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EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46
I've been using this for over a year now. I wished I knew about this much earlier because this is the only sunscreen that has not broke me out. I usually apply it on top of a serum but sometimes, when I am in a hurry, it is the only product that I have on and it is good enough to keep my face hydrated and moisturized. I really recommend this sunscreen for those who have acne prone, sensitive, oily face and are looking for perfect sunscreen / moisturizer product.
NIOD Sanskrit Saponins
I use it every other day, after cleansing, and keep in on the skin for 3-4 minutes. It cleans my skin and prevents acne in a very gentle way, without irritating or causing flares. It is mild, doesn't sting. Not suitable as a cleanser though, doesn't remove makeup or sunscreen. It's really a mask, not a cleanser, comparable to mud mask but much gentler.
Sunplay Ultra Shield UV Body Mist SPF130 PA++++
Overall it was upgrade version of sunplay watery sunscreen lotion. Basically, it was light to my skin, and barely feel that i had spray the sunblock. The reason i choose this is due to high SPF/PA 130++, as due to my country is always hot weather and shinny day. The only cons i feel was it will dry after few hours use, may need do proper moisturize first before apply it.
Aquation Moisturizing Cream Powered By Hydro Balance
This is an essential cream in my routine and does not cause me to break out. My skin is so smooth when I use this cream. Oleic Acid (fragrance) is the only ingredient the analyzer showed to be unsafe for fungal acne. I do not see it at drugstores or Wal Mart anymore but it is available on Amazon and Ebay. There is a lotion and cleanser I have not tried yet. I took this out of my routine because the one unsafe f.a. ingredient but tried it the other day on a cluster of breakouts on my back and a spot on my upper arm- already the breakouts are finally going away after 7 weeks. I hope to find another product with similar ingredients because I think it has been discontinued.
greenland Lip Balm Papaya
All lip balms that I've tried (some labello, some burt's bees, many that I've already forgotten) dried my lips out with consistent use, i.e. I had to use the balm more & more often with less & less effect until my lips were so unhappy & dried out that I had to give up altogether. It's completely different with greenland: I can use it as often as I want, and with each use my lips become less dried out and sensitive, so that with time I was able to use any other product on my lips, for as long as I also used greenland lip balms. I mean this literally - since I started using various other products after using greenland alone for more than a year, and my lips were consistently happy, I thought I'd try some of those products alone to see what would happen. One day of burt's bees alone and I already had to switch back to greenland, since my lips were becoming dried out. Greenland during the day plus burt's bees in the morning/evening I can use for as long as I want without any ill effects. I've had multiple flavours (strawberry, papaya, passion fruit, mango, maybe others) - they all smell nice, but most of all, their effects are AMAZING <3
Ziaja Manuka Tree Face Toner
For a long time I was looking for cheap, low pH toner in spray. So this is it for me. I use it after cleansing my face, both - morning, evening. The application is fast - I usually spray with this all over my face and then I gently spread it with hands. It's nothing miraculous, but I wasn't even expecting any huge improvements with this - I just wanted something what will work with COSRX's exfoliants. I will buy ti again.
Ziaja Goat's Milk Eye Cream
I don't really have a problem with the skin around my eyes, so for me this cream was enough. But I think that for somebody who has dry skin it wouldn't be moisturizing the skin enough. The cream is really light, it soaks quickly into the skin and it's cheap.
Ziaja Goat's Milk Moisturising Day Cream
This cream is really cheap, nice to put on, but I didn't notice any special results when using it. It moisturizes the skin quite well, but that's not really my concern. I have problem with acne, so I couldn't put it on T-zone area, because I think it makes my acne worse, slightly. So, I won't buy it again. There are more interesting (even though more expensive) creams to try out.

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