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Latest Reviews

Geek & Gorgeous 101 C-Glow 15% Vitamin C Serum
This is a great affordable vitamin C serum, but special commendations to the Geek&Gorgeous team for making them fresh each week per order. One thirty ml bottle lasts ~3 months if refrigerated, or about a month at room temperature. I love the texture which is easily spreadable but also fast absorbing, and doesn't really sting unless you're new to vitamin C.
Clinelle Purifying Cleanser
it moisturized enough and didn't make my face dehydrated even though there is salicylic acid and tea tree in it. But after 2 weeks of using it, my pimples aren't subsided, on the contrary I get more pimple on U-zone. I was just hoping it would work for my face, but my skin didn't agree with my wish :(
Bioderma Photoderm Laser SPF 50+
I thought I had found a great product as I finally found a sunscreen without ANY comedogene ingredients - turns out blackheads disappeared within a day and so did all other irritations caused by comedogene ingredients in other products (YEAH!) - BUT starting within the next or another day my skin started peeling so badly I had to stop using it. I tried to change all my other products to make this sunscreen work for me. It just didn't. I really really wanted to make it work and like it. But it didn't work. I still wonder what made me peel so bad. The wired thing was that only my nose and chin started to peel. The other parts of my face are much drier but it didn't cause me any trouble at any other area. (Though it did burn and made my eyes tear if it was applied to close to the eyes, but I found it to be avoidable and used other sunscreen around the eyes.) I would really love to know what caused the peeling so I could avoid that ingredient or interaction between products in future. (For the record: I did not use any AHA / BHA or other exfoliant during that time..) I give it four stars as apart from the peeling I found it great. Maybe my skin was a tiny bit more dry by nighttime compared to my other best sunscreen (the one with more comedogen ingredients that is very moisturizing = Eucerin sun photoaging control 50, non-tinted version) but nothing compared to other sunscreens (note: I cannot use mineral ones at all as they dry me out very badly and make my skin flaky).
Hair Food Nourishing Conditioner, Coconut & Chai Spice
Love the scent and how it feels on my hands and hair! Rinses clean leaving my hair feeling smooth. While it's moisturizing, it does not irritate my scalp or leave my thinning, fine hair weighed down. It's color safe too! I use it in combo with its associated shampoo, another great product. While my shower is fulled with the luscious scent of coconut with undertones of chai spices, the scent fades as my hair dries. Overall, this is a great conditioner that I highly recommend.
Hair Food Nourishing Shampoo, Coconut & Chai Spice
Love the scent and all the lather! Rinses clean. Does not irritate my scalp nor dry out my thinning, fine hair or leave it weighed down. It's color safe too! I use it in combo with its associated conditioner, another great product. I will have to alternate this with another shampoo as it contains salicylic acid which for me personally is not good. Overall, this is a great shampoo that I highly recommend.
Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam
Last year, this product was hyped by the beauty community in my because of its claims to smoothen dry skin . Most of the user give a great review so I decided to join the party. After I washed my face with this product, my skin feel so smooth. I like playing with the bubbles. Unfortunately, after a month of use, red spots appeared on my face (specifically on my cheeks) and it became acnes and the scars were too complicated to fade. Now I'm struggling with acnes and I have to try numerous product to cure it.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II
I say Old School because I used this in my 20's for long nights out & 30's to prevent and visibly noticed aging beginning. Now I'm 42 & wish I had stayed w/ this product. My mother's KOREAN & she will only use Sulwhasoo and Estee Lauder. Her skin is better than mine. I just discovered I have **MALASSEZIA ** and this is a SAFE product to use. On drier days, I'll use this during the day and it will keep my skin plumped and refreshed even in the south FL weather. I highly recommend trying one of their samples especially if you have fungal acne... we are limited on all the "fun" products.

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