Argireline Solution 10%

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Argireline Solution 10%

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Argireline Solution 10%

from 27 Ratings
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EU Allergen-Free
Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe
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EWG CIR Ingredient Name & Cosmetic Functions Notes
Sodium Chloride
(Masking,Viscosity Controlling,Bulking Agent)
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
(Skin Conditioning,Humectant)
(Solvent,Perfuming,Fragrance,Humectant,Viscosity Decreasing Agent)
Gellan Gum
(Viscosity Controlling,Viscosity Increasing Agent,Emulsion Stabilising,Film Forming)

Latest User Reviews

combination AcneAnti-AgingSensitive+ 2
Great for dynamic lines and wrinkles!

I'm only 25, but I burnt my head badly on holiday a few years ago and since then my forehead wrinkles and 11 lines have shown a lot more.

Been using this for 3 weeks and have noticed a massive difference in their appearance! I know other reviews have said it's only temporary, so I'm not sure if it'll last, but for the price and how little you have to use, I'll definitely keep using it every day! It's really lightweight and doesn't pill at all. It's also a similar pH to my other water based serums, unlike buffet, so I don't worry about losing any effect.

Would recommend for people who don't have deep lines and want something preventative.

combination PIHAcneSensitive
Some visible effect

I have some mild expression lines and I do notice some effect on the fine lines between the brows and the forehead when I use it very consistently. As soon as I stop using it the effect disappears.

The consistency is very nice, like water, and it is absorbed immediately.

I am sorry to say that it breaks me out in between the brows. I have no idea what ingredients might cause it because I don't see anything suspicious in the ingredient list, but I have tried twice and it happened both times. After that, I gave it to my mother, but since her wrinkles are deeper she doesn't notice any change.

If you don't mind the consistent application I would recommend this product. Price wise it is unbeatable.

combination AcneAnti-Aging
Temporary Fix

I'm 37 and have mild frown wrinkles between my eyes and crow's feet at the corner of my eyes, and apply Argireline Solution to these areas at least in the morning and in the evening (I often reapply during the day, for example when I shower after exercise midday) as part of a routine with Paula's Choice AHA 8% and The Ordinary Vitamin C 30% in Silicone in the morning and Differin in the evening.

It smooths the appearance of my wrinkles for a time. During the day, with face movement, the effect lessens. So it's not exactly "botox in a bottle", but there's a temporary effect. I've been using it for several months (at least three, can't remember exactly when I started), and the effect has never transferred to a more permanent one. I imagine the temporary effect I experience would be less impressive on deeper, more pronounced wrinkles, but have an excellent effect as a preventative measure.

I'm happy to say I had absolutely no reaction to this product, it's like applying water, and my skin is a bit choosy, and I'm especially glad it's safe for fungal acne. It didn't dry my skin out and it didn't break it out, either.

I'll definitely continue using it, it does what it claims and it's very affordable although I'm living in Germany (for other Germans: Douglas stocks TO). Only wish it produced a more lasting result.

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