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Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Gel Cream
this product is really good ingredient i really love all about it, texture, feeling even i have oily skin but i can use it in morning **BUT IT'S NOT GOOD FOR SENSITIVE SKIN!!!!** it's consist of **PERFUME and ESSENTIAL OIL** that is make my skin redness and small acne all the time i used i think REAL BARRIER should make a version of ***no fragrance/perfume/essential oil for SENSITIVE skin*** that will be good and i think this product will be TOP OF MOISTURIZER
Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum
Murad is one of my favorite Skin care brands. I own so many of their products that are amazing, and this serum is no different. This serum contains a Tri-active technology, that has a Fast-acting retinoid, a time-released retinol & a retinol booster help fight lines/deep wrinkles, even skin tone and boost radiance. Along with hydrating ingredients its safe for my sensitive skin and it keeps my skin wrinkle free.
Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum
Before receiving this product in my Allure Beauty Box, there was already a cult following and I was unsure of this product to say the least. However, I did want to add Niacinamide into my skin care routine. After using it consecutively for about two weeks, I definitely saw a difference in the tone of my skin. It was less red, more even and i just had a better complexion all around. Great Product
Dermalogica After Sun Repair
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Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum
**Pros** - Affordable - Great packaging - Hydrating formula - Great ingredients for a good price - Sits well under moisturizer and foundation - No pilling **Cons** - Broke me out, however this was mitigated when using a HA hydrating toner as well (Hada Labo Goku-jyun). - Did not reduce my redness and was a little irritating to my sensitive skin (I have used arbutin in the past - The Ordinary's formula was my HG) - My face always looked tanned after this for some reason - Oxidizes on your skin Should you buy it? *Yes* It's a great, easy to use and easy to incorporate serum for your routine if you are looking for arbutin and HA, and can't get The Ordinary's one (like, say, you live in Aus/NZ). *No* If you have sensitive skin and are prone to skin reddening or darkening when it is hot. I used this in summer and found that my face had a more tanned appearance with it because it was mildly irritating to my skin. I did not have this reaction with the Good Molecules Discolouration serum which I feel is a much better formula. I feel that even at this price point, there are better formulations out there such as The Ordinary's Arbutin.
Hada Labo Goku Jyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Face Foam
**Pros** - Gently removes dirt and some make-up quickly without tugging or excessive rubbing - Builds up to a nice lather quickly - A little goes a long way - Cheap in Asia, but can be costly buying it online - Convenient squeeze tube that does not change shape over time/crumple **Cons** - There are better cleansers for the same, or cheaper, price such as Senka Perfect Whip and the Cetaphil cleanser - Leaves a slightly sticky feel to the skin and a strange film after washing - Makes skin feel almost like plastic - You need a wash cloth to ensure you get everything off - Contains BHT - With repeated use it can be dehydrating and stripping to the skin - My skin needs more moisturizer with this cleanser than any other Should you buy it? *Yes* If it's the cheapest cleanser around and easy for you to get. *No* If there are other cleansers available. This cleanser isn't anything special despite the promise of hydration, I found it to be dehydrating
Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum
**Pros** - My tretinoin redness and inflammation was significantly reduced and my skin no longer looked angry when using this serum - Gentle and hydrating - Sinks into skin well - Mildly hydrating - Very affordable - Contains skin lightening and brightening ingredients such as tranexamic acid and niacinamide - Did reduce the activity of melanocytes such that on (for example) warmer days my skin and hyperpigmentation did not darken **Cons** - Does not lighten sun spots or melasma - Low dose niacinamide and tranexamic acid dose is below recommended guidelines for lightening melasma on its own, but appropriate when used in conjunction with hydroquinone - There is a lot of product and a little goes a long way, however the formula will go off before you can use it all - Not in a UV protective bottle Should you buy it? *Yes* If you want to reduce redness, PIE/PIH and as a supportive treatment when on a course of tretinoin and/or hydroquinone *No* If you want to use this to reduce sun spots and melasma. This product alone will not be effective enough to treat these conditions but will help in calming down melanocytes.
The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm
I really really love this,my skin feels soft and moisturized even after cleansing 2 times a day and i have very dry skin! Also like leaving it on as a short mask before washing my face! The product has lasted over a month by now,while double cleansing and using a generous amount. I dont know how good it is for removing Make-up,as i dont wear any. I would recommend this to anyone with dry and sensitive skin!