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Latest Reviews

Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel SPF 50 PA+++
NONI-KIT (Pendeteksi Hidrokuinon) Sepertinya bagus dan worth of money. Bisa dicoba untuk yang mau berenang atau yang mau melakukan kegiatan diluar, tidak lengket dan watery teksturnya setelah dioles ke kulit
Wet 'n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick
Pigment Pigment Pigment. **Pros** This product is highly pigmented and lasts quite a long time. It is not extremely drying like other liquid lipsticks can be. There seems to be a faint alcohol seem, but you can hardly notice it. **Cons** The doe foot applicator helps in applying but expect cleanups or use a lip liner. It can fade near the inner part of your mouth. For more natural colors, this is not a problem. However, I bought this in a DARK burgundy/berry red. At the end of the day, your lips might BURN from trying to remove this. **Verdict** Wet N' Wild is undergoing scandal upon scandal regarding their cruelty-free status. Even though this product is affordable and vegan (?), it definitely is not the most natural. A lot of the ingredients are chemical compounds that I cannot understand unless I research. Furthermore, I transitioned from college to the workplace, and this color is definitely not an everyday shade. I love the product, but it is time to move on.
Flesh Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation
I love what the brand stands for: inclusiveness, realism, and as natural as well, "Flesh." However, even though the brand sports a cruelty-free status, its sister/parent company does NOT do the same. Revlon sells in China and tests on animals. So it boils down to your personal view on how companies handle this. **Product Review** The stick component makes it convenient and quick in the morning before work. I am slightly concerned about hygiene since you continuously swipe this across your face. Nevertheless, the application was smooth and looked like I was not wearing makeup. Additionally, it provided decent coverage and a natural (leaning towards dewy) finish. It can get a bit oily throughout, but I naturally have combination oily skin to begin with. After 2 weeks of wearing this, I began to notice subclinical acne -- the colorless bumps that are not quite acne but also not whiteheads. Skincarisma refers to them as closed comedones I believe. I do not usually experience this, and I realized the afflicted area was only where I applied foundation. But how?! The ingredients seemed clean! After researching more, its 4th listed ingredients is Beeswax. This controversial ingredient can clog pores, and I believe it is the cause this time around. Moral of the story? I am returning it.
Catrice Hd Liquid Coverage Foundation
I don't use foundation every day, but when I have to, I use this foundation. First because it's fungal acne safe. And second because it has really good coverage. You don't need too much product for whole face. If you have really dry skin like me, you will have to put on some good moisturizer or even vaseline. Otherwise, it will dry your skin even more so you will end up with peeling skin. I recommend this foundation!
Corine de Farme Purity Micellar Water
I have a combination skin and been using this product probably for more than a week now. My first impression after pouring the product onto cotton pads is the smell, it is strong, but surprisingly, it does a great job in cleaning my face. More importantly, i don't have any bad issues with this product like breakout, acne or whatsoever this far. Well, i guess i need to finish the whole bottle first to see the final result :)
Meishoku Ceracolla Perfect Gel
I was debating between this moisturizer and the Rosette Ceramide Gel and ended up getting this one instead because it doesn't contain Macadamia Nut Oil. This moisturizer is amazing for my sensitive skin. Every moisturizer I've tried before has always irritated my skin. I'm really glad someone recommended this to me because it's my holy grail moisturizer. I've repurchased this several times already and will continue to do so until I find a moisturizer with a better ingredient list. **Pros:** -Packed with ceramides & cholesterol -Affordable -Lightweight / not greasy -no fungal acne triggers -Great ingredient list (No essential oils or bad alcohols) **Cons** -Only some websites carry this, so it's somewhat hard to find. I always order mine from YesStyle. -comes in a jar as opposed to a tube
EAD Sunscreen Lotion, High Protection SPF50
This suncream is dangerous and shouldn't be allowed to be sold. It has ZERO UVA Stars meaning there is zero protection against UV rays my 15 year old son was burnt dreadfully on day one of our holiday using this and we applied it heavily and repeatedly throughout the whole day, near half a bottle used but come the evening he was rolling around in agony as the sunburn manifested! ALWAYS CHECK FOR UVA STARS ON THE BACK NONE UP TO 5 STARS.
CosRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
This is an amazing toner for oily acne prone skin. I use it at night routine daily and when my skin is bad, i use it at morning routine too. It has no scent, it does not sting the skin, it has a very mild BHA so it can be used by people with sensitive skin too (my opinion). It moisturizes the skin, makes it plump and ready for serum and moisturizer.

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