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Latest Reviews

Pyunkang Yul Acne Facial Cleanser
I am really glad that I finally found the cleanser that suit to my skin after 6 years of try and error the product. I do make some research what ingredient that I can use and what ingredient need to avoid. It makes my skin smoother after washing my face. It also does not clogged pores after used it. I really recommended it to the people who has acne-prone skin as it is free from fungal acne and also contain quite good ingredient.
Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment
I have very dry skin on my hands. It got so dry that it'll turn red and start to bleed. When it will heal it will form brown scabs all over my arms. I tried many creams and lotions such as Nivea, Petroleum Jelly, Prescription Cream, etc. I went to my doctor and she recommended this to me and it only took a couple of days to heal. I been using this for 7 years. I also use it on my lips and it keeps them hydrated. It is a bit greasy so I only apply this during night time. I wake up with nice and soft hands.
Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner
love !!!!!! very hydrated for dry skin and all skin a toner that is worth a try for beginners and contains many good ingredients and does not pose a risk to the skin, Worth to try and buy ,if you haven't tried this toner, try it right away !!!you will not regret it, the price is also worth it and according to the effect it gives to our skin. good dry skin This toner can absorb and hydrate the skin perfectlyperfectlyperfectlyperfectlyperfectlyperfectlyperfectlyperfectly even with various skin types it is perfect !!
Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash
A bit pricer than drugstore but to me its oh so worth it. My acne is better and my skin clearer. I love this product so much, really got for teen acne. I 100% recommend it if you are willing to invest in your skin this is the way to go. (Even better if you switch to the whole entire range) I honestly swear by this face wash now, just wish the packaging wasn't so flimsy.
CeraVe Moisturising Cream
my face didn't like it very much, i found it to be very comedogenic. decided to use up the rest on my body and i was pleasantly surprised, however i won't repurchase it - there are better options out there. helped with my eczema, but again, there are wayyy better options out there imo.
Paula's Choice C15 Super Booster
So I usually go for the highest % of ascorbic acid I can find, but I was on PC's website stocking up on a few HG products and I just purchased it on a whim in December of 2019. it absorbs beautifully after a few seconds. It does leave a little bit of a glow, but its definitely not sticky or oily. After I put moisturizer on my skin just looks healthier. I opened this about a month after buying it (while keeping it in my fridge). When I use it, I would open the refrigerator door, remove the product, dropped a couple drops on my face and closed the container and put it right back in the fridge. Then, I would rub it in. I dont know if it was my quick ninja like skills, but as of today (Jan 24th, 2021) it hasn't oxidized at all and it smells as fresh as day one. The results were exactly what I'd want from a Vitamin C serum. It definitely lives up to its claims!
Origins Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Treatment Lotion
I started using this upon my cosmetologist's suggestion because mushroom extract is supposed to be good for sensitive redness-prone skin. First of all, the 200ml bottle in my country costs over 40 EUR which is way to much in terms of what you pay and what you get, so if you are planning on trying this I suggest buying on sale or going for a smaller package if available. In terms of results - I honestly cannot say I notice any drastically positive results after using it for 6 months once per day. I did notice it hydrates the neck area nicely, but it did not soothe my face that much. It does OK in terms of hydrating but you can achieve the same hydration with products that are cheaper and have better ingredient lists. Also, I investigated a bit more about its ingredients only after purchasing it and fount it really confusing - a product full of essential oils cannot really be that good for sensitive redness-prone skin I believe. All in all - I don't think I will buy this lotion again as its ingredients and the promised results are somewhat confusing.
Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream
This was like okay? Definitely not buying again, but at least it didn’t gave me any bad reactions, I don’t think it’s suitable for oily skin like mine, so maybe if you have a combination to drier skin it would be a better experience. It made my skin feel soft but I it’s clogging my pores a little bit. The best and worse thing about this product is the packaging, 100g is good if you enjoyed the product but if you didn’t it’s kind of a downside lol, I hate wasting products so rn I’m using on my hands etc haha (at least my hands are looking soft and pretty so it wasn’t that bad)