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Latest Reviews

Garnier Light Complete White Speed Yoghurt Sleeping Mask
I have used this sleeping mask twice.. I bought a small jar of this product & it definitely brighten my face instantly & my skin feels hydrated on the next day. Years & years, i tried this product again, big jar this time & it doesn't do much now. Still, it brighten my face.. however, my skin does not feel moisturized anymore. I love sleeping mask & I've tried a lot of sleeping masks..but this time, Garnier Night is no longer on list.. maybe, due to climate change & changes in my skin as well cause this. It doesn't suit me anymore.
Bio-Essence Bio-Water Hydrating Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++
It is a great sunscreen but not the best.. Fast absorption and easy to apply. Definitely feels moisturizing.. Definitely does what is says. The texture is white milky.. Love how it feels on my skin. It gives a dewy look. My skin feels cool after applying.
Wardah Perfect Bright Tone Up Micellar Water
Only been using for a week. Already seen a massive change to my skin texture and condition. i think it is not as stripping and quite effective in cleaning up my skin before my face wash. I rarely wear makeup, just spf and on occasional mineral powder to help with the oil-shine. Previous micellar waters had me in quite a sting on my skin and crack-skin feeling. Now, I'm very happy with this cleanser.
Wardah Lightening Day Cream
Ini adalah pelembap pertama sya, Permulaan standard lah mmng akan buat mistake sbb xde ilmu. Main beli je hahhaha. Saya sarankan produk ni untk kulit normal dan kering sbb jenis cream. Kita kulit berminyak pkai ni mmng muka nmpk greasy laa dan x selesa. Dah bertambah jerawat yang naik. Itulah pengalaman skincare journey. Saya x salahkan produk sbb produk ni pon khas untuk kulit kering dan normal.
Mackinz Beauty Ultimate Advanced Serum
Bgi saya serum ni bgus jugak sbb ada bahan mcm niacinamide yg membantu kurangkan dark spot. Tpi x boleh komen bnyk sbb dlu baru pkai 1 botol. Harga pon murah sbb tu masih ada fragrance. Which means, masih ada kekurangan kt situ. Siapa nk try digalakkan kpd kulit yg x sensitif. Satu lgi serum ni testure dia gel dan cpt meresap. Itu saja daripada saya terima kasih.
Wardah Lightening Face Toner
First tngok niacinamide mmng terus excited nk pkai. Setelah pkai, muka terasa pedih dan merah-merah skit. Tpi kurang dari segi tompok hitam. Then, untk kulit acne dan sensitif mmng x sesuai sbb ada fragrance. Mungkin sbb tu kulit sya masih naik jerawat. Elakkan lah. Last kali nk hbiskan produk sya pkai dkt tangan dngn leher ja hahhahah. Harap membantu.
Safi Dermasafe Gentle Care Mousse Cleanser
Pada pandangan saya, cleanser ni sesuai untuk kulit sensitif. Setelah cuci, muka tidak terlalu kering dan ia akan melembapkan kulit juga. Cuma susah sngt nk dpt produk ni, kadang-kadang dkt drugstore pon hbis stok. Yg best skali ada bahan lactic acid sebagai exfoliator. Then, buih dia jenis gentle dan tak sngt lembut. 1 botol pon tahan lama.
Be Plain Greenful PH-Balanced Cleansing Foam
This cleanser is PERFECT for those who have (very) sensitive, acne-prone, dry or combination skin. I have tried many different cleansers but they kept drying out my skin so much even tho they are advertised as "moisturizing" A LOT! - Texture: To be brutally honest, I didnt really like it at 1st bc its not so "soft". It contains tiny grains that helps purify your skin. - Color: varies between green and brown, depending on the season and environment where the mung beans are harvested - Smell: No fragrance! Natural smell of green tea and mung beans (more of mung beans) - Feeling/ effects: + it does not dry out my skin AT ALL, feel very refreshed and moisturized even after several minutes + It guarantees to remove fine-dusts so its another huge bonus