Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for Face Broad Spectrum SPF 50

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EU Allergen-Free
Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe

Notable Effects & Ingredients

UV Protection from 1 Ingredient(s):
Titanium Dioxide

Ingredients Related to Skin Types
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Dry Skin
Oily/Acne-Prone Skin
Sensitive Skin

Ingredient Safety Breakdown (EWG Health Ratings)

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  • High Risk
  • Unknown

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Product Ingredient List

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EWG CIR Ingredient Name & Cosmetic Functions Notes
Titanium Dioxide
(Uv Absorber, Sunscreen Agent, Opacifying, Cosmetic Colorant)
UV Protection
UV Protection
Good for Sensitive Skin
Good for Sensitive Skin
(Skin Conditioning, Emollient, Antifoaming Agent, Skin Protecting)
Comedogenic Rating (1)
Butyloctyl Salicylate
(Solvent, Skin Conditioning, Hair Conditioning)
C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
(Skin Conditioning, Emollient, Antimicrobial)

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Great product
Skin Type: dry Skin
Skin Concerns: Rosacea, Anti-Aging (Fine lines & Wrinkles), Sensitive Skin, Dehydrated Skin

I love this spf, I have been using it for a couple of years.
I was searching for a product for the face, with a high physical filter and no chemical uv-absorbing ingredients, without perfume and few unnecessary ingredients.
I have very dry skin, (and a very fair skin tone with some redness,) and this product is very moisturizing and works great under makeup. I find that this doesn't leave a white cast on me, doesn't cause any irritation, and is simply a lovely, reliable product.

Not the Very Best but still Pretty Good
Skin Type: oily Skin
Skin Concerns: Acne, Large Pores, Sensitive Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Uneven Skin Tone

I must admit something that will make a lot of you gasp for air but I actually didn't use SPF until two months ago (even though I'm very pale). I was always scared of the zits that would appear on my face because of the closed comedones, I didn't want to feel the sunscreen on my face, I didn't want to smell it and I thought it would make my oily skin even worse.

Well, although this sunscreen probably isn't the best out there, it hasn't made me give up on sunscreen (and I usually give up on stuff that don't work right away hahaha) which still means it at least SOMEWHAT good.

It comes in a cute quirky small packaging. I take it everywhere with me, it's very practical.

I've been applying it on my cleansed and toned face in the morning. I don't need moisturizer when I use it.
I usually wait about 20 minutes before starting my (eventual) make up.

It doesn't really clog pores (as long as you cleanse well), it leaves white marks only if you misapply it and it smells pretty good which I was surprised by!
It does however make you oily. Pretty oily. Even on days where I would have one of those "dry skin days", it still made me oily.
In those cases, I apply powder foundation.