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INNISFREE Aloe Revital Soothing Gel
Saya                                                             merasa                                                                   Lulur                                                 Penyanyi                                                 Wajah                                                       Bagus                                                     selain                                                     dr                                                   benton                                            aloeshooting                                       gel. dulu                                   qpake                                   benton                                 skrg q ganti                                 ke                                 innisfree                                 krn                               lebih                               murah                               isi                               lebih                               banyak . ini                               juga d pake                             sama                             seluruh                             klg q krn                             saking                             banyaknya . cukup                             buat                           skluarga . keren                         asih . cuman   kelemahannya                     jauh                   lebih                   cepat                   meresap e                 benton . utk                 khasiat               sama               aja q bebeas               jerawat               sembuh               dr               jerawat               dan           jerawat         jamur . nyembuhin     jerawat     lebih   cepat   dan mredakan kemerhan pd jerawat.
SKIN AQUA UV Moisture Milk SPF 50+ PA+++
Pertama                                                         kali                                                       pake                                                       tabir                                                       surya ya skinaqua                                                     ini . awal2                                                 sih                                                 gak                                                 nyaman                                                 krn                                                 kyk                                                 berminyak                                               gtu . tp pas beberapa                                           Menit                                         kmudian                                       kulit                                       jd                                     kenceng                                     Licin                                   tp                                   Bukan                                   berminyak                                   kyk                                   LEBIH                                   Ke                                   lembab                                   dgtu . benars                               juga                               dia                             ugak                             bbikin breakout asama                           skali . udh                       setaun                       ini qpake                     dan                     gak                     pernah                   ada                   keluhan                   apa2 . jerawat                   dtg                   krn               lagi         haid       mnrut     ini     bagus     bgt   buat   yg kulitnya jerawatan.
Boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer
This cream is a light moisturizer. Although it has one ingredient with fungal acne, my skin does not break out at all and I really have an acne pro skin. My only problem with this cream is the silicone. Because of the silicone the cream stays on my skin instead of absorbing into my skin. Thats why I do not feel that my skin got moisturised
Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser Fragrance Free
TL;DR: it broke me out. I have oily-combination skin (oily on t-zone), I'm a teenager, and I used it for a week. I got this a while back and used it as an oil cleanser because I heard that mineral oil was fungal acne friendly (disclaimer: I don't actually know if I have FA, I have super oily skin, and I self-diagnosed back then), but it completely broke out my skin. Thankfully, it was summer break then because if I had to show my face to the public, I would've never left the house. Maybe I didn't wash it off good enough, but it seriously took 5-10 minutes to feel that it was all off my face, and I didn't and still don't have that kind of patience. People who are desperate for some moisture may find this okay as a cleanser, but that's a small minority. I would never use this as a moisturizer unless you like slathering vaseline on your face, because that's basically what it is. It may have been a bargain for the price I got it for (thanks, CVS), but no amount of money saved would make up for the horrendous acne I got. If I ever use this, it'll be on the feet.
Son & Park Beauty Water
My skin looks better since starting to use this water. I use it mainly in the morning, it preps my skin and mainly I see a difference in size of my pores (they are smaller) and how my BB looks during the day. The skin is nicely smooth and glows. I don´t think it is overly hydrating, the hydration is moderate, but it is not drying at all. I used it a few times to take my makeup off when I was just lazy to do the double cleansing. It is not ideal, but it works great and my skin feels clean and does not break out. The only negative thing is the price, wish it was cheaper.
Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip​ Milk Vanilla
As much as I love the smell (so good you want to eat it), moisturizes my lips darn well - it's just an overall inconvenience to use. Old habits die hard, I'd take my sweet time smearing lip balms on my lips for a little more than a couple of seconds, and I find it quite a hassle to be conscious of how long the balm is in contact with your lips lest it goes from 0 to 100 in a hot second. You end up with a runny mess. Counters are to dab just once onto your top lip/bottom lip, and rub your lips together to evenly distribute product or, leave it in the fridge so that gives you a good couple of seconds longer for you to apply onto your lips before it just goes ham with the melting. Would I re-purchase? Not when I'm living in a humid country. Naw. I am, however, looking forward to trying the [Matcha version](
Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner
My face broke out in a rash with this toner. I've used other products with fragrance and lavender oil before with no issues or only mild irritation upon contact but this product is unusable for me. Tried in a humid and in a drier climate on vacation and same reaction both times so I threw it away.
CosRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser
I have used a lot of cleanser in the past and this is the best one even among cosrx other cleansers. I have a combination skin and have suffered from acne for years. The good morning cleansing gel doesn't make the acne disappear but it definitely smoothes the skin and makes it very clean to apply product afterwards