Acorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

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Acorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

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combination AcneAnti-AgingBlackheads+ 2
Absolutely amazing

This product is amazing. I use it in the morning and i built up tolerance to the 1% retinol in the evening. My skin has never looked better. I have fairly dry skin in the winter and its moisturising enough to use in the summer and winter. I didn't get on well with the 30% serum as it irritated my eyes so I was skeptical buying this but I had no reason to worry. After I've finished this bottle, I intend to try the Inkey List's 30% vitamin C serum in hopes it wont irritate my eyes as the ordinary one did

dry PIHEczemaRosacea+ 3
Not worth the hype

I've been using this product for over two months now. And use this every night, with sun protection in the mornings and it did help with some pigmentation but not a lot. I was really exited to use this because of such good reviews but was dissapointed. It didin't make anything wore, and some pigmentation did fade away. However that pigmentation going away could still be because of my skin naturally healing without the product. I won't repurchase this product.

combination PIHAcneEczema+ 4
best skin-brightening treatment i ever tried + malassezia safe !

i used to use the ordinary's niacinamide serum, then later the alpha arbutin serum, but once i discovered i had fungal acne, i switched to this. it sometimes looks like it improves and even calms my acne scarring overnight. over time it's helped immensely and i especially love to apply this after i use a dermaroller. holy grail treatment for me!

combination PIHAcneUneven+ 1

aerrka has left a 5 star rating.
combination PIHAcneAnti-Aging+ 4

rachael has left a 5 star rating.
combination AcneAnti-AgingBlackheads+ 6

retnokamilia has left a 5 star rating.
oily AcneAnti-AgingFungal+ 3

mzaham has left a 5 star rating.
oily PIHAcnePores+ 2
I love this

I've already noticed that my hyperpigmentation and skin tone has improved greatly! I love that my skin feels so soft and smooth after using this. It does take a while to absorb into the skin, but I am really happy to have finally found a product that is effective at such a low price.

combination AcneRosaceaFungal+ 2

nereid27 has left a 5 star rating.
normal RosaceaAnti-AgingSensitive+ 2

selion6 has left a 3 star rating.
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