Gokujyun Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil

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EU Allergen-Free
Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe
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Dry Skin
Oily/Acne-Prone Skin
Sensitive Skin

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Product Ingredient List

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EWG CIR Ingredient Name & Cosmetic Functions Notes
Ethylhexyl Palmitate
(Skin Conditioning, Perfuming, Emollient, Fragrance)
Bad for Oily Skin
Bad for Oily Skin
Fungal Acne
Fungal Acne Trigger
Comedogenic Rating (4)
(Solvent, Skin Conditioning, Masking, Emollient, Fragrance, Antistatic Agent, Hair Conditioning, Refatting)
(Solvent, Humectant, Viscosity Controlling, Viscosity Decreasing Agent)
Sucrose Tetraisostearate
(Skin Conditioning, Emollient, Surfactant, Emulsifying)
PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate
(Skin Conditioning, Emollient, Surfactant, Emulsifying)
Fungal Acne
Fungal Acne Trigger

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Hada Labo - for days when good enough is just good enough...
Skin Type: dry Skin
Skin Concerns: Anti-Aging (Fine lines & Wrinkles), Sensitive Skin, Dehydrated Skin

IMHO, Hada Labo Gokujyun Cleansing Oil is pretty much like most Hada Labo products - it does the job well but do not expect to be blown away by the slip or scent. If I want to pamper myself, I much prefer Tatcha's One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil but on days when I just want to get the sunscren and makeup off of my face as quickly as possible, I reach for Hada Labo. NOTE I suggest massaging it in and then letting it remain on your face for about 10-15 minutes if you are using it remove any water-proof makeup or makeup that does not easily come off. After, emulsify with water and you should be okay - do not be alarmed if your eyesight is a bit blurry after rinsing the oil off. It tends do that to lots of people.

Nothing special
Skin Type: combination Skin
Skin Concerns: Acne, Eczema, Melasma, Anti-Aging (Fine lines & Wrinkles), Sensitive Skin

It takes a while to remove the entire make up with this oil and I need to use tons of it ; plus , my sensitive eyes do not love it very much and i find myself with super red eyes for a good hour after using it . It is cheap but also not worth much in my opinion .

Absolutely fantastic!
Skin Type: oily Skin
Skin Concerns: Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), Anti-Aging (Fine lines & Wrinkles), Large Pores, Sensitive Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Uneven Skin Tone, Whiteheads/Closed Comedones

Feels amazing, removes everything.
Didn't think simply putting an oil cleanser on my face would combat blackheads AND whiteheads all at once. My face is soft and smooth after, can't recommend enough.
This stuff! One pump, rub it between my hands to warm it up, and gently apply it to my face like an iron press and I can ALREADY see my makeup melting off. It is crazy how effective this is! I have cleansed with oils before when I used the oil cleansing method years ago so it felt rather good to return back to those days. The oil doesn't have a fragrance and seems to utilize olive oil as its main ingredient/what it is based off of and it definitely matches the consistency of olive oil, albeit, a tad lighter in viscosity. Watching my eyeliner melt right off my eyes is pretty awesome, but the real magic comes when I close my eyes and literally feel my mascara crust off my lashes and dissolve against the gentle rubbing of my fingertips. Mascara is notoriously difficult for a lot of makeup removers, especially of the wet kind, out there to handle so to rid it so easily is refreshing.