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Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub
Super affordable (which is great since i do not spend much money on a product which will stay on my face for only a couple of minutes). It did help to clear my blackheads but initially broke me out a little (probably due to the BHAs in it). I like the very gentle scrub action.
A'pieu Madecassoside Cream
I bought this product because I really like the Fluid and the Cushion from the same line, and I thought it would be the same as the Fluid but a little bit richer and emollient, perfect to replace the fluid version during fall/winter. Ingredients in both products are very similar but not the same, and the texture is definitely different. This cream is very **occlusive**, I can feel the silicones in this product, and when applied to my face it doesn't completely absorb, it forms a layer on top that lasts for hours and is kind of sticky. This can be good as a night treatment, but does not perform well under make up or other products, such as sunscreen. I ended up using it as a sleeping mask. Also, the **fragrance** is much stronger than in other products of the same line, with an herbal-citrus smell, probably derived from the essential oils (Mandarin Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon). This product contains **Lactic acid**. I don't understand the purpose of and AHA in a product that claims to "soothe irritated skin and help repair skin damage", but I'm not an expert in formulation, maybe it is necessary. Nevertheless, I would rather have my acids and exfoliating agents separate from my soothing and calming products. As far as **results**, I didn't notice it did much about the redness but it does help blemishes to heal faster.
Garnier Essential Sensitive 2 in 1 Makeup Remover
Although this product is suitable for face and eyes according to its label, I only use it to remove the eye and lip make up with a cotton pad. It also does a good job with the face make up but I prefer to double cleanse instead on using a two-phase product for that purpose, in my opinion it requires less rubbing on the skin to make sure everything is removed. It is a really good make up remover, dissolves even waterproof mascara without much effort. I do agree with the sensitive and soothing claims, it doesn't irritate my eyes or the delicate skin around them at all. I don't feel that it leaves a heavy greasy layer, but if you use it for the whole face I would recommend to wash it off. Since this product contains an oil phase it is inevitable that it leaves a thin residue layer. Very impressed with the price/quality ratio. This product is called "Simply Essentials Soothing 2-in-1 Make-Up Remover" in the UK version.
Daylong Face Gelfluid SPF 30
This sunscreen has a light, relatively non-greasy (oil free) texture, similar to asian sunscreens. It doesn't contain fragrance, but a fuck-ton of alcohol, which can significantly dry out your skin with daily wear. It dries down quickly and feels like a very light moisturizer, but leaves a weird shine on my skin (YMMV). This can be easily fixed with some transparent powder though - I'm using MAC prep + prime transparent finishing powder. I would recommend this for people with very oily skin, or people prone to Acne aestivalis ("Mallorca acne"/"summer acne").
CosRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser
i tried this for a few months along with an oil cleanser and moisturizer. Ended up with acne increasing every month. thought it was my moisturizer so i eliminated that. then the oil cleanser, then i was still getting acne. so i got rid of this product. i got less acne now
Sebamed Lotion
I consider this to be an average body lotion, which is not very rich and not hydrating enough for dry skin. If you're looking for a lotion to use from time to time because you generally don't need one, but went to the spa or something, this is probably a good choice. The light texture makes it easy to apply and the bottle lasts quite some time. It contains alcohol, which doesn't make it any more moisturizing, either. That said, it's a normal average body lotion, which is safe for fungal acne (that's why I bought it in the first place), readily available in Germany and also not too expensive, I think I paid 3€ and a few cents for it, and that's a lot better than having to use my 12€-a-pot Cerave in a tub for my body.
HOLIKA HOLIKA Aloe 99% Soothing Gel
It keeps my skin very hydrated. I usually put it on after cleansing and putting on toner. When I wake up in the morning, my face feels very soft and pump. Pro:very cheap has the aloe consistency it is also mainly aloe extract (the first one on the list) Con: the packaging- it is hard to control the amount you squeeze out.
Laneige Balancing Emulsion Combination/Oily
I used to use the Laneige Balancing Emulsion in LIGHT and that worked great for my acne prone skin with the water bank essence. Recently they stopped that line, reformulated the formula and came out this Balancing Emulsion for "Combination/Oily" Skin. With the previous formula, my combination, acne-prone, sensitive skin was healthy, hydrated, and clear with no break outs. Right when i switched to this moisturizer, but keeping all the same products for the other parts of my routine, my skin broke out horrendously. And it wasn't a normal bacterial acne break out, i broke out with stubborn fungal acne. There were bumps under the skin all over my face. I dont usually break out on my cheeks and chin but it was just FULL of under the skin bumps. Touching my face was painful even though the bumps were underneath the surface. I stopped using it for a week now and the bumps have cleared up and my face isnt as painful to touch. The only thing i like about this product was it didnt make my skin too oily, i woke up feeling my skin was well hydrated and it really brightened the skin (it does contain niacinamide which brightens your complexion), making it look glowly. But if you are prone or had fungal acne before, i wouldnt try this moisturizer.

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