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BENTON Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream
i've been using this product for several weeks and i'm satisfied overall, as I have combination skin, so no clogging for me. it stung a few times in the beginning, until i got used to it, without any side effect. it has a thick texture which absorbs well, however i don't use as much in quantity as other creams i used.
Mackinz Beauty Ultimate Advanced Serum
dah try hampir sebulan. Best gila , scar hitam hitam slowly hilang . Cepat meresap n bau yg menyenangkan haha. As you can see ingredients dia pun semua bagus bagussssss. For those yang breakout ke ada dark spot ke try lah guna. Harga affordable gila Rm19. Bekas serum pun comellllllll. REALLY REALLY RECOMMENDED SERUM !
SKIN&LAB Dr. Pore Tightening: Glacial Clay Facial Mask
It burnt so much, that I had to remove it, and my skin was left bright red. Tried it again with the same result. It might be good for someone with resilient skin who does not exfoliate regularly. I have large pores and an acne prone skin, but it is on the sensitive side, so I will definitely steer clear of this mask.
SKIN&LAB Dr. Color Effect Red Serum
Started using it in March with other products from this brand (got a pack), and it made such a difference in the quality of my skin. I need only 1-2 drops for the optimal effect, and it's very easy to spread it evenly across the face (more would be too much for me). Has a slight scent of Jasmine, that I find very pleasant, but beware if you have problems with essential oils or fragrance in general. This is my product with Niacinamide; while it has Hyaluronic Acid in it, too, I tend to apply HA with other products, too. Highly recommend, if you are looking for a combo product.
SKIN&LAB Dr. Vita Clinic Fre-C Sun Protector SPF 50+ PA+++
Liked it during spring and summer. It is silicon based, so it felt really smooth on the skin, and I felt it stayed in place. The smell was first a bit strong for me (gravitate towards no fragrance or just a mild scent), but got used to it. Currently trying out something else, not sure if I am going to repurchase it in the future.
The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% & Zinc 1%
i just use it like for a few weeks and i already see the different. my skin easily get acne whenever i try new product even its for acne skin but since i start use the odinary there no more acne appear on my skin and it even reduce the acne that on my face so i really love it. im gonna wait for more a few month to see the fully result.
Hada Labo Japan Skin Institute Gokujun Premium Hyaluronic Solution
My HG hydrating toner, dunno how many empties bottle that i used in 5 years. still coming back to this product although theres so many hydrating product out there. with 5 typed different of Hyaluronic acid, this toner its hydrated enough to my skin. Not ready in Indonesia, still buying this product when i'm in malaysia or Singapore. so please brings this oroduct to indonesia Hada Labo Indonesia. the texture a little bit tacky but i can bare with it, also its fragrances free. the priced its really great value for you repurchased -> sure
Simple Water Boost Facial Cleanser Gel Wash
It feels gentle and remove all the dirts on my face. Before this i have dry skin but after use simple micellar face wash , my skin feels more dehydrated and moist. There is no more bumpy acne on my forehead. My skin more smoother. No irritation at all.

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