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KLAIRS Supple Preparation Facial Toner
Its so light, fast absorbing and absolutely hydrating. Although its texture is more thicker than usual toner, it gives an immediate soothing effect and absorbs into the skin quickly. My skin is very sensitive and after using it my face feels comfortable and moisturized. Just a few drops spread quickly across face and neck. Highly recommended!
CosRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser
I have had fungal acne for about 2 months now and so I read about this product how it can help fight fungal acne. I have been trying it for a month now. Although there is some improvement in my acne but my skin looks dry, red and my cheeks feel little bit irritation and pain. My skin is already sensitive so maybe this product is not right for my skin type. However, it is very soothing and light.
THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion
This lightweight moisturizer is really good for hot & humid days. Texture is thin to medium and is absorbed easily. It leaves your skin with a nice dewy glow! It goes well under makeup too. It is mildly fragrant, nothing overpowering, just a nice clean fresh scent. 2-3 pump is all I need and my face feels fully hydrated and moisturized. If you have a drier skin, you might need a bit more. Overall a very good moisturizer for summer as it is lightweight and not greasy at all!.
Mizon Joyful Time Essence Mask Green Tea
Material is a bit thinner than average sheet mask and is fully soaked in essence! Fit and adherence is okay and comes with a slit for better fit adjustments. It does contain alcohol -no.5 on the ingredient lists hence the strong smell as you open the pouch. The scent is less noticeable as I had it on. Left if for 20 minutes and skin feels moisturized and hydrated! There was no irritation or redness after even the following day. There was a slight tackiness even if I used my jade roller. There was still so much essence left and of course it ended up in my arms & legs! A good every day mask and was a steal at Amazon for $13.88 for a 16 combo set.
Mizon Joyful Time Essence Mask Vitamin
Mask comes fully soaked in essence and material is just the right thickness. Kept it for 20 minutes and skin was soft and a bit brighter. It is also refreshing but not as hydrating as other mask. There was no irritation or redness after. A bit tacky but disappeared after a few minutes maybe because I used my ice roller. It's a good daily mask overall.
HOLIKA HOLIKA Pure Essence Mask Sheet - Rice
This is such a great sheet mask, which left my skin, hydrated, smooth and supple. It's fully soaked in essence. Material is so soft and thin. It did dried quickly- (10 minutes) maybe because the material is thin, nonetheless it left my skin bright! No tackiness and irritation after I took i off. A definite repurchase!
TIA'M My Signature Red C Serum
I've tried both OST C20 and C21.5 and was satisfied with how they made PIH disappear (C20 results were better!). I wanted to try this version but got a severe allergic reaction, my face became red, swollen and was itching so bad (I didn't patch test because I didn't think it'd happen, stupid me!). Make sure to **PATCH TEST**!! I don't think that I even have a sensitive skin but please make sure to patch test (wow!I said it 3 times!). P.S. I just noticed some other reviewer had a similar reaction. I'm trying to figure out which ingredient caused it so, If you have any idea, please tell us orz I gave it 1 star because of the allergic reaction. It may work for you, tough!
Consonant Skincare Natural Foaming Face Wash
Sometimes the definition of a good cleanser, is by what it doesn't so. This doesn't have sulfates, dry out your skin, over cleanse it, negatively alter its ph, or irritate it with harmful ingredients. But it does leave it feeling nicely clean. I have found the best way to combat acne is to treat my skin as sensitive skin. This product has the great combination of being effective & also natural ingredients. Use it in the shower in the morning with Foreo Luna Mini 2. SkinCarisma has also been great help to weed out products that have fungal acne aggravating ingredients.

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