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Latest Reviews

Ruruberry 10% Niacinamide + HA
**Cleared my skin in one bottle!** Starting my journey towards fungal-acne-safe skincare routine, and this is a must. Suits my oily skin (despite the HA) - it also have version of Niacinamide + ZInc10%, but i find this with HA suits me better. Reduce my tiny bumps and perfect for day moisturizer.
Somethinc Niacinamide + Moisture Beet Serum
First few days, my skin felt smooth and plumpy. But after more than 10 days, I had two big pimples with some redness on my skin. I continued using it and the acne got worse. Problems finally solved when I stopped using this and found another serum to treat the acne.
Laneige Cream Skin Refiner
Perhaps it just does not suit my skin, but I was not expecting a massive outbreak of angry red, itchy bumps all over my face. Initially thought it was just a mild flare up and continued using it for another day (against my better judgement), and this resulted in a proliferation of bumps that only subsided after I stopped using the product. Did not expect such a negative reaction to this product since my skin generally tolerates most products very well, and I have used so many Laneige products over the last few years and they worked well. I expect I am allergic to an ingredient (perhaps the meadow foam seed oil since this is my first time coming across it) but I have never had such a reaction before in all my years. Am entirely traumatised now.
Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre
whys everyone hating on thissssss! Its so hydrating and leaves your skin looking glowy but not oily. I have combination/oily, sensitive and malassezia prone skin. Embryolisse doesnt trigger my fungal acne at all! unlike a lot of the other popular moisturisers. Love this & ill love it foreverrrrrrrrr
Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo
It helped to my hair, but after some time my hair got fed up with it. If you want to see effects use it once a week and use some other shampoo for other washings. this product is amazing for dry, treated hair (specially if you are blond). You do not need even a mask or regenerator, but if you want to have better effect it is recommended to use it. All their products are amazing and hair after using it is smooth and soft.
Wardah C-Defense Serum
This is an okay serum.. Easy to apply however it feels oily at the same time.. the citrus scent is a bit different from what i used to. I used this after toner step & before applying sunscreen/foundation.. It makes the foundation applies smoothly on the face.. But i don't like the oily feel on my face.. It does make your face dewy tho.. As for brightening, it doesn't do much on my skin. But for the price, it's okay
Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream
The ingredient list doesn't match with the box's ingredient.. This moisturizer is okay, love the texture, very minimal scent & minor cooling effect on the skin.. When I apply to my skin, it makes my skin moisturized but hydrated, no. Also, fast absorption & reasonable for it's price.
Bio-Essence Bio Energy Complex Bio-Water Sensitive pH Moist-In Water Gel
The title of product speaks itself. They don't lie.. It moisten my face perfectly & i love it so much that I always used it too much on my face but its still feels nice on my skin ! Skin feels moisturized/hydrated since i work in air-conditioned area, my face stays hydrated.. The smell of this product is minimal, just fresh smell.. The texture is gel, minor cooling effect on the skin & absorb nicely on my skin. Not sure about anti-pollution but it does the job..