Rice Toner


Rice Toner

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Rice Toner

from 9 Ratings

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combination MelasmaBlackheadsFungal+ 2

This product might be good for many people,, but for me it broke me out with fungal acne. i never had fungal acne in past and as soon i started to use this on the second use i suffer sever fungal acne around chin and cheek area, so one should do a patch test before using it. one should use a mini version before investing in it. I am giving it one star for its hydration part but from my side this product is totally a nooo.

combination AcneAnti-AgingBlackheads+ 4
HG for flaky skin!

This is one of the most life-changing and surprising products for me. It got me a bit confused though, as my experience with it doesn't match a lot of the reviews I've seen.
I have an extremely flaky + dehydrated combination skin. It's one of the cases where the flakes appear on the oily parts of the face. I felt like I tried everything out there to fix it. I exfoliated, mixed oil into foundation, damped sponges, tried every hydrating serum/toner, etc and my skin still felt dry and patchy when I put make up on. I got this for my mum and tried it a couple times instead of my Isntree Hyaluronic acid toner, which is supposed to be more focused on hydration. And somehow the result was no patches under my foundation whatsoever, IN DRY WINTER. I got it for myself and seriously nothing can compare. It even helps with the stubborn flakes around the nose. When I use it, my skin gets incredibly soft and I can actually feel the product absorbing, as opposed to Isntree that just dries up in a layer on top of my skin.
I've tried Hada Labo Gokujyun, Dr.Ceuracle's Propolis, TO's Hyaluronic Acid +B5 and many more, but this by far is the most hydrating product I've ever used.

oily PIHBlackheadsFungal+ 4

noriland has left a 5 star rating.
dry SensitiveDehydratedUneven
Nice, but need more hydration

This is a milky toner, with nice ingredients. I think it does help with hyper pigmentation, but I do need a little more hydration. I must say that you can layer it up quite well, but I like other hydrating toners better for dry skin. It's fine in the summertime, but I'd definitely need more in winter. It does feel quite luxurious with the glass bottle (not so much with the plastic cap, but still). I wouldn't repurchase because of the price and lack of hydration, but I could see this working for other people with more oily skin. I would say it's still a pretty solid pick if your skin isn't too dry.

combination PIHBlackheadsPores+ 1

kissa1001 has left a 5 star rating.
combination AcneAnti-AgingPores+ 2

mrscamou has left a 4 star rating.
dry AcneAnti-AgingPores+ 3

luna28 has left a 5 star rating.
oily AcneAnti-AgingPores

teacupn has left a 4 star rating.
oily PIHAcneBlackheads+ 4

maddiiswan has left a 4 star rating.