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Etude+house+bubble+tea+sleeping+pack+ +strawberry
ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack - Strawberry
There was a huge boom about this product when it was launched. I bought it as it was so cute but they were promoting more designs than what's good about this product. My face got worse a little bit. I've got some redness and maybe the product was hydrating, but my rosacea skin got burning from the whitening reaction and my face was even more dried. I feel sad how all people liked this product, but my skin got such a bad reaction. Also, after 3 months, the beautiful smell disappeared and some strong smell was replaced instead of strawberry. Use it fast, keep it in the refrigerator and be careful as it contains alcohol. I had to stop using it on my face. I will stick with Aloe or Snail sleeping packs for now
Ac  6
ETUDE HOUSE AC Clean Up Pink Powder Mask
This product contains thick pink cream you can apply to your face. It has a herb smell. The smell might be very strong for some people but I don't mind it at all. It smells strong like a mint - or like something similar. I used Innisfree's famous pore clay mask, but this is better! Skin is very smooth. It didn't conflict my dry skin at all, I didn't feel stretching while drying the mask like from other brands. After washing off my pores were visibly better. Also, this product helps with oily skin, the face becomes matte. I am using this mask every time when I have worsened acne or very oily face. The best thing is that my sensitive skin didn't have any reaction :) I hope my review helped you.
Tonymoly i m real tomato mask sheet
TONYMOLY I'm Real Tomato Mask Sheet
It is not a bad sheet mask, but it is nothing special either! I tried it because i'm interested in whitening my dark spots, but after using it a couple of times i did not experience any results. It sure is moisturizing, but it is nothing more than that..
Ljh vita propolis ampoule
LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule
This is one of the best products that I have ever used! I mix this with my serums and my creams since it can be a bit sticky on its own. I also put this directly over my acne and/or my irritated skin. This works amazingly, it heals my acne so fast and calms irritations in no time! My skin is also a lot more glowy after using this product for some time! I love propolis as it is very soothing and healing for the skin! The only downside is the size of this product.. It is tiny but also quite amazing!!
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Cream
So, I bought this product because I had heard so many good things about it, and also it contains adenosine which is one of my favorite anti-aging ingredients! Unfortunately this cream does nothing for my under eyes! It is not very moisturizing, and it does not help my dark circles although the claims! The lavender oil smells very strongly and irritates my sensitive skin! It also contains a respectable amount of alcohol as it is the 5th ingredient which kind of dried out my skin and definitely did not help with the fine lines. Overall I do not recommend spending your money for this product as it has a lot of irritating ingredients!!
Glowrecipe makeprem radiancecleansingpack 1024x1024
Make P:rem Radiance Cleansing Pack
I like this one more in the winter than my skin becomes dryer - it's not cleansing enough for my combo skin in summer (than I reach for dr.jart transfoam). It has a a lot of brightening stuff, with is an upgrade for a clay mask. I like that it's not drying at all and is not tugging the skin. Washing it off is a little more hard than dr.jart transfoam, but is easy compared to general clay mask. One little con : it's fragrance is a bit too much, it has sweet bubble gum kind of scent. Not that bad for me, but ones disliking strong fragrances should pass this one.
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Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay Green
This is my most favorite clay mask at the moment. It does the "clay mask" work (removes excessive sebum), it's not tugging (doesn't dry on the face), and is a breeze to remove (hate spending a lot of time splashing off clay masks). It works even if I apply it for 5 minutes, so it's nice to use in the morning before work.
Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater
I love this product!! I use it as a toner, under my make up and as a setting spray. It contains rose water which is one of my favorite ingredients as it helps with brightening the skin and it is also anti-aging! It also contains aloe which is very soothing for my sensitive acne prone skin! I've noticed my skin getting brighter and more even in tone, and it also absorbs products much better after using the mist! Another bonus is that it makes my make up look amazing when I use it as a setting spray. It gives my dry skin a wonderful glow! You should try it!!

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