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Latest Reviews

Banila Co. Clean It Zero Classic
I absolutely love this cleanser and keep coming back to it. I have not found a balm or oil based cleanser that matches up. It's in a solid form but melts into your skin as you massage it. It easily washes away with water in a milky drip - my fav cleanser!
Sunplay Clear Water SPF50+ PA++++
this sunscreen has a ton of good ingredients and it lacks anything very irritating. it also feels good to apply on my skin. my only issue is that sometimes the product leaves a white cast residue in my fine lines. if i could change one thing about this product its that i would make it a light green tone instead of the baby blue tone it is. it would make it better at eliminating any skin redness instead of enhancing my already blue/pink toned skin.
Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin
I struggled with acne since I was 13 (now 28). Two years ago started my retinoid journey (Differin) which has saved my life, but at the beggining started out drying my face like crazy. Youtube research made me discover this product and it has been a pleasure using it. Really smooth texture leaving face a little plump. Good price (compared to other drugstore products).
Medik8 Super C30+ Intense
Great vitamin c product. I have been a fan of the brand for some time. I started using Medik8 C Tetra and moved on to the product after around 6 bottles. It took a while to start seeing the benefits and if you are new to the product I would recommend using it on alternate days at first to avoid irritation. Once skin gets used to it, your patience will be rewarded and you will see a great improvement on your skin, its perfect!
La Roche-Posay Effaclar Serum
Excelente serum para piel grasa, propensa a acné y con textura. Ayuda a controlar todo eso, debido a sus activos ácidos. Me ha dejado la piel luminosa (saludable) y linda. Recomiendo iniciar a usarlo 1 día sí y 1 no para valorar tolerancia a la formula. Recomendadisimo.
Garnier Nutritioniste SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, Waterproof
Works great for me, I just have to double cleanse to avoid too much oil when using products like this one. It works amazingly for removing makeup and sunscreen, and usually can remove the toughest of waterproof products. You do have to be careful when removing eye makeup, as it can irritate eyes. With my combination skin, it works well in dry and oily areas of my skin. I have seen an improvement in my acne since I began using this product, mostly because it removes any makeup or other pore-clogging substances before I use my second cleanser and treatments, meaning not only are my pores less clogged, but my other products can also better penetrate my skin.
IsNtree Green Tea Fresh Toner
It does a little bit of moisturizing function but it's too light for my skin. I bought it because it contains a high percent of green tea but it did almost nothing for me. It's supposed to control the sebum and helps a little with my large pores. . I think if I were to use a toner it would at least moisture my skin or exfoliate my skin so I won't repurchase this one
I'M FROM Mugwort Essence
mugwort and centella assiatica are both soothing and healing ingredients but I feel like centella suits my skin More. THis one is moisturizing and a little soothing for my skin. It helps my skin less irritated by the potent active ingredients i use. The only difference that makes it inferior to centella is that it doesn't replenish my acne scars. The bottle is way too big when it does almost nothing to my skin and also make the product inside goes off or accumulates bacteria which leaves blind pimples on my skin.

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