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Latest Reviews

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil
Honestly everything i've ever looked for in a makeup remover. It's suitable for all skin types, won't leave you feeling all greasy or all dried out. Removes every single makeup product you can think of in around 2 minutes since it's oil based, but won't clog your pores because it turns into the softest soap. My only complain is that if you travel with it, once it's already open it can leak through the sides, so be careful.
Petitfee Snow Lotus White Tone Up Cream
I am a pale redhead who has developed rosacea in her early 30s. I've been into Asian beauty products for years but while researching brighteing products I came upon tone up creams. This is a product category I've never heard of in the US though it certainly has overlap in CC (color correcting). Essentially a tone up cream does the opposite of a fake tanning or bronzing product -- it makes your skin look a few shades brighter or lighter. I find this particularly helpful on days where rosacea makes my whole face a bit pink even if I'm not actually hot. The effect is subtle enough that it just makes my face look like it's natural shade. However, most of the time I actually use this cream at night because it contains so many beautifying ingredients that help to brighten and even out your skin tone in the long term. So if I'm having some redness before bed it's pretty common that I'll wake up and my face will already look brighter in the morning even though the cream itself may have rubbed off or absorbed in my sleep. I think it can also be used like a makeup primer but make sure to apply a thin layer so you won't look like a ghost. If your skin is very dry, you will want to combine this with another moisturizing product but if you have normal or slightly dry skin this is probably enough.
CosRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser
A decent cleanser in terms of cleansing without drying. However, my skin felt irritated after just 1 cleanse, not drying at all but just uncomfortable. I guessed it is because of tea tree oil or other bunches of essential oils in this cleanser. Maybe my skin is too sensitive.
Bioderma Cicabio Crème Soothing Repairing Cream
First, I want to point out that this cream is thick for oily skin in humid climate like mine and where I live. It broke me out into pustules as I tried to use it as moisturizer after extractions. It is, eventually a decent occlusive cream that helps to repair your skin, my skin, despite these acnes, just glows the next morning. Beware if you have oily acne-prone skin though. And now I am using it as a spot treatment after popping my pimples, not sure what it really does to open wounds, just trying to use it up.
Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Moist-In Water Gel
i like this product so much. This moisturizer very suitable for sensitive skin, acne skin, oily skin. because the texture gel and can soothing skin. I have done use 2 bottle now. When i use the product my skin less oily skin so much. suitable for oily skin, sensitive skin, acne skin, can soothing skin very well
MISSHA Pong Dang Water Daily Sheet Mask
Missha Pong Dang water mask sheets is a quite big box filled with 30 masks, similar to pack of tissues. Masks are midwives on top of each other, quantity of essence is quite low, so you can use it for about 10 minutes, because they will dry quite quickly. What is more, quality of mask sheets is also quite bad, like they're not as thick as single one's. What I like about this masks is that they're quick to use! Perfect for someone who is busy and want to apply some mask before work/school. They gave u refresh effect, also the smell is really soft, reminds me fresh scent of ocean. THe hydration effect is barely noticeable, but good enough to apply make-up. I think that the biggest advantage of this product is that it's eco-friendly (30 masks in one box, instead of 30 single masks sheet in 30 packages). I think I would not buy this product again, mostly because it's not what i wanted. It's good option for people who like to apply mask sheet daily, and in the morning. It didn't help my skin, and also didn't make it worse.
beesline Eye Contour Whitening Mask
It did made my eyes brighter and super hydrated, I didn't feel like using any eye cream after it because the glycine is the second ingredient and honestly my eyes is happier, I gave it four just because I think they can do better in the Brighting process but it does brighten my eyes well
Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser
I've been using this cleanser for several weeks now and I really like it! At first I was concerned that it might be too abrasive, but it's fairly gentle. With a pH of 5.5 and a powerhouse acne fighting ingredient like baling soda, I'd highly recommend this product to anyone, not just those fighting breakouts.

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