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Wardah Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water
I love it, I have sensitive skin but it doesn't give a bad effect on my skin. I think because I have an oily skin so it is good for me. but when my friends use this product and she has a dry and sensitive skin she felt little bit hot. This product is so good, the remover just work on me. its worth to buy. I used it since 2020 and I like it
The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Hemi-Squalane
i have dry skin and was looking for something i could combine with my usual moisturizer/lotion to add more hydration. honestly i was originally planning on getting regular squalane, but the store only had hemi-squalane in stock. asked the salesperson what the difference was and they said "it's squalane oil but lighter". so i figured it wouldn't hurt to try. uhm... after doing a bit more research online, it seems that they are not quite the same thing. i tried this hemi-squalane out in my routine for about a week, mixing 1-2 drops in my moisturizer every day. unfortunately it caused a lot of closed comedones for me and made my skin texture very bumpy. i stopped using it and my face smoothed out within 24 hours. it does not seem to work for me. it did seem to make my face more moisturized. i tried to use it on its own in lieu of moisturizer, but it was not enough for my dry heckin face. this is my first time using a dry oil, and i didn't really like it personally... i'd still like to try regular squalane oil sometime, because i heard that works better for some people. will update if that ends up working for me instead. for now, i think i will keep the bottle and use it up in my hair... i read online that squalane oil doesn't really absorb into hair follicles, but it can coat the strands and make your hair feel more smooth (like silicone-based conditioner does). i wash my hair with water usually and only shampoo a couple times a week, so i've been applying this oil on my damp hair on my no-poo days and it makes my hair feel soooo soft. =)
Neutrogena Protect + Tint Tinted Moisturizer
Smells identical to sunscreen, brightening effect helps blur blemishes without looking too cakey when layering other products on top of it, and without pigments settling ononto problem areas accentuating imperfections. Not a full coverage product so great for a barely there all natural look
TIA'M Vita B3 Source
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CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
On its own, this product is nothing to write home about. Entirely underwhelming. However, I started mixing it in with my Skinfix Barrier+ Triple Lipid-Hyaluronate Serum (2 pumps of each) to stretch it out further since it's twice as expensive. Wow. Obsessed. 10/10. Skin feels so plump, but very light. Hello hydration era. Also makes a beautiful sandwich when layering with any actives: essence/serum, actives, moisturizer. I have combo-oily skin but use tret, so I'm also dry/dehydrated and slightly sensitized and this is perfect all around.
End-Zit Acne Control Drying Lotion
Perfect spot treatment that helps with my fungal acne and acne prone zits! It also has tint and acts like a makeup/concealer!! I don't like wearing makeup or even tinted moisturizers/sunscreens, so this is perfect for someone who just wants quick spot coverage with healing properties in it!!
La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Moisturizer
i dont have any problems with this it is such a great moisturizer. Sometimes I get a little sensitive and it burns, but it goes away fast. I do want to try to find some thing more moisturizing. it doesn't have a smell, and is very creamy, but not too thick.
Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner
i use it in the morning right after washing my feels almost like a moisturizer after applying but not enough that you could use it as a moisturizer alone. after a few weeks of using, i noticed that my complexion appeared much brighter and even suppler. it also helped in evening out redness that i have on my forehead and cheeks.

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