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Latest Reviews

A'pieu Madecassoside Cream
I think the silicone components in this product is too much for me, well you can see that there are two kinds of silicone placed in the first half of the ingredient list. Even though I have dry skin, but I have issues with clogged pores and whiteheads. I can feel there's a layer that won't go away on top of my skin when I use this. The more frequent I use this, I notice bumps caused by whiteheads under the skin, eventually some of them become acnes and dark spot. It's unfortunate really, this product has all the ingredients that I love, it's just the silicone that bothers me, I should've purchased the fluid or gel one. About the moisturizing ability, it can't be used alone, it's better to apply layers of hydrating toner or essence beforehand, because the only thing I benefit from this product is its function to retain hydration (because of the silicones). It's great to use in cold seasons, low humidity areas, or a room with AC. One other thing that bothers me is the packaging, the hole is too big so you should be careful when squeezing out the cream.
Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense
This is terrible if you have sensitive skin that's prone to reactions. Used this product three times in conjunction with my very basic, regular routine in the morning and all of a sudden I broke out pretty badly all over my skin which never happens to me. Considering that I do double cleanse at night and have a skincare routine that keeps my skin in check this was an unusual reaction so I will attribute it to this product. It does feel pretty thick and creamy, as well as leaves a white cast and I don't recommend this for anybody with sensitive or acne prone skin.
Bielenda Skin Clinic Professional Actively Correcting Anti-Age Toner
I have been using this product 1-2 times a day as a regular tonic/toner. It leaves the nice, smooth feeling on the skin and the pores seem to tighten. I have observed a small reduction of the clogged pores. The product has mild exfoliating properties due to the presence of mandelic and lactobionic acids. However, this action takes quite a time of regular using to happen. No redness and irritation occured in my case(I have normal to combination skin, no allergies stated). The manufacturer sadly does not provide us with the concentration of the active acids.
Mixa Pro-Tolerance Rich Soothing Moisturizer
I've been on the hunt for a good moisturiser for months until I bought this. After a very bad skin reaction that resulted in major flakiness, couple of high end products (that did nothing) and resignating to using baby cream (which calmed my skin but I continued breaking out regularly) this is the thing I've been searching for. My skin feels silky smooth, I've stopped breaking out cause I am hydrated and my skin barrier is no longer compromised. The niacinamide and the squalene achieve a very nice balance - the skin doesn't feel oily and doesn't get so. I've even noticed improvement in my texture. As a bonus it is frangrance free so no irritating ingredients.
Maxi-Peel Zero Micro-Exfoliant Fluid
Maxipeel zero changes my perspective sa product ng splash. It works so well and budget friendly its just 75php yata. I used to buy expensive toner kaso di talaga nagwowork. Every night yung gamit ko. Avoid using it daylight kasi maiiritate face mo. It made my skin smooth and napansin ko na lumiit talaga pores. My blackheads na minimize.
By WISHTREND Acid-duo 2% Mild Gel Cleanser
I bought this cleanser a few weeks ago and I'm out of it so I ordered a new one. I never expected this much improvement from a cleanser but I'm really satisfied with the results. I'm broke and I'm a student so my only priority with skincare was cleansing. Now I started to add a few new products to my skincare but what I reaaly care is a good cleanser that doesn't strip my skin. I'm suffering from acne, blackheads, closed comedones etc. like most people. And this cleanser really helped me with that. Especially at times when I'm super stressed and start to pop pimples, touch my face and dig my skin a lot unintentionally. I know it's bad but I can't help it, so when I do that, I wash my face gently with this for like a minute or so. When I rinse and dry my face I see that most of my redness and irritation created by me are simply gone. In the first few weeks that I started to use this cleanser, I noticed that my blackheads were pulled to the surface and I could easily remove them. Of course I try not to do that a lot. Day by day, my blackheads continued to dissappear, and even my mom who sees Korean skincare as a money trap, told me that my nose looks smoother and much cleaner. I was happy everytime I look at the mirror and see the improvements with my skin texture. This product teached me that acids really work if you use them right, they are really effective. I know it's a long review, but I should warn you about overusing this cleanser. I use it in the daytime with sunscreen and in the night. I sometimes use it like a mask when I feel like my skin is congested and polluted. It's really nice like a mask too, but please be careful, I made the mistake of waiting a little longer than I should, and my skin was burning. It past after 20 minutes with a soothing ointment, but I was so scared. I don't want to give a wrong impression, if you use it like normal people do, there is no chance you'll see and irritation. Like I said, be careful sensitive skin people. Anyway, this is currently my favourite cleanser and I'm not planning to switch until i find a better one.
Ziaja Cucumber Face Cream
I have acne prone skin and i expected this product to help soothe my skin but it did quite the opposite, the first few days it felt very good and the smell is very cute and fresh but a few days after i broke out very bad..All in all i love this brand and use their shower gels and I am very sad this did not work for me but it did work for some of my friend that do not have oily and acne prone skin so if you are on that side maybe it will work for you
CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
Any who know me will tell you I like a product with few simple core ingredients, and less of the harsh unnecessary ingredients that can be straight up damaging and counter productive. Now this website lists more ingredients than the actual bottle, but after reading both lists, I trust either one. The main ingredient and bulk of the product is pure snail trail. Now, this product has really helped me hydrate my skin in this desert climate I live in and any scars, scabs, or cuts heal so much quicker and so much smoother with this product. It does not prevent acne on its own, but will clear up the scars from acne within the hyperbolic blink of an eye! The price is good if you know where to look, as I do not like spending more than $20 on any one singular product. This is a miracle product that I would recommend to anyone with any kind of scarring or dryness issues, weather it be dry skin or environment.

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