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Sun protection spf 30 pa
Emina Sun Protection SPF 30 PA+++
Sooo Far, im ilove withis sunscreen. Damnnn, this is the second time i use sunscreen, the first one is wardah gel sunscreen but its not good with me, i mean wardah leave whitecast on my face. But this product nah! Say goodbye to uneven tone skin and whitecast because i really love this product, repurchase? Sure!
Luminous pure aura cc cream spf30 pa
TONYMOLY Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF30 PA++
The pros are it's hydrating, looks natural, is a great mixer for other foundations. The cons are it doesn't have much coverage on its own and it could be too heavy for particularly oily skin types. On its own this is a little sheer for me so I actually mix it with other tinted creams. Mixed with another shade it actually covers quite nicely and gives your skin a really natural healthy glow. On its own it gives a natural pearly finish with very light coverage. The formula feels nice and hydrating. It stands up to the airconditioning at work. I feel that I might not be able to use this one in our humid summers but it's perfect for winter. It doesn't seem to break me out but you definitely need to use a good make up remover at the end of the day. Even though it doesn't really cover much on its own mixed with another shade it looks much more natural and dewy than a regular foundation or cc cream. It works best when set with a powder as it is quite moist and it tones down the shine. This product would be good for people with dry skin who want a natural look. Though you might need to exfoliate dry flakes for a better finish.
Peri s ink velvet general
Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet (General)
It goes on like a creamy mousse and over time it wears off to reveal a bright even stain underneath. The cream itself is somewhat moisturizing and soft. It can be a little thick if you aren't careful when you apply it. You may have to blot it, particularly in between your lips. The initial matte colour can last up to 4 hours and the stain can last from 6 - 15 hours depending on the particular colour you choose. The darker the colour the darker and longer lasting the stain. It is very long lasting, it isn't drying and the stain can be topped up with a tinted lip balm. It's great for anyone who wants lasting colour. Even through eating and drinking the stain usually remains vibrant.
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Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion Hydrating Normal to Dry Skin
This product contains Glycerin which both draws water molecules to itself and creates a barrier to seal moisture in. It's a really clever ingredient to add to a product that is used when you are literally drenched in water already. I find I personally am a lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body. Most body lotions take a while for me to really get it across my entire body. So it's great the way this just spreads so easily. I first used this product when I had really dry skin as a result of taking showers that were too hot in winter. I was surprised with how quickly it rehydrated my skin so I looked up the ingredients to figure it out.
Peppermint fresh scalp shampoo
SKINFOOD Peppermint Fresh Scalp Shampoo
Upon first use of this product, I noticed it had a sort of gel like consistency, and a nice smell. There's some minty-ness mixed in with... some other mild fragrance in there, but it's not overpowering. It's definitely pleasant. There is a gentle cooling sensation, and I have to admit that it was soothing and refreshing. (*´∀`*) I used this product for a week before I couldn't take it anymore. It made my dandruff so much worse. I was scratching like a dog, and my friends had to brush white flakes off my blazer when I was at school. Super embarassing. (;゙°´ω°´) To be fair, my scalp is very picky and I can count the number of brands it tolerates on one hand. So... I would say I'm disappointed but not surprised.
 skin food aloe watery sun water gel spf50 pa 50ml
SKINFOOD Aloe Watery Sun Water Gel SPF50+ PA+++
You get 50 ml of product, which I think is pretty 'standard size', so nothing much to say on that front. It's good to throw into your bag and carry around for reapplication throughout the day. Here it is with a little plushie I have and some pillows in the background so you can get a bit of a better idea about the size, haha. ![](https://i.imgur.com/uER75V8.jpg) True to its name, this sunscreen has a watery gel consistency, which might make it a better sunscreen choice for people with oily skin compared to the COSRX aloe sunscreen which has a thicker consistency. It's not drying, but I wouldn't say it is moisturizing. ![](https://i.imgur.com/iqyovlz.jpg) Also no whitecast to speak of right out of the tube! Picture below was taken right after I spread the product evenly onto the skin. It does get a little more matte after some time, but I'd say the finish is semi-matte. ![](https://imgur.com/qswxfpC.jpg) The only thing I dislike about this sunscreen is that it is irritating to the eyes. I personally experienced very painful eye stinging which lasted for about an hour, and I experienced it an hour after sunscreen application. But to be fair, the sunscreen also advises that you avoid the eye area (see pictures further below). Personally I still deducted a star for this because no sunscreen has ever irritated my eyes so badly, warning or not. It's just nonsensical in my opinion. Other than that, this is a solid sunscreen choice for anyone of any skin type. ![](https://i.imgur.com/MIIKEpj.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/F7TGXu1.jpg)
Ink fitting eye primer
Peripera Ink Fitting Eye Primer
My eyelids are a little oily and hooded. So most of the time my eyeshadow rolls into a crease. I had started just to wear nude shades to make it less noticeable. I had tried eye primers before, but those I tried were too creamy and didn't help much. I decided to pick up this to try while mass buying Korean beauty products. I was skeptical that anything would work after all this time. Long story short this is the only product I have ever used that has prevented my eyeshadow from rolling around for an entire day. It stays put until I wash it off at the end of the day.
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LUSH Grease Lightning
I like to use this as a spot treatment directly on my acne or use it all over my skin if I'm currently breaking out, apply thicker layer on cystic acne. Also great to apply on any redness. Shows visible improvement the next day, great as an overnight miracle.

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