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Purito Defence Barrier Ph Cleanser
I would give this product ten stars if I could! I started off looking for a cleanser that wouldn't leave my face feeling tight, which is just excess dryness. After using this, my skin feels fresh and clean, without that "tight" feeling, which is exactly what I needed. This product is a basic prep for my skin, especially because of the low-PH level it has. Oh and it's malassezia-free! I would recommend to anyone starting out their skincare journey for sure
Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate
I have been using this product since 2019 and I must admit that my skin still not perfect but this one really help me climb up to the height I never expected. It help a lot for my used to be acne prone and very sensitive skin even though they put a lot of perfume in it, guess perfume wasn't the cause of my skin problem but hope they will fix it in the future. The texture is just right for my combination skin with help of gel moisturizer. The absorption is just right, you still have some time to do a little massage before it all absorbed. In short, I recommend this product and you may start with 10 ml trial to see how your skin react. You may found one of the best pre-serum for your skin.
Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream
I don't even know where to begin. I guess ill start out by saying my skin is combo leaning more towards dry/sensitive. I started using this cream about 5 years ago and I am skincare junkie I have tried MANY different creams and always go back to this one. At first glance it looks like a water cream and feels like a water cream but its super moisturizing not like other water creams I have tried that sink in super quick and don't moisturize.. This actually moisturizes my dry skin and leaves my skin radiant, and plump instant gratification just how I like my skincare to be lol!!
DHC Coenzyme Q10
I have been using these sheet mask for 5 years! My absolute favorite for moisturizing and plumping skin. If you have dry skin this is for you! For reference I have combo skin leaning more towards dry. I typically use the sheet mask at night that way i wake up with plump, moisturized, radiant skin in the morning. The DHC Q10 toner is also a great product.
Balea Gesichtswasser Ultra Sensitive
I really like it very much! Simple moisturizing ingredients. Safe, no bad ingredients! I have just bought my second bottle! Low price! I can only recommend it. It is produced in Germany, so you can buy it in Germany and Austria as fas as I know. Probably also online
ETUDE HOUSE Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser
Was given the 'Wonder Pore Clear Kit' which includes the Wonder Pore Facial Wash (30ml) and the Wonder Pore Freshner (25ml) which was the toner, small enough samplers to use for at least a little more than a couple of months. Things were alright at first, but as I kept using it, I found it really stripped the oil outta my face - leaving my face feeling as dry as the Sahara- even felt slight pinching and I had to, desperately, put on moisturizer right after. Hadn't done much in improving anything in the acne department, so that's just a meh from me. But I wouldn't be purchasing it.
Mustela 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel
its good gentle and smooth i love to do it with my baby i=because is very good and not oily at all, its so soft and mild when use into the baby's body even the face, its very recommended and does not make unsuitable feel in the eyes. i want to buy more and more for the baby
Safi Dermasafe Gentle Care Mousse Cleanser
in loveeee sangat, does not make my face feel tight (pakai in 1 minute je) no more breakout, tinggal parut. also dah pakai dua botol, acne dgn parut pun dah kurang, acne besar2 dah jarang sangat2, tu pun sbb hormon, yg penting cari produk yg sesuai 👍🏼