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KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask
This is the third sleeping mask that I've ever used (the previous being Caolion's Peace water and The Body Shop's Tea Tree mask) and so far it's the best! My skin looks radiant in the morning (I noticed it even after the first use) and it calms down all the redness if I have any (including a mild case of perioral dermatitis that I will be getting medical attention for)
Ole Henriksen Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser
I've been using this cleanser about a week and, despite the bad reviews (it has a few of potentially irritating ingredients, such as peppermint oil or limonene), I think that it has been working quite well for me. I mean, for the moment my breakouts and the overall sensation of my skin's health haven't gone worse, which is a thing that tends to occur me everytime I use a cleanser based in Sodium-Laureth-Sulfate. Anyways, I think that my skin's appearance has improved because the other steps in my routine, the cleanser just does the cleaning work well and at least it doesn't make all worse. So, probably I'm not buying it again, there are a lot of better options in the market for a better price. I only bought it because I urgently needed a cleanser and there wasn't another one other than this in the store.
Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum
My skin type is acne prone, with combination of dry and oily. Sometimes i get hormonal acne. Aand this serum is good but not That good. It does make my face glowing like other Korean brand serum that i use and it made a slight change to my acne scar. But That's it. It doesn't make my pore smaller like some people claimed
Bioderma Sensibio H2O
This product is HOLY GRAIL. So good! it doesn't irritate my skin (unless I clean it with cotton more than 3x to remove heavy makeup wedding). I used to use this back then, and looking for another affordable micellar water, but there's none like this. And ended up stocking this till now. I'm super in love with this. I used this before cleansing my face. And sometimes after washing my face too as a toner. This doesn't trigger acne or breakout nor closed comedoes on my sensitive skin.
Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain
My sister gave it to me half of the bottle. This can be use for your cheeks and lip. The texture is watery. Super easy to apply, but its not that long lasting on cheeks. This products doesn't give me any skin problem eventhough it has some cherry smell.
Banila Co. VV Bouncing Cushion
I got it for free.. Too bad, anything with niacinamide I cannot deal with it. It can cause closed comedoes on my face. And I don't know why until there's not even one commercial korean products that suits my super sensitive face. Makes my face oily too.
Becca Mineral Blush Songbird
My mom bought and regret it since the blush colour is too red for her.. ended up she gave it to me. And yes, I was so happy when I received it. I love their shimmering products and now I have their blush. My becca blush colour is snapdragon. The colour fits me. But becareful not to use it too much, it can make you look like Annabelle hahaha..
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter
I love the colour and sparkly. I don't have any problem with my skin using this product. This makes my face glow. Recommended. I rarely used this shimmering unless I go to party, so far I have no issue with this products. And super easy to apply on the face. Last time I dropped my shimmering, but thanks God, its fine :).