel-like. and it is very fragrant. i like that it feels calming but there is two ingredients that needs to be noted in this product : 1. alcohol 2. fragrance i am the type that doesn't like fragrance in my skincare because it might irritate my skin and it smells unnatural. the presence of alcohol is quite suspicious too. after applying, i do feel hydrated and soothed however it dries out very quickly. the humectants in the product did a good job but the alcohol sabotages the function of the humectant. i am puzzled why do they put fragrance in an already perfect formulation. i don't mind odorless or stinky skincare as long as it is good for my skin.

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