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Great Barrier Relief

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Great Barrier Relief

from 15 Ratings
Product Overview

Quick Product Notes
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EU Allergen-Free
Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe

Notable Effects & Ingredients

Anti-Aging from 5 Ingredient(s):
Niacinamide Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour Ceramide Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) Lactic Acid

Brightening from 1 Ingredient(s):

Promotes Wound Healing from 2 Ingredient(s):
Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil Sodium Hyaluronate

Ingredients Related to Skin Types
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Dry Skin
Oily/Acne-Prone Skin
Sensitive Skin

Ingredient Safety Breakdown (EWG Health Ratings)

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  • High Risk
  • Unknown

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Product Ingredient List

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EWG CIR Ingredient Name & Cosmetic Functions Notes
(Skin Conditioning,Fragrance,Antistatic Agent,Hair Conditioning,Buffering Agent,Skin-Conditioning Agent -Miscellaneous)
Glycosyl Trehalose
(Humectant,Emulsion Stabilising,Skin Protecting,Binding Agent,Film Forming)
Glyceryl Oleate
(Skin Conditioning,Perfuming,Emollient,Surfactant,Fragrance,Emulsifying)
Fungal Acne
Fungal Acne Trigger
Glyceryl Caprylate
(Skin Conditioning,Emollient,Surfactant,Emulsifying)

Latest User Reviews

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combination PoresSensitiveUneven+ 1
Cause me fungal acne :(

I over-exfoliated my face & i was searching for products to repair my skin barrier.
I discover this product thru youtube & i found out that the founder of this brand is a youtuber. i was skeptical at first because this product is soo highly raved on youtube! i was thinking perhaps, this product is recommended just to help their fellow youtuber ( meaning its not that great actually) but i was so hopeless for my skin & decided to try it.

the texture is unlike your usual serum, its more of a liquid-y cream (??) it does smell weird because of the tamanu oil but im totally fine with it ( rather than having fragrance in your skincare)

it does a great job to calm my skin, however, it took a long time to 'repair' my skin ( since its so highly raved, i kinda have high expectation for it :/). the first time i use it, i only notice like a slight fungal acne on my face ( i was thinking maybe it could gone within days) but as time goes by, its spreading on my forehead!!! :((

I have been using it for a week! & my skin does become 'better' in terms of redness sensitivity, however, my problem now is the fungal acne breakout! & it kinda make my face DULL :( [ bcs previously i was using a glycolic acid serum which makes my skin sooo good,supple, radiance, glowing everytime! i dont even have to wear a foundie/concealer to go out :(]

overall, this product DOES calm redness sensitivity. however, if u're not suffering from this problem, i dont recommend it as u can use other serum that might give u more benefit ( vitamin C, glycolic acid, lactic acid). i recently found out that CICA , HONEY & PROPOLIS could calm ur red skin! if u have an oily // combi skin, u could try those instead!

ps : my skin is combination but bcs i over exfoliate, it becomes dry.

combination BlackheadsPoresSensitive+ 2
My Saviour

Got this when i move to another state with a hot and dry weather. My skin was in a terrible condition at that time. Dry patches, oily t zone, fungal acne on mask area, and pores started to become more visible and dirty-looking. This serum really does help keeping my skin at bays and after a month, i can literally see a very good result. My skin started to calm down faster whenever it has breakouts, redness from fungal acnes also quickly disappear and it controls my sebum and oil production. I still have problems with fungal acne but this serum help to at least calm down my skin overnight. Plus, the only reason i got fungal acne is due to our new norm of wearing mask.

The consistency of the serum makes it a suitable replacement of moisturizer too for me. I like to combine this with my Cosrx Centella Blemish spot treatment and it works hella fine together. Honestly, the pricey side of this product was the only thing that hold me back in the first place. So im very glad this serum works on me and I have to say it's worth every penny.

It does have a distinctive smell of oil but i can tolerate that. It also has this sticky finishes that i like, not suffocating but enough as moisturizing layer. U can just control it by the amounts you put on your face. I use this everyday at night time and wake up with a fresh, better looking skin. This serum indeed restore your skin to a healthier level.

dry PIHAnti-AgingPores+ 1
Skin Barrier, Hyperpigmentation Holy Grail

I am a skincare maximalist and skintertainment enthusiast, so I am always trying and testing new products. (Jury's out if my skin loves me or hates me for it... I do get good results but it probably wishes I wasn't adding new products all the time...) However, when I have to pare my routine down, I turn to Great Barrier Relief. The tamanu oil gives the product an earthy smell and is the superstar that helps fade my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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