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Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream
I use it as a daily moisturizer as well as a sleeping mask by laying it thick. It absorbs well, doesn't leave the skin sticky when used as a moisturizer. My skin is combination oily, now it has dryness due to topical retinoid for acne. Currently, I have post cystic/hormonal acne hyperpigmentation, so I use it on top of many serums, vitamin c, name it. It's formula doesn't have actives, and this is what I am looking for. It has cintella in it, which my skin likes. Spf sits well on top of it, makeup as well. I tried using it as occlusive cream with my retinoid but it stings for a while, although no redness or irritation occured. I suppose that's because I have a compromised barrier from epiduo I still use; plus I am on doxy. In the morning, I wake up with calmer and brighter skin, but a bit dry. And that's why it's not recommended to mix hyaluronate containing formula with retinoids. Lesson learned. Overall, I will continue to use it as a daily moisturizer. For the price and benefit, I recommend it.
IsNtree Hyaluronic Acid Water Sleeping Mask
Mates, I love this product so much. It is the best step each night before I go to sleep, at least for my skin it gives me just what I need, doesn't clog pores, moisturizes really well, doesn't have a smell, right tacky consistency, it is just great for me. I will definitely buy this again and I would recommend it because it did improved my skin a lot after I started using this product in particular. I feel like other steps could fail me but this is the one I trust that will save the night. Really good on my combination skin. Make sure to apply a slightly thick layer all over the face and let it do it's wonder overnight.
A'pieu pH Balancing 18 Moisture Cream
Yes, just good for my combination skin, of course, I don't think it really is enough help for my skin though because I still feel like my face is asking for more moisture after I use this as last step, which is a bit sad because I LOVE the consistency, it is so nice almost like it vanishes, almost a watery finish, it feels great on the skin when spreading it, my skin feels so soft after using this I just wish it gave me more moisture but I guess my skin is just drier than I thought. If you need a quick moisture cream well yes, I would recommend this one. It has a bit strong smell, just mind that, it smells like a lettuce almost, if it makes any sense, but I don't hate the smell, makes me feel like I am taking care of my skin with natural ingredients.
Mary Kay Botanical Effects Refreshing Toner
I got this mary kay toner as a gift a while ago and gave it a try since I had run out of my a'pieu toner. I don't necessarily HATE this but I also do not love it. At all. It does irritate my skin on my dry patches, it leave a very weird feeling after using it, almost like tacky which I really really dislike. I would give it a 2.5 but since it didn't ruin my skin I think I'll leave it at 3 because my skin is very reactive to way too many products. This has a strong smell for my liking, too sweet and a bit strong on alcohol, other people can clearly smell it. I wouldn't buy this to be honest but if you badly need a toner I guess you could at least try, but be careful it can irritate your skin.
A'pieu Ph Balancing 18 First Toner
I must say it is not great, but also not bad at all! I mean, I bought this along with the moisturizer from the same brand and this toner didn't make a big difference but at least it helped on my dry patches! and it still felt it nice on the skin as a second step. It's just watery, completely, it leaves no weird texture and it does have a fragrance but nothing too strong, it is just slight.
TOSOWOONG Dr. Troubex Sparkling Skin Toner
At first I used it as a third step for my skincare routine all over my face but found out it was just too much for my non-dry-skin area. I started experiencing more clogged pores on my cheeks and sometimes on my forehead BUT I tried using it only where I get more of my dry patches and it works nice. I still feel like I could do better adding another step for those patches but I see a big difference before and after I started using this product so yes yes, it works really good for meeeeee.
Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Cleanser
Been using this for months and I think it works just right for my skin type. I love how it feels when trying to make foam and I feel my skin is clean after using it and not tight. Of course this wont take all of your make up by itself so make sure to take it off before using this to have a clean face. I had 0 issues and it is great to say this because my skin tends to react to way too many products. Would buy again.
Ego Sunsense Daily Face PA++++ SPF 50+ Invisible Tint Finish
While marketed as an "invisible tint" I have pale skin and on me this was orange, orange, orange. I also had issues with it pilling, and while I tested to find out what it was responding to in order to prevent the pilling I couldn't find the culprit. For these two reasons it's a no from me.