Essential Power Skin Refiner_Light


Essential Power Skin Refiner_Light

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Essential Power Skin Refiner_Light

from 5 Ratings
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EU Allergen-Free
Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe

Notable Effects & Ingredients

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Brightening from 1 Ingredient(s):
Ascorbyl Glucoside

Ingredients Related to Skin Types
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Dry Skin
Oily/Acne-Prone Skin
Sensitive Skin

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Product Ingredient List

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EWG CIR Ingredient Name & Cosmetic Functions Notes
(Skin Conditioning,Humectant)
Glutamic Acid
(Fragrance,Humectant,Antistatic Agent,Hair Conditioning)
(Solvent,Humectant,Viscosity Controlling,Viscosity Decreasing Agent)
Disodium EDTA
(Viscosity Controlling,Chelating Agent)
Lysine HCL
(Skin Conditioning,Hair Conditioning)

Latest User Reviews

combination AcneEczemaRosacea+ 8
It's alright...

I've been using the 200ml size of this toner for a full year. It's not the worst toner, but I can't be sure if it's the best. At least it does what it says: it's a light toner for oily skin and combination skin leaning on the oily side. If your skin is like an oil production center, this would be the toner for you. However, if your combination skin alternates between dry and oily patches, I would recommend purchasing a different toner, as I'm sure there are better ones out there for the price range. There are a lot of moisturizing ingredients and beneficial properties, but alcohol is one of the top three ingredients, meaning it can be very stripping for the drier areas of your combination skin. My T-zone reacts just fine to this toner and I've noticed it controls the oil well, but my cheeks dry out almost immediately after application and I have to follow up with a hydrating serum quickly before moving on to a thick moisturizer unless I want my cheeks to feel tight and dry.
Unfortunately, I'm trying to finish a bottle of cleanser that's rather stripping at the moment, so that may be the culprit to my quickly drying cheeks and not this toner. So that kept in mind, the ingredient list itself outside of alcohol is pretty sound. There are a healthy number of amino acids which stimulate collagen production; there's ascorbyl glucoside, a stable form of vitamin-C & antioxidant, and vitamin-B5; and ingredients like sucrose and beta-glucan, which have water-binding and anti-aging properties respectively.
I've dealt with fungal acne and this isn't fungal-acne safe, so I can't say if it's this or my serum that helped to clear up my skin. However, I saw a difference in brightening with consistent use over the months, and my skin is shining because of it. Overall, not an A plus because of the drying effect, but not in the B-range either. I'll have to change my cleanser to see if it changes my opinion of this product in any significant manner.
This review is lengthy but I hope it's aided you in the process of shopping for the ideal toner.

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