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CosRX Honey Ceramide Eye Cream
Decent eye cream but can be quite thick depending on your skin. It's definitely not as good as the face cream version. I wouldnt recommend it for everyone as an eye cream as it feels quite heavy and there are definitely better alternatives out there! But if you have quite dry skin espiciailly around the eyes then might be for you. But for me, it's 3/5!
RYO Hambit Damage Care Shampoo
I never experienced serious hairfall, but for a few weeks my hair suddenly start to fall out so badly(10 strands?15?)and i bought this product. The very first use i was in love because it lathers well and from the first use only few hair fallen(maybe like 5 strands?). However from then on my hair fell out again till now to the 11th use my hair has been falling out the most i have ever experienced ( uncountable :(( ) i really want to love this product but it made the condition worst.
CosRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner
I feel like this toner is neither good nor bad. Although it contains some great hydrating ingredients I don't feel like it soothes, calms or moisturizes at all, as it claims to do. It feels just like plain water for me, which can actually leave quite a tight feeling on the skin. I don't consider it a bad product because it doesn't irritate the skin and it can be refreshing, but that's all. I think it's great if you need to go back to basics or want to start a routine with well priced and good ingredient list products, but it lacks performance for me.
This product does exactly what it says. It feels so natural and it makes skin look amazing even without foundation. I think it really helps with uneven skin tones since it has powerful moisturising effect while not blocking pores or causing irritation.
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
I was skeptical picking this up at first because of the price and the hype, but oh man, is it worth it! The texture is like a thick gloss, and when used overnight I still have product on my lips when I wake up. I sometimes even wear it as a gloss, I like the appearance although it is quite sticky. I have never had particularly dry lips but this mask helped with overall texture and hydration. It does have immediate and long-term effects. The immediate ones are softer and smoother lips the day after using it overnight. The long-term ones for me have been gradual with daily use. I can see less lines on the lips, as if they where fuller, and they don't ever reach the point of peeling even if I can feel them a little bit dry. I can confirm it does work for me because I stopped using it for two weeks and I missed it, my lips where so much drier and started peeling a bit. A little goes a long way. I anticipate one container will last me a least a year which more than justifies the cost. Could not recommend any higher!
Origins Super Spot Remover, Acne Treatment Gel
This spot remover is the best, most effective I have tried by far, better than the ones with calamine. Within a day or two of applying it to the affected areas I notice that the pimples reduce their size almost entirely. It really helps with inflammation and accelerates the drying process of the blemishes. It is so powerful that it can be too drying for the skin surrounding the pimple, so be careful to apply it only over the blemish. I use it only at night before moisturizer, so that there is no layer of other products between the spot treatment and the skin. Sometimes I have used it during the day, but I have to say it does not lay well under makeup because obviously it dries the skin. Although the price seemed high for me, since you only use the tiniest amount the bottle lasts for ever, mine is half empty after about 6 months of occasional use (around twice per week).
Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream
I bought this product because of the unbeatable price, the good ingredient list and the fact that it contains 80% of Galactomyces ferment filtrate, which claims to improve wrinkles and fine lines. The texture for me is leaning towards the light side, it spreads and absorbs easily. It comes in a 50 ml tube which has lasted me for a long time, around one year. I find this product to be effective at delivering moisture to the skin without irritation. Obviously it can irritate the eyes if you place it too close to the water line where it can penetrate the eye, just keep that distance as with any other cream. Since I don't have very dry skin, this level of hydration is ok for me, but for a person with really dry undereye area or lids I don't think this cream will be nourishing enough. Regarding the fine lines claim, I cannot give an accurate opinion since I don't have permanent fine lines (yet), my goal with this kind of products is to prevent them. I do feel the skin flexible and hydrated, so I'm happy with the product. I will try another creams a little heavier for the winter, but I would probably repurchase this one.
Banila Co. Clean It Zero
I've used this as my first cleanser for the past 3 years, and haven't even considered switching! This oil cleanser is excellent at removing makeup, especially at the end of a long night (Or stumbling drunk into the bathroom at 4am...) It completely melts all my face & eye makeup off, and emulsifies well. I haven't found any significant change in my skin through using this cleanser - it just does its job well! (This review is for the original formulation, not the new version)

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