Liquid Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser


Liquid Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser

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Liquid Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser

from 5 Ratings
Product Overview

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EU Allergen-Free
Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe

PH Level

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Notable Effects & Ingredients

Anti-Aging from 1 Ingredient(s):
Citric Acid

Ingredients Related to Skin Types
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Dry Skin
Oily/Acne-Prone Skin
Sensitive Skin

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Product Ingredient List

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EWG CIR Ingredient Name & Cosmetic Functions Notes
Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate
(Skin Conditioning,Hydrotrope,Hair Conditioning,Sufactant,Foam Boosting)
Sodium Cocoamphoacetate
(Hair Conditioning,Sufactant,Foam Boosting,Foaming)
Sodium Chloride
(Masking,Viscosity Controlling,Bulking Agent)
Sodium Trideceth Sulfate
Oleic Acid
Fungal Acne
Fungal Acne Trigger

Latest User Reviews

combination AcneBlackheadsSensitive+ 1
Made Everything Worse

My first experience with this product was great, yet it isn't the BEST cleanser for me as it isn't that life-changing. I didn't mind at first because I didn't have much problem with my face. I always thought that as long as it removes all the dirt, I'm good to go, without even taking a look at the ingredient list and depending only on one review — which is my biggest mistake. Although I must admit that I didn't have to apply toner after using this as it cleanses my face very well. Because it is effective as a cleanser and affordable, I decided to buy for another bottle thinking that this is the product meant for me. But sadly, no. I'm not sure if my skin type changed overtime but what's certain is that this is what CAUSED ME TO BREAKOUT. I didn't want to waste the money I paid for it that's why I kept on using the product, thinking it will get better soon. I even concluded that my toner was the culprit as it contains alcohol. Though when I opt to stop using the suspected cause and focused only with cleansing and moisturizing my face, nothing good happened. My acne got worse and it even made my skin feel so dry! That's when I decided to just finish the bottle and never use it again. Right now I'm using a much more gentle cleanser with the same moisturizer(which is cheap so unsurprisingly, it doesn't do much). I still have the remnants of the acnes I got from this cleanser and I'm hoping they would heal someday. Nevertheless, the appearance of new acnes lessen.

normal AcneAnti-AgingBlackheads+ 1
Didnt improve my skin

I didn't notice any improvements while I'm using this product. It cause my face to breakouts. It is hydrating, yea but the downside, it is not for me, not for my skin type. Sayang lang kase dalawa yung nabili ko. Advice for everyone, look at the formulation, tingnan nyo kung anong ingredients. Kase may mga ingredients na pang acne, meron naman na pang hydrate gaya ng glycerin. Iba iba yan. If you have an acne prone skin, DO NOT USE THIS!!!!! This product is for dry skin, I guess?

combination AcneAnti-AgingBlackheads+ 2
No notable effect

I really thought this is a mild cleanser. Within weeks after use, my skin had hypersensitivity reaction. I had breakouts, Blackheads and pimples came popping all of a sudden. It had bady dried my skin and strip out the natural oils. Sadly this is one of the few cleansers that's just readily available on all market in my area.

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