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Japanese Sunscreen that are Alcohol-Free

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Latest Reviews

OXY Acne Control Toner
the first time using is veryy good on my face,, tapi kelamaan di muka aku malah muncull komedo di hidung,, a little dry on my face,, but for acne it has quite an impact on me.. jadi aku sekarang pakai saat muncul jerawat dan letak di jerawatnya saja,,, overalll okyy
Pixi Glow Tonic
one of the product make my skin is glowing, but also can make acne disappear.. sudah repurchase berkalikali product ini karena secinta itu,,, mengandung glycolic acid, aloe vera , and extract ginseng. the AHA content is toned, its exfoliatting ability is really good, it also makes skin soft and smooth... dan dipakai 2-3x seminggu.. the price is comparable to the result.. worth it to buyyyy!!!!!
Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber And Green Tea
i love love love love love this product.... it has been 2 yrs using this and until now ... it gives the perfect hydration for my skin and is recommended, i think for all skin type! ... make my face is so GLOWINGGGG, fresh, calming, multifunction, also contains the tea tree so that one doesn't make me breakout...... can use before / after using make up..
BENTON Snail Bee High Content Lotion
I bought this product due to the hype that this product was getting. It was my biggest mistake that I made! I used this for a week and had no bad results, which I began to like it. After another week, I began to develop some acnes on my cheek. I believed that it was the bee venom. My skin didn't like it and I reacted bad to it. Don't let my review stop you from buying this product. A lot of people said this works great for them so it may work great for you!
CosRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser
this product work so well.. suitable for my sensitive skin, oily acne prone skin.. clear gel texture, quite neutral fragrance , low pH and not too much foam. after using this product makes the face clean, fresh, not dry or attractive at all, even inflamed skin can be soothing .. truly doing job as my second cleanser.. quite affordable prices.. so far this very gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.. overall,, i love it!
Shiseido Aqualabel Deep Clear Oil Cleansing
idk why skincarisma labels this product as fungal safe when it clearly isn't. The ingredients with PEG- are an ester which is NOT FUNGAL SAFE. I found that skincarisma sometimes mislabels things as fungal safe or silicone free when they are not which is frustrating. Can't really rely completely on skincarisma for fungal acne safe products. If you have particularly sensitive fungal acne I highly recommend double checking on to make sure. The ux is not as pleasant but I find that they are more accurate in terms of fungal safety and if they don't have your product just paste the ingredients list to find out.
facetheory Supergel Oil-Free Moisturiser
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Aqulabo Mask Boosting Jelly Mist
it's a very great prepping spray for mask, but I found it not as necessity to must have it in my beauty shelf. The product itself absorbs quick and help to make masks easily "drink" by our skin. During hot days, it's so good to have this as you can spray onto your face to add more mousture & hydration.