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KLAIRS Soft Airy UV Essence
I am a complete suncreen nerd and I always want to feel that I'm using the right amount of SPF on my skin - this makes this product an aboslute win for me. Why? simply because of the formula. This sunscreen is a waterbased chemical sunscreen whic gives me the confidence to re-apply as much as I want without piling up a cast. This suncreen has no white cast at all whatsoever. I have never broken out of this and literally feels like nothing. Ot also has the highest protection from UVA holding a PA of 4 pluses (PA++++). My Skin Type: Oily Combination, sensitive and complicated.
SHAKLEE Youth Age Defense Moisturizer - SPF 50
Protect your skin from far more than just the sun with SPF 50 broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen. Vitamins and nourishing botanicals moisturise your skin and improve overall appearance of skin tone. The YOUTH Hydration regimen is designed to provide solutions for both dry and dehydrated skin. You can apply a hydrating serum like YOUTH® Moisture Activating Serum to measurably increase skin hydration levels. The YOUTH® Moisture Lock Day Cream is designed to protect your skin from moisture loss and seal in the actives of your hydrating serum to maximize its benefits. Both YOUTH® products use our Active Cellular Hydration Technology™ which helps your skin restore the efficiency of its natural hydration system to rehydrate and revitalize skin. Our exclusive formula attracts moisture to your skin’s outer layers, and also acts as a reservoir locking in hydration. Also, make sure you’re drinking enough water (about 8 glasses, or 64 ounces, a day). It is also important to know that skin is the last organ to absorb hydration, so it really helps making topical products a must for these skin conditions. The best thing you can do for your skin is to keep it hydrated and moisturized. And if you already do, enjoy your softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin!
SeneGence LipSense
As a very minimal and basic make up user I loved the idea of this product. I do not wear lip colors because I find they wear off and I do not have the time or initiative to reapply during my day. I like the color I have is the beige Champagne. I love the color. Application is easy. Having no comparisons I find the product is thin but goes on nice. It dries quick, but if you make a mistake and correct it immediately it is fixable. The first coat is light in color which is perfect for me, however it is easy to deepen the color with more layers. I do not like the burning sensation that it causes on me. I have always assumed it was the alcohol for drying the product. I do not like that one must wear another product over it. As i find that it is incredibly sticky without their moisturizing gloss over it. It does get better as it dries down but if you need to open your mouth you constantly have to pull your lips apart. I have tries chap sticks or other glosses and they work ok. but i think their moisturizing gloss works best. With the over top of the color my lips are no longer sticky and they feel soft and soft and silky and the product feels light on them. For me the product lasts about half day on its own, but by the time i make it through my coffee, breakfast and lunch it could use a bit of a refresh i, I also find that this point forward is starts to get gritty, so I do end up having to remove what is left and reapply, which I am not thrilled about, but at least I only have to do this once a work day, not every hour or two like the creamy stick forms of lips sticks I have tried in the past. Day time removal of just wiping away the left over gloss and the gritty stuff does leave some pigment behind, but since i am reapplying the same color it is ok. Nighttime removal with make up remover seems to get rid of all the product, but it is a really light neutral shade so I am not sure if darker colors would remove a nice. I do find that it leaves my lips dry and I need to exfoliate them and put chapstick on in the evening. I find that the price point on the product is a bit steep, at $30.00 for the color itself this competes with Mac and Merl Norman lip sticks i have purchased in the past, however seen as that i must use the gloss product to make this bearable I find that paying $55.00 for lip color is a bit steep ($30.00 for the color & $25.00 for the gloss). Right now I tolerate the product because I love the color and refuse to buy another lips color as I don't wear makeup all that often and cannot justify tossing near full product out just when it looks good. When I run out of the product I will try another long lasting blend but will not purchase this one again.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup
I'm really sure where to start with this foundation, I heard so many good things about it all over youtube and from fb makeup groups yet the only good thing I can say about it is that it doesn't get into creases. I HATED this foundation so much, it looked so cakey and heavy on my face that I end up looking way older than what I truly am. I heard people who said it's because of the way you apply the foundation and you have to work fast with it. so I looked all over the net for video tutorials to mimic and no method worked for my skin. I've tried brushes, tried sponge, tried beauty bleander, put smaller amount so it won't get so cakey, put bigger amounts to hide my acne scars and nothing worked on my 28 years old skin. it's definitely not foundation I will recommend to anyone about. while waiting for the bottle to end I was hiding from any light so my cakey face won't scare anyone lol, this foundation belong in my makeup black list.
L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup
I loved this foundation but I realized it was also the main cause of my acne. Beautiful application, texture, stayed on throughout the day and it was had the perfect shade for me. I would not repurchase due to my skin reaction but I did like this product at some point.
Urban Decay All Nighter Liquid Foundation
This has been the only foundation that lasts on my skin throughout the day without giving me acne. I tend to get oily in the summer time due to the heat but this one still stays on no matter what. It still looks beautiful at the end of the night. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. Highly recommend.
BENTON Snail Bee High Content Lotion
I love this moisturizer, the consistency is white and creamy, it really moist my skin. it wont make my skin feels tacky or anything and fits with my others skincare. This is like 2/3 times i purchased this product. i highly recommend this product....
Wardah Perfect Bright Creamy Foam Brightening + Smoothing
Jenis kulit Saya sensitif, menggunakan produk ini kurang lebih selama 2 tahun. Efek yang langsung dapat dirasakan/dilihat adalah efek cerah seketika, dan terasa segar. Masalah kulit yang saya hadapi yakni jerawat dan Fungal Acne. bertahun-tahun tidak sembuh² menggunakan produk ini dan ternyata setelah saya mulai mempelajari berbagai jenis ingredient yang terdapat dlm skincare, saya menemukan banyak ingredient yang memperburuk Fungal Acne ( stearic acid, myristic acid, lauric acid, ester, dll (tidak smua jenis kulit dapat teriritasi)) Berikut reviewjujur saya, mohon maaf apabila terdapat kata yang kurang berkenan.

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