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I keep getting breakout for few times since Dec 2018. I consulted derma up till now and my Dr but she keep diagnosed me with bacterial acne and prescribed me with amoxcicillin and differin for 3months. I recovered on March 2020. Then my breakout coming back for a month on May 2019. I went traveling to Thailand on last September 2019 that's when my breakout coming back because of the environment there so hot and it trigged my acne. I've consulted derma and again the diagnosis is still the same bacterial infection.The breakout getting worse up till now 😭😭 Lastly I checked my skin on my own and I counter some symptoms that lead me to fungal acne. I consulted once again my derma and told her that maybe I've infected by fungal and not bacterial and she denied that. So during RMO in Malaysia, just only yesterday I got my lazy ass done some researched on fungal acne through youtuber Lieh Yoo and Maisarah Mahmud. Thanks to both of them because I got to know about Simple Skin Care Science and SkinCarisma website. I only know yesterday that we can check our product that we've been using suits for our skin or not through SkinCarisma website. Lol dumb me😂. After I'd done checking all of my current skincare's ingredients only I got to know that some of the product is not fungal acne safe☹️. I straight away bought new skincare online that is totally fungal cane safe💯 . I broke out a lot and it was a painful and rough journey. I cant wait for the parcel to arrive on my door!! In the mean time, I need to continuously using my current skincare until the new one is arrive. I'll update once I received the parcel and start using the product!! xx

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