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KLAIRS Supple Preparation Unscented Facial Toner
wanna invest in a good toner and if you are eyeing on it and surely go for it without any doubt. works for all skin type . for winter it is a amazing toner and makes my skin very hydrated and plump. it woks very well. use it after cleansing your fake.,one should use it for 4 5 month to see notable result. it is also safe for fungal acne. it is free of any oil. it is just amazing.surely u can invest on it
BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel
Pertama kali pake produk ini berasa agak panas dan ga nyaman, tapi aku coba biasain dan akhirnya kulitku mulai terbiasa dan mulai ada peningkatan, lebih ke menghidrasi, menenangkan, dan memudarkan bekas jerawat. Untuk jerawat sendiri dia gaada efek mencegah jerawat jadi masih perlu mnggunakan produk lain yang anti jerawat. Pernah coba berhenti pakai produk ini, dan coba produk-produk pelembab yang lain, sayang sekali produk-produk tsb tidak cocok dikulitku, akhirnya kembali lagi ke produk ini. aku sudah menghabiskan sekitar kurang lebih 8 tube dalam 3 tahun terakhir, karena aku belum menemukan produk lain yang cocok untuk kulitku. untuk orang yang kulitnya combinasi aku saranin coba pakai produk ini, kali aja cocok.
Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer
I am generally a fan on Vichy products but I have to admit that this one was a total dissapointment. The serum has a thick consistency and it is pretty sticky. I applied it several times either before or after the moisturizer and it made it a little difficult to apply my liquid foundation. I also tried to use it with the powder foundation and it was a total disaster - the product it too thick and it takes a very long time to dry on your skin In addition, after using this product for several days, my skin began to itch. I checked the list of ingredients - apparently I am not allergic to any of them, however, something in this serum does not agree with my skin. I suspect it might be hyaluronic acid as my skin tends to react to some forms of HA. I am surprised that this product has such high ratings as it did not work for me. I ended up using the rest of the product on my body. The serum costs around $30 - for that price I did not expect miracles but at least I hoped that it would not irritate my sensitive skin.
Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++
That was my first sunscreen what i like to use. It's not sticky and not that shiny. It has some shine but more likely "gloss skin" shine effect, doesn't leave white cast (bc it's chemical sunscreen) and hydrate my skin. And finally it doesn't have a sticky feeling. It has a great inci list, that why i chose this one and I'm really happy with it.
CeraVe Foaming Cleansing Gel
With the help of this site, I compiled a basic care for myself and was going to buy this product, but before that, I decided to analyze the ingredients of the CeraVe gel, which is listed in the original CeraVe site and found out that the composition is much worse, contains parabens and promotes fungal acne!! Please check the ingredients yourself before purchasing.
AcneCare Soap
I used this product before since it was prescribed to me by my dermatologist. At first use, I felt some tightening in the skin. It is also drying (I thought that was good, until eventually I learned that over drying will only cause more oil production). After months of using this, I still get new pimples everywhere, I still get breakouts sometimes but at least it helps me with the pigmentation. It made my skin whiter and eliminates some reddening on my skin. For combating the acne, I don't think it works for me, but its whitening effect truly helped me fight my acne hyper pigmentations.
CeraVe Foaming Cleansing Gel
love's clearer skin without removing skin natural oil . i have allergy prone skin & it's suited me well. i have tried so many product for cleaning skin, but these cleanser have made my skin so irritated after using 6 months. but for the first time after using 1 year this cleanser suited me well. A doctor suggested to any person with acne prone & sensitive skin to use a mild cleanser. So that i have decided to use it & after 1 years by using day & night, i have reviewed it.
Mamin lab Oily Skin Moisture Cream
المنتج مصري وسعره معقول بالنسبة لمكوناته وكمان خالي من السيليكون وبيرطب حلو اوي وليه تأثير علي المسام الواسعه وحلو للبشرة الدهنية المعرضة للحبوب هو استخدامه بيبقي مرتين في اليوم مرة صبح ومرة ليل بعد استخدام الغسول والتونر وانصح بأستخدامه جدآ لانه فرق معايا بعدبشكل

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