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The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane
Squalane is the only oil that works for my face. Others leave my skin dry after using it a couple of days, even though I have normal to oily skin. You only need a small amount, so it is very long lasting. I like to use it as the last step of my skincare routine to seal everything in.
Beyond Phyto Aqua Toner
Some background on my skin before I review my experience with the product: I have combination skin- oily in the T-zone, dry everywhere else, and sensitive skin around my mouth and chin. The Beyond Phyto Aqua Toner is a product I stumbled on to while looking a Korean skincare products. The toner's formulation and ingredients are touted to maintain or increase the moisture of your skin. The formulation is also meant to mimic the skin's natural moisturizing factors to help boost hydration. It contains **hyaluronic acid**, which is an ingredient that aids with keeping the skin plump, hydrated, and aids with collagen synthesis. As a person that just seems to have naturally dry skin (minus the T-zone), this sounds like something that would benefit me. I bought this and incorporated it into my routine (day and night) for more than a month. During that time, I noticed that it was very suitable for my skin type. My T-zone wasn't super oily/shiny at the end of the day, my skin wasn't like a desert, and it didn't cause any issue with my sensitive chin area. I've also noticed that my skin definitely feels a bit more moisturized and smooth after putting on the toner and letting it absorb. It didn't make my face feel tight, flaky or bumpy. In comparison to the [Thayer's Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner](, this definitely left my skin feeling more moisturized and more smooth/even. Even during the times my skin dried out because of products with denatured alcohol, this toner has helped to slightly reduce the dehydration in those areas. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to a friend.
The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%
My skin is super sensitive. Whenever i treat spot acne and blemishes with this guy, it always turn out flamed red. Yes, it dries out my acne just overnight but it is so harsh on my skin. Take days to calm my redness after using it. So sad to not be able to love this one.
CosRX One Step Original Clear Pads
This is one of the first korean skincare products I ever owned and I quite liked it. My skin felt very hydrated and I definitely noticed less breakouts while using it. This toner has a nice citrusy smell to it just like all other cosrx products and my skin absorbed it beautifully plus no alcohol! The pads have a good amount of product though I agree some leftover product at the bottom would be good (there was none). In my opinion it's a bit on the expensive side but if I find it on sale I'll definitely repurchase.
The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang: Soo SooYeon Balancer
Some background on my skin before I review my experience with the product: I have combination skin: oily in the T-zone, dry everywhere else, and sensitive skin around my mouth and chin (only discovered this recently). I received a travel size set (balancer, emulsion, and gel cream) at a local retailer during one of their promotions. I was really excited to try The History of Whoo and this skincare line. The packaging is cute, the product contains a light fragrance, and the product is absorbed quickly. Unfortunately, this product contains denatured alcohol (aka alcohol denat.), which I did not know at the time that would cause severe dehydration and flakiness on the sensitive part of my face. I tried the travel set of products one morning and all seemed well until the afternoon. I was experiencing some itchiness and irritation around my mouth and chin, but didn't think anything of it. Fast forward another hour or so and the irritation has become worse. I got home from work and that area was inflamed and was noticable reddish-pink color. I immediately wash off my face, pat dry and put on some aloe to reduce the reaction. For the following 1.5-2 weeks, the skin around my mouth and chin is super dry and flaky. My lips were also chapped as a result of the denatured alcohol disrupting my moisture barrier. On the non-sensitive parts of my face, the balancer absorbed well and did not dry me out. It made my skin feel soft and lightly moisturized. I wasn't oily in my T-zone or dry on my cheeks. It was a great base to begin applying essences, serums, emulsions and creams. After using the rest of the travel size on my cheeks and forehead, I would say that this is a decent product. However, for those with sensitive skin or a history of adverse reactions to alcohol denat., steer clear of this product/skincare line as most (if not all) of the Soo SooYeon (aka Super Hydrating line), contains denatured alcohol.
Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Foaming Wash
Great gentle and hydrating wash. Love the foam, it's pretty compact, and I only need one pump for the entire face. It's not scented, and doesn't cause me any problems. I love it, this is by far my favourite wash. It leaves the skin smooth and clean, but not dry.
Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner
This was one of my first toners when I started my skincare journey. I have combination skin (the evil trinity of oily, dry and sensitive), so I wanted something that would work for my skin without triggering my skin or breaking my bank. This toner does it all! It's super affordable and helped me manage my skin. The light fragrance is a nice touch and it is alcohol free to boot. I would definitely recommend this for newbies or anyone sensitive to alcohol products.
Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence
Been using this for 11 month, I can see such improvement on my face. Before this, my face look pale and dull. but after several use, it's make my face more brighten and have a glow effect. I really happy with the result. It's so hydrating and moisturize my skin. sometimes I just skip using moisturizer and using this instead. my pores look small than before (slightly improve) and the essence absorb very well. there is no fragrance which suitable for sensitive skin.

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