Madecassoside Cica Gel


Madecassoside Cica Gel

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Madecassoside Cica Gel

from 9 Ratings

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oily PIHAcneBlackheads+ 3
Soothes any redness like a champ.

What drew me towards this product was the option to try a gel moisturizer, since I've been using creams so far - and the creams I've tried so far has fared quite well in keeping my oily-skin happy, perhaps using a gel might change the game.

Packaging: Glass-like jar with metal cap, making it heavier than I thought. Love the design, very 'medicinal'.

Fragrance-free, but shoving my nose close to the jar I detect a very, very slight smell akin to tea. (It's the Centella leaf water)

Texture: Light gel, doesn't glide as well as I'd like but absorbs fairly well. (*A Toner and a serum is applied before moisturizer)
*Leaves a sticky protective film, that goes away after a while. But the stickiness can be a negative to some. *

Hydrating/Moisturizing? Wouldn't be enough for winter or dry skin, but is amazing if you've oily skin and living in a humid country.

Super great thing about this product is that it calms redness very well, alongside reducing any flakiness and itchiness. Despite me not having all that sensitive skin, I do get the occasional redness here and there, and A'pieu's Madecassoside Cica Gel works its magic and truly shines.

Would I re-purchase? Yes. I've naught any issues with the current cream moisturizers- or my Aloe Vera gel, but this is a welcome addition to my list of skin-approved moisturizers.

dry RosaceaAnti-AgingSensitive+ 1

rhaenys has left a 5 star rating.
combination MelasmaAnti-AgingUneven
Only for very dry and sensitive skin

This gel is the heaviest thing I ever had to put on my face because out of desperation I had to do it so after burning my face with Pixi Glow Tonic.
I hugely dislike heavy gunky products on my face so am always on the hunt for lightest texture ever. As you can imagine this is one of my least favoured product.
But... The healing power of this gunky (almost like a shoe sole glue) textured stuff is beyond discription. It immediately soothed my parched red cheeks and oh boy did it linger on my face for 2 days 48 hours in total. Phew it made my face so wet and sticky that I can not explain further. I had to deep cleanse my face on the third day of this cream has been sitting on my face for 48 hours despite me trying to wash off gently within that 48 initial hours.
Especially if you are suffering from overheating or hot flushes due to the area and age you are at, keep away from this product, it will surely be a nightmare.
Apparently this is perfect for the Rosacea and sentivity isuues also very affordable for those on low budget.

combination AcneBlackheadsPores+ 4

tessadegroot1994 has left a 5 star rating.
combination PIHBlackheadsPores
Slightly Sticky On The Skin But Helps Shrink My Acne

Bought this product because my skin was get more oily all of a sudden. So before the acne hits, I wanted to find something with Cica as I've heard great things about it combating excess sebum. The consistency is a cooling gel-like that's slightly sticky when I applied it on my face. But surprisingly it didn't worsen during the day and I noticed that my acne would shrink after using it for 2 days and I'm talking about the active acne that's about to pop. Would recommend for people that occasionally gets hormonal acne like me who wants to kill it off quick.

combination EczemaBlackheadsDehydrated+ 1
The moisturizer.

I love this product. I like how it gives my skin that healthy looking glow. I live in a humid country and this gel really suits my skin. It does not feeling greasy at all. However, for people who have a dry skin type, I suggest for you to try this madecassoside in cream version because it is much more moisturizing than this. For me, this is perfect especially for the hot weather.

oily RosaceaAnti-AgingSensitive+ 1
Sensitive Skin HG

This is my HG product for sensitive skin. It contains no EOs, alcohol, silicones, etc. It calms and soothes my skin, keeping my sensitivities and rosacea in check. It's a watery Vaseline gel that pats down into a hydrating cool moisturizer. It leaves behind a protective film on the skin. 70% Centella Asiatica Leaf Water and .5% Madecassoside.

oily PIHAcneRosacea+ 2

potassume has left a 5 star rating.
combination AcneRosaceaBlackheads+ 5

tigerlilxs has left a 5 star rating.