3Week Skin Solution Power Magic Toner

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3Week Skin Solution Power Magic Toner

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3Week Skin Solution Power Magic Toner

from 7 Ratings

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dry AcneAnti-AgingPores+ 2

laurenusa has left a 5 star rating.
normal Blackheads
Great for people with sensitive skin!

I absolutely love simple products, they have no harsh chemicals or perfumes in and are really gentle on the skin. I use this toner after washing my face I find that it’s not at all drying but doesn’t make my oily skin out of control and it does smell nice too. Also, doesnt painfully tighten my skin like ive had other toners do. Great for people with sensitive skin!

dry Anti-Aging
I love the way this feel! So Cool!

I love the way this feels! I've been using it for a month and have noticed a real difference in it. Just after a week, I see an improved overall texture in my skin, which was very clearly revealed to me after my morning wash. My skin tone appears to be more even, not blotchy as it used to be. Giving it moisturizing and refreshing when it is applied.

This product definitely works as promised. Every morning my skin feels soft and glowing all day! I will definitely buy again and I highly recommend to my friends!

oily Anti-AgingBlackheadsPores+ 2
Amazing toner doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!

I have a oily/sensitive skin. I only used cleanser on my face and serum. I dont believe in toner. Im also picky on what products
i will put on my face. So cool me 3 weeks promise made me curious. I waited exactly 3 weeks before i made this review.
This is not a sticky type but light watery toner. It does clean my pores without over drying. This toner has made a noticeable
difference in my face. The pimple marks in my face is almost unnoticeable and texture is more better.
I apply it ever morning and night after using my facial cleaner. I’m very satisfied with it.

combination BlackheadsPoresSensitive+ 3
This is so Magical

This is my first time purchasing this product.
I was amazed with the improvements of my face in one week of using.

I can see a huge improvements with in terms of appearance and even the texture of my skin.

I will continue to use this product and see how it will improve my skin in the 3rd week.
Can't wait to continue using this.

This is 100% awesome.

Would like to recommend this product it really works for my large pores.

oily Acne
easy on skin

I spend a lot of money on buying good toner for my oily skin. Surprisingly not harsh on the skin for being an exfoliating toner.
I only use it once a day. Good stuff. I also use SoCoolSoME essence which seems to work well with the toner.
Little pricy but my skin is priceless.

combination MelasmaAnti-Aging
This toner works!

This toner actually works. I had my doubts since "exfoliating" usually involves some sort of grainy ingredient, but this toner keeps my skin clear and removes dead cells. It says to use with a cotton pad, so I used it with my usual cotton pad and you can see the dirt on it. Was amazed to see how much is actually left on the skin after cleansing. Totally recommend it my friends~!