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Latest Reviews

CosRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
This is an amazing toner for oily acne prone skin. I use it at night routine daily and when my skin is bad, i use it at morning routine too. It has no scent, it does not sting the skin, it has a very mild BHA so it can be used by people with sensitive skin too (my opinion). It moisturizes the skin, makes it plump and ready for serum and moisturizer.
CosRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser
I've been using this cleanser for a long time, and mostly at night routine after oil cleanser or balm cleanser, and followed by toner, serum, moisturizer etc. It's amazing for oily acne prone skin. I would not change it for anything! In that period of the month i use it in the morning routine too, followed by toner, serum, anti redness ampoule, moisturizer and ofc SPF 50+.
Emina Sun Protection SPF 30 PA+++
Its a chemical sunscreen so it doesn't leave a white cast and absorbs really well into the skin. The product gets absorbed fairly quickly and doesn't leave any sticky or greasy residue on the skin. It does however slightly stings around my nose and sometimes my skin that stung would turn red slightly until the sunscreen is absorbed. I don't know why and what causes it but my skin is VERY fussy so I'm not really concerned. And after a few minutes the redness and irritation would subside quickly. So maybe people with sensitive skin should try this on a patch of skin to make sure it doesn't irritate you. Over all I really like this product. I'm already on my second bottle and will be repurchasing more. AND it's a cheap alternative to a lot of sunscreen and very dark girl friendly! ;)
Namu Life Jelly Facial Wash
Several of my classmates started suggesting this product to me a few months ago. At first it was great, I didn't notice any brightening effect but it didn't dry my skin out. However after about a month or two using this product my acne started getting worse. I honestly don't think it's because of this product that it worsened but it was due to my unhealthy lifestyle and frequent changes in my skincare. I decided to stop using it because maybe it did contribute to my acne one way or another, I simply switched it for a more gentle cleanser that I was familiar with. If you're looking for good cleansing without the drying then choose this. I don't think it really works to lighten old scars or brighten the skin though. It's also good to note than I'm an oily type whereas my friends have dry skin.
Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam
I have used this for 3 months, at first it done a pretty good job. But since I have combination skin. The oily path (forehead and nose) was fine, but the cheek part felt really dry. You need a good moisturizer to balance this. I think I will switch this with another good cleanser
Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash
When I was younger, my doctor recommended this face wash. Now that I have sensitiveness as well, I changed to different things, but this product easier to get. It doesn't really wash out my face impurities that lead to whiteheads, so I have to use the prescribed acne ointment. However, since most face wash despite being well cleansing, also drying the skin, this product balances it pretty well. It still dries you out a little, but not severe.
CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence
I've been through 4 bottles of this and I can't describe how much this is a great product for my dehydrated skin. It is a staple, but it can be a bit sticky especially since I live in a tropical climate country. It is great to use it at night especially, just to boost the hydration levels completely. Great for improving my PIH but not so much improvements on the acne that appears every month :( Definitely repurchasing this again in the future!
Mamonde Rose Water Toner
I love this as it is soothing, On days that my skin feels more dehydrated, one or two layers wont suffice, but since it is watery consistency it is layerable. Great for 7-skin method. Quite strong rose scent, so it might be irritating for some people who do not like products with perfume in it, but it is fine for me. I'm interested to try other products but this is definitely something that I'll repurchase again, and let it sit there so that I can reach for it anytime I need a staple. Great product overal!

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