Vitamin Tree Water-Gel


Vitamin Tree Water-Gel

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Vitamin Tree Water-Gel

from 14 Ratings

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combination PIHAnti-AgingFungal+ 2

effymia has left a 5 star rating.
oily PIHAcneEczema+ 6
Not immediate but does not take too long either

After 2 months of using, then I could see the result. It is lightweight and absorbed quite easily. Does not have any smell, and transparent water gel texture as labeled. It smoothes my skin over time though it took a while to see the result, but with consistency, and safe ingredients, made my homework works!

combination AcnePoresUneven+ 1
Best for acne -oily skin

this moisturizer is very good for daily use specially if you have acne-oily skin. it gives a very brightening effect after use. the bottle also comes with a small spatula to scoop out the product. but i would prefer if it was in a tube. over all this product is amazing and absorbs in your skin.

normal Sensitive
Used to be my holy grail until winter kicked in

I first tried this moisturizer about a year ago and instantly fell in love with it. It always left my skin incredibly dewy and moisturized, while also being quite lightweight. It worked wonders in both dry and humid climates which i thought was really impressive!

However, I found out that this product didn't work well in the winter time. It might have been not occlusive enough and my skin felt quite tight even after i used twice as much cream.

Overall, this is a great product, but I would definitely recommend using it in spring/summer time. (+ it NEVER broke me out)

oily PIHAcneBlackheads+ 2
break me out for oily acne prone skin

Though this moisturizer will be good or great for some oily or acne prone skin, it's not for me! It didn't show any sign of breaking out on first impression until a week after using it. And I couldn't understand why it broke me out because it doesn't have any bad ingredients for oily skin. But I found out that it's bad for my oily acne prone skin after finding a reviewer wrote that it has Witch Hazel in it and the percentage for astringent is high? So I guess I'm allergic to Witch Hazel though some people swear by it to clear out acne or help with oily skin by using similar product as Thayer's Witch Hazel. If anyone has the same skin type or concern as me, please stop using it!

dry EczemaSensitiveDehydrated+ 1

s0na8 has left a 4 star rating.
combination PIHAcnePores+ 1

mjnhm3o has left a 5 star rating.
combination AcneAnti-AgingFungal+ 3

arinslove has left a 4 star rating.
combination PIHAcneEczema+ 6
smooth gliding on face BUT terrible results

I decided to purchase it with the hope of a good moisturizing and occlusive step for my face after all other steps. It does not moisturize at all. It gives off the fake feeling of luxurious moisturizing because of the gel-like texture and glossy part. In fact, after two weeks of trying to stick to this product, my skin became dehyrdated more than ever. After facial cleansing, i found that there are a lot of "films" stuck onto my skin that required extra effort of cleansing twice and toner in order to take out all of that gunk out of my pores. It made closed comedones worse and more white heads T_T

combination PIHAcneBlackheads+ 3

lolalevesquee has left a 5 star rating.
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