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Medicube red erasing cream
Medicube Red Erasing Cream
The product itself on my skin: Didn't cause any breakouts, decreased the amount of inflammation and acne. Texture: Very thick. thicker than butter. (I'm not that fussy about the texture, as long as it helps my acne) *Smell: *light fragrance of sunscreen? (I don't really smell them unless they give off a heavy odor) Cost: It is expensive. I would rather find something else that's cheaper with similar effects. I'm not a skincare expert. Just a 18 year old who graduated from high-school student and I am desperate to get the skin without acne and hyperpigmentation. My acne skin and inflammation was my first target and I started looking for skincare products that may help with that problem. Medicube went viral in many social media, thus I saw their advertisments many times. I have read and heard that Korean skin care products are known to be the best for many people, but I was afraid that it may be poisonous without people realising what the ingredients can cause. Off-topic I took a year of roaccutane and regret very much after a natural dermatologist told me what that drug was. The dermatologist I previously went gave me that drug to fix my acne problem (because I formal/prom was coming up) which did help a lot to decrease my acne. With just few bumps and inflammation, makeup helped cover them. Roaccutane are said to cause problems with your gut in various ways (e.g. fertile, gut sensitivity, thin skin) Many have said after they stopped taking the drug, their skin returned to their normal thickness, but they should be aware that some people never regained their skin thickness, caused more wrinkles quicker than their age, and their sensitivity rose up like a rocket.
Aura glow primer
L.O.V Aura Glow Primer
I really wanted to love this product, but it's not for me. The packaging is lovely and has a nice weight to it. The cap is a bit messy as it gets unstuck easily (after the first drop to the floor, that's it). The primer is lightly scented and spreads easily. I was excited because it has some amazing ingredients but sadly is also packed full of silicones. My skin doesn't do well with silicones. Thus i got acne right the next day after use. It may be for most people that aren't sensitive to silicones, but for me it sadly isn't worth it.
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
I love this stuff. I seriously do! I felt it was a bit heavy on my skin after the first use but later I learned the best way to use it. I use it after a chemical peeling because it soothes the skin and makes it super soft. It helps with skin repair after a peeling which I am a big fan of. I've tried several other creams instead of this (once I ran out of it), but nothing really worked for me. That's why I bought another tube of it (I got the small size of it). The cream takes a couple of minutes to sink and once it's completely dry leaves a matte finish on your skin. I use it for my night routine as I have more time to do my routine than in the mornings when I'd need to top it off with a sunscreen. Pros: + has lots of amazing ingredients + helps my skin heal after a chemical peeling + leaves a matte finish once it's dry + non irritating + my skin just loves it Cons: - probably the price if you can only get the big jar - is a bit heavy on the skin
Low ph good morning gel cleanser
CosRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser
I was recommended this cleanser for a long time because of the great pH level it has. It's supposedly non drying and gentle on the skin. I've been using it for the past several days and I've noticed that it has a very strong scent of lavender (or something similar). The scent dissolves and doesn't linger on the skin. The gel is pretty thick and tends to slip off my fingers before I have the chance to leather it in my palms so I have to be really quick with using it. Otherwise it does a good job at cleansing the skin. If my skin is feeling dry it does dry it out a bit, but otherwise it's a decent cleanser. Also the packaging is bigger than expected.
23185 l
INNISFREE No Sebum Mineral Powder
I bought this little gem a year or so ago and I've been using it daily. It lasted me a couple of months. I have combination skin that gets oily on my forehead and after abusing some acid peelings the oiliness got the best of me. I was oily after two hours and nothing helped. Except this powder. I used it sparingly with a kabuki brush all over my face. Then I patted a damp beauty blender that I've dabbed in the powder on my oily-prone areas and went about my day. The powder is very fine, so be careful while you're applying it because it tends to fly everywhere. When it comes in contact with water it doesn't turn into a white mush on your face (as some other powders do) and it keeps the oiliness at bay for a long time. I enjoyed using it!
Innisfree jeju bija anti trouble cleansing gel
INNISFREE Jeju Bija Anti Trouble Cleansing Gel
The gel has an OK pH level so it doesn't dehydrate the skin with each use. It cleanses the skin well enough, just doesn't get rid of the residue mascara that was left from the oil cleansing step I use. The thing that irritated me the most was the scent. It has a very strong green tea scent that just lingers. It doesn't disappear with use and I couldn't get used to it. I've had it for a couple of months and each use was a "meh" experience. I am not a fan. Pros: + inexpensive + pretty bottle design + pump dispenser! + OK pH level Cons: - the smell is strong and it doesn't dissolve - irritating to the eyes
Nelipot Mladizhen
I've used this deodorant for a couple of months now. I know it's new on the market, but I got the chance to try a sample before the official release. My armpits are very sensitive and regular deodorants give them cystic acne and clogged pores. It's horrible and painful. Other natural deodorants (with sodium bicarbonate) irritate them too but in a way that resembles chemical burns. Horrible. luckily with this products there's nothing irritating for my skin. My skin is happy after application and I'm happy because I don't smell bad for a couple of hours. But since it's a very gentle deodorant, it doesn't last a long time. On me that's usually 4-8 hours before I just say "who cares" or before I go wash myself again and re-apply it. But for me it's worth it.
St. Ives Fresh Skin Scrub Apricot
If this scrub didn't cause me breakouts, I'd continue using this. Also, the beads were so harsh on my skin. I used it on my body instead. Good thing is, my skin feels soft and supple after each usage. Also, my whitehead were gone after each usage. I read that, beads scrub is unsuitable for combination skin.