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Latest Reviews

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream
I bought it after watching a video from Hyram and was planning on using it in the summer, but i ended up trying it in the authumn when my skin was a bit dry. The moisturizer dried into my skin quickly but burned and in my opinion made my skin more dry. I think this moisturizer would be better for a more humid environment. I also wasn't a huge fan of the scent
Face Republic Super Screen Sun Gel SPF 50+
I am so in love with this sunscreen! It works really well with my skin that it did not break me out. It is super light, feels really good on the skin, and does not smell bad at all. I am so glad I decided to give this a try. It's now my go-to sunscreen.
NATURE REPUBLIC Green Derma Mild Cica Big Toner
It's good for oily or dry skin, it hydrates but doesn't make it greasy and absorbs quickly because of it. Big size so worth to buy. And this is my favorite toner from now on. This toner is suitable for people who have acne prone and sensitive skin. With a large size and an affordable price, this can be the best choice if you are looking for a toner that can save your money. Repurchase? yes of course
Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-In-1 Foundation
I tried this product twice. First time I got real bad fungal acne after a week. Then I needed 1 month to clear up. Months later... I gave it a second chance... but the same happened. So one more product for the trash. The product is bad I tried this product twice. First time I got real bad fungal acne after a week, over the whole face. Then I needed 1 month to clear up. Months later... I gave it a second chance... but the same happened. My face looked terrible and I felt years older. So one more product for the trash.
INNISFREE Tone-Up No Sebum Sunscreen
Not oily on the skin, best sunscreen for me. Been using this for many years already. This is perfect for oily skin, gives a bit of a cast but it helps make the skin look fresh. I have never tried any other sunscreen but I don't have any reasons to switch to a different one
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate
nothing special. nice and cool on the skin. great for summer time use. a little sticky after. has fragrance but not over powering. can probably find better. ingredient list isn't to bad. skin care guru hyrum doesn't mind this line. contents of this tub is not as full as it looks. have repurchased a couple of times.
Dr. Denese New York HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum
I'll lead with the fact that i live in a high elevation harsh area. very dry, very sunny. that being said, this serum is my go to moisturizer. once matte dry (about 5 min) i throw my sunscreen on and were adventure ready. which suits my seriously short attention span. you can actually see the difference.
Farmacy Clean Bee Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser
I have Malassezia, and this cleanser greatly helps in keeping my oily skin from breaking out. My only complaint is the inclusion of Lavender oil. The oil does seem to cause very slight redness that goes away quickly. No stinging or actual irritation.

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