Snail Bee High Content Lotion


Snail Bee High Content Lotion

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Snail Bee High Content Lotion

from 84 Ratings

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Reviews & Ratings

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combination PIHAcneRosacea+ 5

thatkarolina has left a 1 star rating.
combination AcneBlackheadsSensitive+ 1
Good at first..

I bought this product due to the hype that this product was getting. It was my biggest mistake that I made! I used this for a week and had no bad results, which I began to like it. After another week, I began to develop some acnes on my cheek. I believed that it was the bee venom. My skin didn't like it and I reacted bad to it. Don't let my review stop you from buying this product. A lot of people said this works great for them so it may work great for you!

combination BlackheadsPoresSensitive+ 1
Realy good as a moisturizer complement

Amazing Lotion for AM and PM routine. I'm using it under a retinol cream (PM) and it's the best combination for my sensitive skin.

combination AcneWhiteheads
Amazing product!

I love this moisturizer, the consistency is white and creamy, it really moist my skin. it wont make my skin feels tacky or anything and fits with my others skincare. This is like 2/3 times i purchased this product. i highly recommend this product....

dry AcneBlackheadsPores+ 4

austine has left a 3 star rating.
dry SensitiveDehydratedWhiteheads

sableye has left a 5 star rating.
combination RosaceaBlackheadsPores
n i c e

this lotion is awesome for combination and oily skin since it isn't heavy at all! a little goes a long way too! I've been using this for a week only, but my skin is totally loving it, it absorbs quickly too but it doesn't 'leave' your skin! I'm totally buying it again when the bottle runs out! (btw lots of product too!)

normal BlackheadsPoresUneven+ 1
Fantastic moisturizer

Well, I bought this product on-line on some E-bay store, I heard lots of great opinions, and I had read tones of reviews about this lotion, so I decided to buy it.
And it was great decision!

This. Product. Is. AMAZING!
PERFECTLY moisture your skin, left your skin with healthy shine. And this is what I was looking for.
Another advantage is that this Benton's lotion do not contain any fragnance.
Ingredient list is awesome, no silicones, parabens.
I would like to recommend this product to everyone who struggle with dry/normal/oily skin, I'm sure you'll like it.

combination AcneMelasmaAnti-Aging+ 3
Won't repurchase

I'm currently using this one and when I first tried this on my forehead, I can say that it is indeed moisturizing. Another great thing about this is that you can use a pea-sized and it goes a long way!

One of my problems with it is the scent. I hated it. I smells like bleach or some chemical. I'm not fragrance-sensitive but this one really annoys me. Another is there are cheaper alternatives that are far better than this one.

combination PIHAcneAnti-Aging+ 2

carismathicc has left a 5 star rating.
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